« Please, 'Dr. Ruce' will be fine. But, we have serious business to attend to, and little time.
Ruce introduces himself to Mark Reynolds

Ivan Ruce was a supporting character in ArmA 2's Operation Black Gauntlet campaign.


The leader of the United Nations inspection team sent to Takistan, Ruce has already been deployed to the war-torn country several times post-Operation Arrowhead.

During the events of Operation Black Gauntlet, he was assigned with the task of verifying whether a nuclear weapons program actually existed under the former regime of Colonel Muhammad R. Aziz.

Ruce and his team were provided with a personal protection detail contracted to the ION Services private military company. He corresponded directly with the detail's leader, Mark Reynolds, as well as with Reynolds' subordinate Brian Frost throughout the entirety of the mission.


« The lives of a few investigators are nothing compared to the consequences...
Reynolds justifies Ruce's assassination to Frost and Asano

Hard evidence of the Takistani nuclear weapons program is eventually discovered by the inspections team, which Ruce suspects to have been sourced directly from the People's Republic of China.

Before Ruce and the others could make their way back to Zargabad to report on the truth behind the program however, Reynolds is personally offered a new contract by an unknown client: silence the inspection team before they can return.

Although hesitant at first, Frost and his partner Henry Asano disguise themselves as militants and prepare to attack the UN convoy with Ruce in it. Ruce's SUV bears the brunt of the attack and is ultimately killed in the supposedly "random" ambush.

Personality and Appearance

Ruce is a middle-aged French man with short and partially greying black hair and a horseshoe moustache. His standard attire consists of a red/yellow flannel shirt, black pants, and a slate grey outdoor vest.

He has a relatively straightforward personality and cares little for anything else other than getting his job done. Ruce maintains a strictly business relationship when interacting with his escort detail, and generally doesn't detract from the matters at hand even in the middle of a firefight.


  • It is never publicly revealed as to who contracted Reynolds to assassinate Ruce in subsequent games, though it is shown that it was ordered by the Chinese government given video footage of Chinese diplomats secretly arranging the deal with Reynolds in the alternate (and non-canon) ending of the PMC campaign.

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