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SPIN-OFF: The following information stems from a spin-off expansion or third party Creator DLC and is considered to be non-canon in the main Armaverse timeline.
« I don't have a problem with authority... I just think shit oughta roll uphill sometimes.
Jack Stype

Jack Stype is a main character in ArmA 3's official, non-canon First Contact campaign.


« Well... I'm not gonna say it was a 'join up or go to jail' sorta deal. But, er...

Stype is a technician from the U.S. Army contingent operating in Livonia as part of NATO's Exercise Electron-39.

Growing up, Stype went through a fairly turbulent life that involved a streak of petty, drug theft-related misdemeanours which ultimately resulted in him facing potential prison time.

He was presented with two choices by the government: serve his country and be drafted into the Army, or face imprisonment. Reluctantly, Stype opted for the former.

Stype would eventually become trained as a drone technician and electronic warfare specialist. It was at this time that he would also meet Specialist Aiden Rudwell, a volunteer soldier who like him, had also opted to transfer to this MOS.

Prior to contact with "The Visitors", Stype was initially assigned to running logistical errands (namely, human waste disposal) at Camp Konrad, a forward outpost located in Livonia's semi-abandoned Nadbór region.

First Contact (2039)

Assigned to callsign Amber, one of the squads taking part in Electron-39, Stype was tasked with neutralising LDF drones.

His squad managed to immobilise one of the enemy drones but Stype was unable to disable it, having accidentally jammed a screwdriver into its service panel and preventing anyone from opening it. He instead resorted to using his spectrum device to jam its signals while calling for assistance from another technician.

« Stype: Heya, Rud. You mind? My arm? It's kinda aching over here.
Rudwell: Keep that jammer on it, Jack. What is this...?
Stype: Yeah. I tried that. Service panel's stuck.
Stype: Yeah. Like I said. I TRIED that. It's stuck.
Stype's (routine) incompetence on display

Specialist Rudwell soon arrived and was briefed on the situation (to the former's disbelief) while Stype continued to jam the drone. The Specialist managed to get to the control station but before he could shut down the drones, another LDF squad ambushed their position and wiped them all out.

With the mission terminated, Stype headed back into the factory and reset his drones for the next exercise. Rudwell joined him after his briefing with Major Homewood and the duo practised with using the spectrum device. After he was satisfied that Rudwell was up to scratch with the device's usage, he told Rudwell to help Lieutenant Kingsly fix his (apparently) faulty laser designator.

Minutes later, Stype hears a frantic radio call from Lt. Kingsly: a friendly UCAV had missed its target and a bomb was inbound towards the factory. Stype was fortunately not within the impact zone but the bomb dropped directly into the heart of the compound, blowing up the nearby repair station and instantly killing several Livonians. He rushed out of the building but was ordered by Maj. Homewood to move the APC parked nearby to make room for a medevac helicopter.

Before he could even get close, the ground beneath him suddenly collapses and the APC gets trapped, injuring Stype in the process. He tries to climb out of the vehicle but is greeted by the sight of a "root"-like object facing directly towards him. Stype panickedly called for Rudwell's help and the latter managed to pull him out of the sinkhole moments later. They were quickly ushered from the scene by a squad of Livonians who demanded that they leave the area immediately.

« He's on task... carting our literal shit over to the burn pit. And sorry to say, I want you to tag along. Stop him from getting on the business end of an MP's nightstick.
Maj. Homewood informing SPC. Rudwell about Stype's current situation

Two weeks later, all U.S. forces are scheduled to depart from Livonia after Electron-39 is cancelled at the demands of the Livonian government. Now relocated to Camp Kresnik, they had less than forty eight hours to go before the deadline.

With his widespread reputation of being a troublemaker, Maj. Homewood had no time to spare for the Corporal and assigned him with disposing the camp's human waste. To make sure Stype didn't get himself into more trouble with the Livonians, the Major had tasked Rudwell with supervising him.

Rudwell met up with Stype before one of his runs, but told the former to retrieve his spectrum device from the armoury before they departed. He let Rudwell drive to the burn pit, but told him to stop halfway there at an overlook. He told the Specialist to scan the nearby surroundings and help translate some of the LDF communications that the device picked up (courtesy of the encryption code he had obtained after swapping it with an LDF soldier). After hearing some of the strange messages, Stype was convinced that the LDF were attempting to hide something about the factory. The duo re-boarded the truck and drove to the burn pit.

« Well, you gotta a choice. We either get outta the cab and shovel shit. Or... I run you through the plan - which, I may add, does not involve sucking in the sweet stuff.
Stype attempts to convince Rudwell to follow through with his "plan"

When they got inside, Stype faced Rudwell and attempted to convince him to follow through with his plan: Stype would distract the LDF guards, while the Specialist would be the one sneaking into the gully through the forest, all the way to a cliff that overlooked the factory. Rudwell wasn't pleased to hear his request, but agreed to go along with his plan. While Rudwell creeped through a gap in the walls, Stype pulled his usual shenanigans and provoked the two LDF soldiers. To cause even more chaos, he had stashed some live ammunition inside the garbage bags which would go off the moment they were thrown into the pit's flames.

Livonian reinforcements were soon dispatched to investigate the burn pit, while Stype quietly asked Rudwell for an update. The Specialist had managed to bypass a few LDF patrols and was at the cliff. What Rudwell saw confirmed his suspicions; the LDF were indeed up to no good as the entire factory was quarantined with a dome being built over the sinkhole. With the Livonians preoccupied with the (still exploding) ammunition at the burn pit, Stype made his own way to the forests north of the factory and urged Rudwell to continue investigating the surrounding area.

Unsurprisingly, Rudwell soon stumbled into another excavation site not too far from the factory itself. Another one of the "roots" were here, but it was heavily guarded by a team of Livonians. Stype told him that he could use the spectrum device's recording function to relay a fake radio message to the squad in order to convince them to move away from the site. The latter succeeded, and began downloading data from the terminal at the site. But before Rudwell could escape, one of the LDF's helicopters spots him and orders him to surrender.

At that exact moment, an invisible shockwave ripples throughout the entire area and sends the helicopter crashing into the ground. Stype asked if Rudwell had anything to do with it, but the latter insisted that he wasn't responsible. With the situation having gotten out of hand, they had to flee as soon as possible. Stype urged Rudwell to meet up with him at a cabin further north and even fired to signal his position; much to the latter's disbelief and outrage.

« Rudwell: If the price of stupid goes up five bucks, I'm drilling a hole in your head first, pal!
Stype: Hey asshole! Don't go shootin' off fancy fighting words if you ain't got the brass neck to back them up!
Stype is reprimanded by Rudwell over his incompetence with the flare

Just as they were arguing, a massive ship-like object suddenly appears over the skies above them. It unleashes yet another one of the shockwaves, disabling vehicles and frying every piece of non-hardened electronic equipment. Still in shock from the ship's appearance, Stype was brought back to his senses by a call from one of their squad members. Homewood was gathering everyone for a briefing and their presence was required. With haste, Stype and Rudwell proceeded to head back to Kresnik on foot.

« I got good news. Bad news. And, the biggest news of human history. Contrary to whatever you might have heard, there's no playbook for this sort of situation. If any of you doubt that, just take a look at Corporal Stype. That is not the face of someone who hasn't just stepped off the magical fucking mystery tour.
Homewood introduces the two researchers to Stype and the others

At the briefing, they were introduced to doctors Ian Kesson and Šimon Čapek, two professors and researchers who have been investigating the "roots" that Stype encountered for several weeks now. Stype's suspicions about the "roots" being of extraterrestrial origin were confirmed by their revelations, though there wasn't much for him to do in the meantime. Rudwell was tasked with controlling the UGV, nicknamed "Eddie", while a separate team led by Lt. Kingsly's would be heading to one of the alien objects on foot.

Not long after, Rudwell loses connection to Eddie's live camera feed and is ordered by Maj. Homewood to retrieve another functioning terminal from Point Hopi. Stype would stay behind at Kresnik, though he continued to listen intently to the ongoing situation at Hopi after one of the Alien Flying Objects (AFO) appeared close to the site.

When the team at Hopi fails to extract any tangible communications with the drone, Rudwell is sent in to "talk" with it directly. However, the situation rapidly goes haywire after Rudwell is attacked by the drone and suffers from mental seizures. Thinking that the alien was hostile, the soldiers at Hopi opened fire. The Major commanded them to cease their assault, but the Livonian soldiers at the site refused to heed his order and continued to attack. To no one's surprise, the alien retaliates and proceeds to wipe out all of the soldiers at Hopi.

« Rudwell: Talk to me, Dill - what's going on?
Dillon: It's Jack... He's got explosives. All the Crovex off our demining drones! He says he's gonna blow up the camp if the LDF don't disarm!
Rudwell: Son of a bitch... Alright, we gotta calm him the fuck down. I'm halfway there!
Pvt. Dillon briefing Rudwell over the radio as the standoff escalates...

Now fully convinced that the aliens were definitely hostile to humans, Homewood assembled the men at Kresnik and planned for a counterattack using artillery. However, Stype objected, adamant that the alien only retaliated because of their fire and was intent on preventing the Major from sparking an "intergalactic war". He took all of the Crovex charges from their EOD bots and threatened to blow up the entire camp if they refused to back off. The Major was having none of it and pulled out his sidearm to point at the Corporal, ordering him to stand down immediately.

Panicking, Stype threw one of the charges at the Major just as the latter opened fire. He detonated the charge, instantly killing Homewood and wrecking half the camp in the process. The Livonians - convinced that Stype and the others were mutinying - opened fire in retaliation while Stype took cover. However they fled soon after, with Rudwell himself arriving at the camp and berating Stype over his actions.

« Stype: They were gonna call a damn artillery strike on it, Rud! Someone had to do something!
Rudwell: Yeah? Like what? This? THIS?! YOU'VE FUCKED US, JACK!
Stype: No! No, we fucked ourselves. You'd rather I let the LDF spark an intergalactic war? I did what I did, you don't have to be happy about it.

They had no time to spare. Stype's actions essentially branded them as rogue soldiers, and with the evacuation deadline still in effect along with communications to the outside world made impossible by the AFO's shockwave, they had to flee into the woods. Stype and the remaining survivors, along with Dr. Kesson and Čapek in tow, regrouped at an abandoned radio tower far away from Kresnik. He began "assigning" roles to the group, with Kesson being placed in charge of running logistics (much to the latter's disbelief) while Rudwell would scout the countryside for more signs of alien life.

Rudwell reported in more sightings of the AFOs and even found another "root" that was in the process of being excavated by an LDF science team. But they needed to retrieve Eddie first before they could extract a sample. Stype informed Rudwell that Kessen's team had a whole stash of functional Eddies stored inside a van, but it was inside one of the LDF's bases near the excavation site.

Amazingly, Rudwell managed to sneak past all of the guards and retrieved Eddie, bringing it back to the site. However, Rudwell also reported that all of the scientists and guards at the site were mysteriously killed by an unknown force. Stype urged caution, though Rudwell nonetheless extracted a sample from the "root". Furthermore unlike the previous ones they encountered, Rudwell reported that this "root" appeared to be decaying and non-functional.

Now that the sample was retrieved, Stype called for Rudwell to get back to the camp. The LDF were stepping up their patrols and it would only be a matter of time before they were discovered. He and another soldier left the camp to get an escape vehicle ready. However, the camp was ambushed after he left and everyone besides him was taken into captivity.

« Stype: Yo, what the hell? Somebody tossed the camp!
Rudwell: About time you showed up.
Stype: Spetsnaz?
Rudwell: Yeah. The Russians. They're sending people in.
Stype: One more reason to get outta Dodge. Come on, I got us a ride that's not kaput. Let's get a move on.
Stype returns to the camp to find it in completely disarray

Their captors soon left, and Stype returned to the camp in time to free them from the locked transformer station. They quickly fled from the camp and got into the van.

Further away from their initial camp, they stopped at the base of the radio station where Lt. Kingsly and his team were attempting to power up its generator to communicate with the outside world. In the meantime, Dr. Kesson told Rudwell to scour the region alone for more of the "roots" by detecting their signatures with the spectrum device. Stype on the other hand, would stay behind to fix their van's flat tyre.

« Rudwell: Jack - we gotta problem. The Russians are dropping leaflets.
Stype: Oh, shit. That sounds serious, Rud. You didn't get a paper cut did you?
Rudwell: Shut the fuck up and listen. They're crossing the border! It's an intervention. On account of 'unknown' pathogens.
Stype: Ah, this night just gets better and better...
Rudwell relays discovery of the Russians intentions back to Stype

Along the way, Rudwell stumbles into more signs of their captors' origins: the Russians were clearly making their presence known and were dropping leaflets warning residents in the area to evacuate. Stype wasn't too pleased and urged Rudwell to exercise caution.

An hour later, Rudwell linked up with Kingsly and the others after retrieving several more samples from the "roots". Kingsly had managed to power up the tower's generator and was waiting on Stype's team to return. Just then, yet another AFO appears right above the station and faces directly towards Rudwell. Kingsly's team were about to engage it but Stype told them to stand down, leaving Rudwell a chance to freely communicate with the AFO.

« This is our last chance if we wanna make meaningful contact. Maybe we can show him we're not all gun-toting idiots this time.

The AFO begins to relay its images to the Specialist after he succeeds in "talking" to it but renders him unconscious in the process. In the meantime, the Russians were also here and - although sceptical at first - made it known that they were here to peacefully talk with the Americans, not fight them. With the Russian leader having trouble communicating in English, Stype retrieved Rudwell and urged him to meet with the leader, Captain Ivan Severov of the 223rd Special Purpose Detachment, to help translate.

The Spetsnaz team leader revealed to Stype and the others that for almost twenty years, the Russian government had devoted an extensive amount of resources to tracking down "rootcaps" like the one Stype had discovered ever since the supposed "meteor strike" at Olom, Siberia, back in 2020. He revealed that the "meteor strike" was merely a cover story; in reality, the Russians had accidentally triggered the "rootcap" during the excavation which resulted in the area's total annihilation.

Likewise, the "root" they had discovered at the factory was yet another one of these "rootcaps". But if the Livonians made the same mistake as they did, it would result in an explosion that could engulf the entire region and its surrounding neighbours - needless to say, Livonia itself would be wiped off the face of the Earth.

Just then, the AFO mothership appears over the factory "rootcap" and seemingly begins to activate itself. In response, the LDF also launches an all-out assault on the ship. Backed by Severov's revelations, Stype and the others were firmly convinced to join forces with his team to put a stop to the LDF. They would be broken up into three teams; Stype would lead Kesson and a few others to intercept the LDF's advance units while Kinsgly and Severov's men would do the same. On the other hand, Rudwell would split off alone to attack the missile teams bombarding the ship.

« Rud, it's Jack, we got a situation! Listen, we are overrun! Bluebells have broken through! There's no - fuck, pick him up, go, fucking go! There's no way we can hold them here! They got armor... It's rolling right over us! Tell your Russians, if they're gonna annex this country, now's the fucking time!
Stype's team retreats from his position

However, Stype's team only just barely manage to fight off the first wave of reinforcements. When a second wave commences its assault his team is easily overrun. Stype is even forced to hand over a gun to Dr. Kesson, though his team manages to get out alive before it's too late.

Fortunately, Rudwell's swift actions and Severov's team manage to stop the LDF units at the factory and secure the "rootcap" itself. At the last minute, the Russian military arrives in full force to back up their position and succeed in driving off the LDF once and for all. Severov arranges for an extraction and to pick up Stype and the others.

Post-First Contact

« Stype: Hey, "Killer Kess", you having fun?
Kesson: Fun? You'll know fun with my boot up your bloody arse, you wee shite.
Stype and the others on the flight out of Nadbór

Alongside Rudwell and the others, they are flown directly to Russia's Kaliningrad Oblast whereupon they are isolated and held in quarantine. Stype and the others were treated well, and weren't being detained for security reasons but rather out of fear of biological contamination due to their close proximity with aliens, now dubbed as "The Visitors".

After forty days pass, Stype and the others are finally released by the Russian government. He is flown back to the United States and immediately undergoes intense scrutiny not just from his superiors, but also from the media over what he personally witnessed in the incident.

Personality and Appearance

Stype is a Caucasian male with an unkempt head of brown hair and a moderately shaved beard. He never dons any headgear, and always prefers to wear just an undershirt with combat pants and a lightweight, camouflaged plate carrier vest.

« Stype: Hey! Pree-vet!
Nowak: Fuck me, that's the American idiot.
Stolarski: The one who broke Malinowski's jaw?
Stype's "reputation" is well-known even within the LDF's ranks

A well-known troublemaker and grouse, Stype is universally seen as an imbecile both by the LDF and his NATO superiors - often describing him as a "slackass". His casual disrespect for authority causes many problems for both himself and his friend, Specialist Aiden Rudwell. He firmly believes that the ends always justify the means, and excuses any crimes he commits in the process with such a justification.

While he at first comes out as being stupid and careless such as when he attempt to shut down an LDF drone by stabbing its interface with a screwdriver, or launch a flare in a supposedly stealth mission, he is also quite resourceful and is quick to notice things that appear to be out of place. It is a trait that his superiors begrudgingly acknowledge and on rare occasions, present him with the opportunity to "overhear" off-the-record information.

« Rudwell: You gonna give me instructions or, just be a prick all night?
Stype: Directions? Oh, you really have been livin' the high life, haven't you Rud? Doesn't know how to get to good ol' Black Goopsville. Follow the road, princess.
Rudwell: You mean the smell...
Stype: Ah, there we go, that's the spirit!
The usual level of banter between Stype and Rudwell

However, he is always quick to drag (a highly reluctant) Rudwell along as well not just to "help" him, but to act as a scapegoat in the event that his antics result in disaster. His tendency to do so has resulted in the Specialist receiving numerous NJPs (Non-Judicial Punishment) against his record; much to the latter's disbelief.


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