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Colour Sergeant (2026)
Lieutenant (2035)

Lieutenant Ryan James is a supporting character in ArmA 3. He was second-in-command of Captain Scott Miller's Group 14.

In 2026, Colour Sergeant James assisted the Altian Loyalists in combating Akhanteros' rebels in the aftermath of the Altian Coup d'etat. Acting as Anastas' primary CTRG contact, James provides the loyalists with munitions, intelligence and limited tactical support. Through the Royal Navy, James is also able to provide naval gunfire support. With his assistance the early days of the Altian Loyalists were successful before the AAF's greater numbers, equipment and professionalism brought them to a stalemate.

Following his actions on Altis James was commissioned as a Lieutenant and directly supported Miller in his covert operations on Altis. James, alongside Miller and the rest of Falcon were present on Stratis during the Stratis Incident. James is seen landing at the abandoned Camp Maxwell, the future home of the Task Force Survivors. During the Stratis Incident, James was once again given command of his own team. Assigned as Delta team leader, James lead Delta through covert recon missions and at times as an emergency support team. Miller is reluctant to fully commit Delta team despite their competency, leading to resentment among Alpha and Bravo Teams. James maintains his supporting role throughout the Task Force's operations only committing his team in a single mission and destroying the valuable NATO radar dish in the process. James reverts to his support role until the failure of the assault on Stratis Airbase, conveniently appearing with boats to extract the survivors to the Altis mainland. During this withdrawal James, alongside the rest of Falcon and Kerry are attacked by AAF jets who swiftly sink the boats killing the last of Task Force Aegis.

James, having survived the AAF attack fled to the mainland and made contact with Group 14's embedded team. James alongside Radcliffe awaited the final member of Falcon, Hardy whilst in overwatching a FIA assault on Kavala. With Hardy dead and Kerry in possession of the latter's radio, James guides Kerry to his location. With the Fall of night James, alongside Kerry and Radcliffe withdraw from Kavala and regroup with the rest of the embedded team. Leaving Kerry with Kostas Stavrou, Leader of the FIA's Group North James leads his new team into the darkness. After the break of dawn and the rallying of FIA forces, James leads his team to assist FIA Guerillas capture a CSAT supply truck. Before the mission Miller orders James and his men to divert to a new objective leaving Kerry alone. James once again reverts to his covert support role appearing to assist in rare circumstances, until the NATO invasion where he and the rest of Group 14 officially go dark. The failure of the NATO invasion and the subsequent debriefing of Corporal Kerry leads to Group 14 being considered non-friendly, yet they remained under NATO's radar and continued to operate in the region.

Lieutenant James is only seen in the optional Game Over ending, a victim of a recent CTRG assault on a military research facility. Using a private channel James contacts Kerry to enlist his help in Miller's final play, dying after briefing Kerry on his final mission for Group 14. If James is ignored Miller withdraws his surviving men, including James and leaves Altis in search of the East Wind Device.

James makes an appearance alongside the rest of Falcon in the Apex Protocol campaign, assisting Miller and Group 15 in their final assault on Viper and Syndikat. Using a CTRG ghost hawk Group 14 eliminate a large number of syndikat before assaulting on foot, with James taking a prominent role in the defence against Viper's final attack. After the disarming of the East Wind device, James remains at the Blue Pearl Industrial with Captain miller as Group 15 leave with the device.


Lieutenant James is an extremely capable soldier, having been promoted from a private soldier through to non-commissioned ranks before becoming an officer. His experience in covert operations would be unparalleled by any of his subordinates, an experience utilised by Miller extensively. James' experience as a ranker has lead to an informal sarcastic personality, although cold and mysterious to the common soldier James is friendly and supportive of those that earn his respect. James' often jokes with his subordinates and his superiors laughing off any retorts regardless of their severity, such as Kerry telling him to "go fuck yourself". Despite this he appears to maintain a hostile relationship with the majority of the Altian Guerrillas, acting overbearingly with several outbursts directed towards the higher echelons on FIA command. His lack of respect may stem from their reliance on the CTRG which has lasted for almost a decade.


  • James' kit combines two infantry classes, Marksman and Combat Life Saver,

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