« The Ingram Model 10 is blowback-operated, selective-fire submachine gun, that fires from open bolt. The bolt has a firing pin milled in its body and is of a telescoped design, with most of its weight located in front of the breech face, around the barrel. It is a compact submachine gun that is suitable for clandestine operations.
Weapon Description

Ingram .45
Faction Icon-side-greenfor Nogovan Partisans
Type Submachine Gun
Calibre .45 ACP
Dispersion 0.002 rad (semi)
0.004 rad (full)
Variants None

The Ingram is a .45 submachine gun used exclusively by the Nogovan Partisans in ArmA: Cold War Assault.


The Ingram is a straight blowback-operated, selective-fire submachine gun that is chambered to fire the .45 ACP round.

It loads from 30-round box magazines, and can attain a fire rate of up to 600 rounds per minute with a muzzle velocity of 375 m/s. It has fairly unobtrusive ironsights, but only retains an effective firing range of approximately 100 metres.


The Ingram works best in close quarters.

The Ingram is exclusively wielded as a backup weapon by Nogovan Partisan/FIA snipers. Due to its combination of a large magazine, the ability to fire on full auto, as well as being relatively lightweight and compact to carry, the Ingram makes for a good backup weapon to bring into combat.

Being a personal defence weapon rather than a true SMG however, the Ingram's range is quite pitiful and cannot be used to engage targets that are further than 100 metres away.

It also suffers from having significantly high recoil while firing on auto, so it is recommended to shoot in bursts of 2-3 rounds at a time; both to conserve ammunition and maintain accuracy.


Base damage value Initial velocity (m/s)
6 375

The Ingram only supports loading a single magazine type. It requires one inventory slot to carry:

Ingram Mag.

Standard 30-round box magazine.


  • The Ingram is technically classified as an SMG but is treated as a sidearm in-game and cannot be equipped as a primary weapon.
  • Along with all other sidearms, the Ingram was not actually included as part of the default set of weapons that could be used in Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis (the initial release name of Cold War Assault). It was only added with the Resistance expansion pack, and even then only with Patch 1.85, making it one of the final weapons to have been added to Cold War Crisis.
    • As a result it cannot be found or used in the Resistance campaign, though it can still be added to user-made scenarios created in the mission editor.


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