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« Another bunch of bad guys bite the dust! Am I good, or am I good?
James Gastovski

James Ian Gastovski is a main character in ArmA: Cold War Assault's campaigns.


Born in 1945, Gastovski was an American special forces operative attached to the NATO task force on Malden and later, Everon. He went by the radio callsigns of Lone Wolf, Eagle One, and Alpha One.

At the age of 25, Gastovski (then Lieutenant) first met with Victor Troska during the latter's tenure in the British special forces. The two quickly became good friends, and would eventually meet again more than a decade later during the Soviet occupation of Nogova.

Gastovski is married to his current wife, Julie, and also has a daughter named Sarah.

Resistance (1982)

At the "invitation" of the pro-Communist government, Soviet military forces led by then-Colonel Aleksei Guba, invade and occupy the Atlantic island nation of Nogova. At the time, Gastovski was deployed to Malden and was assigned to the NATO task force based there.

The Soviet occupation is met with hostility from the local population, who swiftly rise up against the Soviet invaders and leads to the formation of the Nogovan Partisans.

With the crisis continuing to worsen, Gastovski volunteers to be sent on a covert mission to meet with the leader of the guerilla organisation after the U.S. government initiates a plan to aid the guerillas.

« Gastovski: Hey Victor, call off the dogs.
Troska: James!?
Gastovski: Will, let me introduce you to an old buddy of mine from... well, that's classified. From way back.
Twelve years later, Gastovski meets with his friend again

Gastovski soon discovers that the guerillas were led by none other than his old friend, Victor Troska, who had assumed command after the original leader had been killed by the Soviets.

While Gastovski was forbidden from getting directly involved in the fighting, he stayed with the partisans to gather information. At the same time, Gastovski helped to arrange the shipment of weapons and vital supplies to the guerillas; all under complete secrecy and plausibly deniable channels.

« Gastovski: Just like the good old days.
Troska: Hmph. Just like the good old days...
An agreement is reached

Over the coming weeks, Gastovski continues to remain with the partisan fighters. During a major assault to take the city of Petrovice, the largest city on Nogova, Gastovski's team launched a raid on a Soviet communications facility.

They sabotaged the facility and managed to disrupt all communications between Soviet troops on the island, buying enough time for Troska's fighters to break through and wipe out most of the defenders without having to deal with reinforcements. With Petrovice's fall, all that remained of Guba's grip over the island was the main airport itself.

Despite their apparent victory coming to hand, the guerillas receive bad news from Gastovski. While listening in on Soviet communications, Gastovski intercepts a message from Guba back to another Soviet base on Kolgujev. Guba planned to retreat with his remaining troops but intended to cover his escape by razing the entirety of Nogova with heavy bombers.

« Gastovski: Victor, we've got a problem.
Troska: Of course we have...
Gastovski relays the bad news to Troska

Reconnoitring the airport, Gastovski confirms the presence of the bombers. He relays this information back to General Williams in the hopes of hailing immediate support for the guerillas. His request is denied however, due to the risk of overt Western involvement getting discovered being too high.

Disappointed with NATO's response but vowing to prevent Guba's plan from being carried out, Gastovski personally volunteers to sabotage the bombers with his other team members. They are unsuccessful however, and are almost killed by Soviet troops in the attempt. Heavily injured and unable to help Troska any further, Gastovski hands over explosive charges to the guerilla leader, and can do nothing more than wish him good luck.

Gastovski tries to call for more support again but this time contacts Colonel Blake instead. To his luck, Blake manages to scramble helicopters to take out the Soviet tanks surrounding Troska's men and saves them in the nick of time.

Troska himself stayed behind to cover their retreat, but never returned with the others.

« Geronimo: Have you seen Victor, sir?
Gastovski: No. Nobody's seen him. He took out the planes... he saved us, but some things are too much, even for a hero... Even for a hero, Geronimo.
Despite their victory, Gastovski reflects sadly on his friend's fate

Saddened by the loss of his friend and vowing revenge on Guba (who had managed to flee back to the Soviet Union), Gastovski relays news of their success back to Colonel Blake and thanks the latter for his support.

One month later however, Gastovski states his intent to resign from the military, and is officially discharged. He establishes a small aviation company on Malden named Pegasus Air Taxi, and retires in the hopes of "finding" himself again.

Cold War Crisis (1985)

« And to think you spooks promised me the quiet life out here...
Gastovski is called into action once again

Three years later, Gastovski continued to manage his company on Malden. Business was terrible, but he lived a life of peace.

It was not to last however, as Gastovski is soon called up by U.S. intelligence again. Contact was lost with the NATO forces on Everon, and it was unclear as to who, what, or why the garrison was destroyed. Gastovski is immediately drafted into action, and is sent to identify the attackers on Everon.

« Gastovski: Three men, on their own against a well-defended enemy encampment?
Blake: Three of our "finest" men.
Gastovski: ...and that would
Blake assigns Gastovski's team with ambushing Soviet armoured units

When NATO troops manage to repel the enemy forces (who are discovered to be Soviet Red Army troops) from taking Houdan, Blake dispatches Gastovski's team to ambush a unit of Soviet tanks which they succeed in destroying.

After their success, Blake recalls Gastovski back to Malden where he eventually meets the freshly promoted Lieutenant David Armstrong. Armstrong and Gastovski are shown a video message by Blake, which had been sent from none other than (now General) Aleksei Guba. Guba demanded the immediate withdrawal of all NATO forces from Malden and Everon, and threatened to annihilate the remaining troops if they did not leave within 48 hours.

Heavily outnumbered by Guba's forces, Blake assigned Armstrong with the task of enlisting aid from Freedom and Independence Army (FIA), a guerilla organisation which had established itself on Everon in the wake of the Soviet invasion. Gastovski was tasked with arranging a meeting with the guerillas, with Armstrong to lead a squad of American troops to escort the operative.

Gastovski's team manage to link up with the FIA guerillas on Everon. However, the FIA's numbers had been greatly depleted from the relentless Soviet attacks, and were also low on fighters. Likewise, the FIA did not have much confidence in the Americans who they saw as being weak due to their panicked retreat in the initial attack.

« Gastovski: Look, NATO had no choice but to pull out before. We were outnumbered and outgunned. But things have changed. There's more of us now and we've got the Russians on the run.
FIA Commander: Hmph. We shall see...
Gastovski and Armstrong meet with representatives from the FIA

Nonetheless, Gastovski remains adamant that they could still win against Guba. He tells Armstrong to return to Blake with the vital documents given to them by the FIA commander, and stays behind to lend his aid to the guerillas.

As NATO begins to turn the tide against the Soviets, NATO forces prepare to mount a full-scale counteroffensive against Everon. Weeks after his first meeting with the FIA, Gastovski is sent to cripple another unit of Soviet armoured forces on the island. Under the cover of darkness, Gastovski's team managed to sabotage many of their tanks.

On the eve of the main assault several days later, Gastovski raids and succeeds in destroying a Soviet helicopter base north-west of Morten hours before the invasion. Thanks to Gastovski's raids, the invasion encounters little resistance, and are successful in retaking much of northern Everon.

Before the offensive can continue however, Gastovski's team is dispatched to destroy a Soviet anti-aircraft battery based on Kolgujev as NATO tank units led by Lieutenant Robert Hammer, prepare to open a second front. Attack jets begin to attack the entrenched Soviet troops after the skies are cleared, but one of the jets, piloted by Captain Sam Nichols, is shot down while returning to base.

The pilot is captured by Guba's forces, and Gastovski is immediately recalled back just as Blake receives another video message from Guba. Guba has acquired a (possibly) nuclear missile into his possession, and stated that Nichols would be summarily executed as a demonstration; his death to be the first of many to follow if they continued to defy his demands.

At the same time, even more bad news reaches Gastovski and the others; imagery gathered by NATO intelligence had confirmed that troops all across the Soviet Union were mobilising for action under the guise of "military exercises".

« We're about to start World War III...
Gastovski comes to a realisation of the scope of their situation

Gastovski is sent back to Kolgujev in order to ascertain the exact nature of the device. Infiltrating the main Soviet base, he manages to steal the launch codes for the missile and confirms that the missile is indeed a nuclear weapon.

With only an hour left before the deadline, he is sent to find the location of the launcher. Supported by the rest of the NATO task force, he manages to destroy the SCUD launcher after it is discovered being readied to launch in central Kolgujev.

Though Gastovski had removed Guba's main trump card, what he didn't know was that Guba had a second SCUD in his possession. Leading the final charge on Guba's base, they manage to take out the remaining defenders and Gastovski's team corners Guba.

A defiant Guba arrogantly proclaims that his "master plan" was nearing completion even with his capture, and that Gastovski, along with the rest of his friends, would be dead soon. Thinking that the American did not understand what he was saying, he discovers to his horror that Gastovski did speak the language and understood every single word, as the latter replies back "I think not".

Having heard the location of the second SCUD on the far east of the island, Gastovski relays its coordinates back to Blake, and immediately heads off in the direction of the launcher to intercept it before it could be launched. Fighting through Spetsnaz operatives and the last of the Soviet troops left on the island, Gastovski finally succeeds in blowing up the launcher just as it was readied to fire.

« Papa Bear: Alpha One, this is Papa Bear. You saved the world yet, over?
Gastovski: I sure have, Papa Bear. The missile's history, and Guba's in custody, over.
Gastovski triumphantly reports back success of the second SCUD's destruction

Post-Cold War Crisis

« You remember I talked about going back to Everon? Getting everyone back together for a drink? Yeah, well, I've got a date for ya'. You got your diary?
Gastovski arranges a meeting with his friends for the first time in six years

Six years later, Gastovski, once again retired to civilian life and running Pegasus Air Taxi, returned to Everon to meet his friends Armstrong, Nichols, Hammer and the resistance leader for drinks at the pub.

Personality and Appearance

Gastovsi is a Caucasian male in his (then) early forties, Gastovski had a short, black head of hair.

As a civilian, Gastovski preferred to wear a brown leather jacket with a white, buttoned shirt and black trousers. While in military service however, Gastovski wore an all-black Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) and balaclava that concealed all but his eyes.

A good-natured man at heart, Gastovski was an approachable person and easily gained the trust of the people that he worked with. No matter how serious the situation, Gastovski remained calm in the face of danger, and could always crack a joke to defuse a tense situation.

The loss of his long-time friend Victor Troska, did place a heavy burden on Gastovski's mental state of mind however. Gastovski lost the motivation to continue serving in the military for some time, and only filled the gap three years later upon meeting David Armstrong, Sam Nichols, and Robert Hammer, whom he eventually became good friends with.


  • Gastovski is stated to be a fan of Ian Fleming's "James Bond" series of spy films.
  • He serves as the narrator of Bohemia Interactive's official "Memories of Malden" video promotion for ArmA 3's free Malden DLC, though he isn't actually shown in the video itself or mentioned in-game.


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