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Jared Spender is a main character in ArmA 3's Stepping Stone mini-campaign.


Spender is an infantryman in the U.S. Army's 21st Brigade Combat Team (21st BCT).

He serves as the squad leader of Alpha, which he also uses as his radio callsign.

Stepping Stone (2035)

Responding to the unprovoked attack on the peacekeepers of Task Force Aegis, NATO MEDCOM has authorised the immediate deployment of the brigade to counter the Altian government's act of aggression.

Before the invasion of Altis can commence however, the strategic microstate of Malden controls vital air corridors between the Straits of Gibraltar and the Mediterranean Sea.

With Malden under CSAT influence, the risk of the invasion failing was too high without the guarantee of air superiority. There was only one option for the task force: invading the island to secure its airbases for the U.S. Navy's 6th Fleet to sail through safely.

As the 6th Fleet positioned itself within striking distance of Malden, Spender and the rest of the BCT's light infantry companies would be leading the charge on the ground. His squad, Alpha, would be one of the many ground elements placed in charge of securing Cancon, a major settlement located west of their landing zone in Le Port.

As twilight turned into dawn, the BCT commenced its attack against the city. Spender was left responsible with assaulting one of the outposts on the eastern side of Cancon, while the rest of the BCT's mechanised/recon elements struck other checkpoints and CSAT supply dumps on the northern and south side.

The North African CSAT forces were no match for their coordinated firepower, and Spender easily secured the objectives with no casualties. But before Alpha could move on, mortars hailed down near his position. Spender radioed for support and waited for one of the supporting recon teams to neutralise the CSAT firebase.

« Thank god for Sergeant Hale and his high school French...

Thanks to intel provided by local pro-NATO Maldenians, the recon teams were able to pinpoint the location of the firebase. Once they were eliminated, he continued to push deeper into the city. Along the way, Spender's team accidentally stumbled onto a warehouse containing numerous maps, electronic data and files detailing some unknown plans. He quickly retrieved whatever items he could carry before moving on to attack another outpost.

« Holy crap! Alpha to Guardian. I think we've found something here! No idea what I'm looking at, but it looks important. Laptops, maps, charts, paperwork... all kinds of shit. If you want answers, sir, we may've found them. Over.
Spender finds the hidden cache of CSAT intel

With Alpha having already taken its secondary target and far ahead of schedule, Spender was ordered to move south, attacking a temporary outpost that the North Africans were using as a casualty collection point. Though his squad came under heavy fire from counterattacking IFVs, his squad came out ahead with the aid of a supporting mechanised unit.

The battle was a complete success with U.S. forces having suffered minimal casualties. As morning arrived however, Spender's squad was redirected north to secure the towns of Houdan and Dourdan. Both of them formed the MSR that the North Africans were relying on; if they cut it off, they could bring about a quick conclusion to the fighting.

« Owen: Hey, Spender! You know what's going on out there, yet?
Spender: Nope. Only that we're kicking some ass...
Owen: Like this morning.
Spender: Exactly. That was fucking textbook, man.
Having seized Cancon, Spender's squad moves north

His squad was transported via APCs on the outskirts of Houdan. Jumping straight into combat, Alpha once again engaged in vicious house-to-house fighting, rooting out the entrenched North Africans. With Spender's good leadership skills, Alpha suffered no casualties and eliminated what was left of the defenders. To top it all off, the leader of the CSAT defenders surrendered to the BCT.

Now that Houdan was taken, all that was left was to secure the remaining ammunition depot on the east side of the town along with Dourdan itself. Spender's team cleared the depot with ease, and command diverted an APC to ferry his squad to Dourdan.

However, unlike Cancon and Houdan, things weren't going to be as simple this time around. Just as Spender's squad were about to finish off the last of the defenders, bad news had arrived that a massive counterattack - consisting solely of tanks and IFVs, were inbound from La Trinité. Furthermore, Spender wouldn't be getting any reinforcements; they were all committed elsewhere, and he had to make do with the troops on station.

« Guardian, it's Alpha. All tasks complete - both towns are in our control. It was a helluva fight, sir, over.

Though the North Africans threw everything they had at Spender and the allied squads, Alpha once again came out ahead and succeeded in holding Dourdan with minimal losses. The last of the North Africans opted to surrender to the task force and with it, the operation on Malden was declared a complete success.

Personality and Appearance

Spender is a Caucasian male with messy, dark reddish-brown hair. He wears the standard attire of all Army squad leaders consisting of MTP-camouflaged fatigues with rolled-up sleeves and a ranger green-coloured plate carrier vest. For head protection however, he prefers to wear a customised Light Combat Helmet (LCH) with a spraypainted camouflage scheme.


  • Depending on how the player performs in Fait Accompli, Spender's opening dialogue with Carl Owen in the following mission will change based on whether Alpha suffered none or moderate to heavy casualties.
  • If Spender accidentally kills civilians or surrendering prisoners in either mission of the mini-campaign, he will be court-martialed following its conclusion for having committed war crimes.

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