Jeff Larkin is a minor character in ArmA 3's The East Wind campaign.


The son of Joe and Michelle Larkin, Jeff is a member of the U.S. Army's 111th Infantry Division (111th ID).

He served as the pilot of a helicopter gunship assigned to the U.S.-led NATO invasion force, deployed to the Republic of Altis and Stratis.

He went by the radio callsign of November.

The East Wind (2035)

In the early hours of August 8th, 2035, Larkin was dispatched as part of a strike force sent to the western region of Altis.

Ground forces focused on regional capital of Kavala and the main airport, while Larkin's gunships would clear a path through to the west flank; near the towns of Neochori, Poliakko and Therisa.

Intelligence was uncertain, but signs pointed to the AAC airfield (south of Therisa) being occupied by hostile guerillas. They would have to be cleared first before NATO forces could land safely on the coast.

Larkin's gunships struck the AAC airfield with full force, easily wiping out most of the entrenched guerillas and neutralising the defensive emplacements.

However, Larkin's helicopter suffered light damage from unknown sources and its engines rapidly lost power, beginning to spiral out of control. Larkin attempted to land the helicopter gently but was still forced to make a hard landing. His co-pilot was killed in the crash though to his luck, the gunship itself did not blow up.

Larkin quickly got out of his wrecked helicopter and grabbed his weapon, making a dash for the ruins of a nearby house. Two AAF vehicles were approaching his position from both sides. The troopers disembarked and immediately opened fire on the house, pinning him down before he could even respond.

Seemingly helpless, the AAF troopers suddenly took fire from an unknown direction. And then, silence. Larkin peeked over the ruins and saw men approaching the house with their weapons lowered. He cautiously yelled out to them and was relieved to hear that they were friendly.

« Larkin: Jesus Christ! Who the fuck are you guys?!
Kerry: Corporal Ben Kerry, Task Force Aegis, but listen to me: your helos are firing on friendlies!
Larkin: Wha- Friendlies? Aegis? Holy fuck, no, we thought we'd lost you guys!
Larkin is unexpectedly rescued by Cpl. Ben Kerry

The man leading the group revealed himself to be Corporal Ben Kerry, a survivor from Task Force Aegis. Greatly confused by the sudden turn of events, the Corporal pleaded for Larkin to call off the attack on the AAC airfield.

He attempted to radio back to callsign Crossroads and relayed information about Kerry's survival - though in his haste, he mistakenly identified the Corporal as "Scott Miller" instead.

« Larkin: Crossroads, this is November, priority! Crossroads, priority! Cease fire on the airfield! We're firing on friendlies! Over!
Crossroads: Uh, say again, November? Over.
Larkin: Friendly forces operating at the airfield! I've got a US Soldier here at the crash site - Corporal Scott Miller - part of TF Aegis, sir.
Larkin attempts to call off the NATO attack on the AAC airfield

Crossroads agreed and called on the other attacking gunship to withdraw from the assault. He ordered Larkin to stay put for now until extraction arrived, and to "keep an eye" on the Corporal. Hours later, NATO transports arrived onto the scene and the 111th's commander disembarked. Larkin later boarded one of the helicopters and returned alongside Cpl. Kerry, bound for the NATO forward operating base back on Stratis.


  • Unlike regular NATO helicopter pilots, Larkin is always shown wearing a crewman helmet instead.
    • He also cannot actually be killed in the final sequence, though it is scripted so that Larkin will never finish off the AAF troopers by himself.
  • He is the son of Joe Larkin from Take On Helicopters, another series developed by Bohemia Interactive.
  • Larkin is presumably Caucasian (like his father) but because he does not have a specific "identity" defined, Larkin's skin tone and ethnicity will always be randomly depicted in every playthrough of Beyond Recognition.
  • In the early iterations of The East Wind, Larkin was intended to have been one of the four playable main characters. Just like in Cold War Crisis and Operation Arrowhead, Larkin would have fulfilled the AIR role alongside Cpl. Ben Kerry (INFANTRY), Sergeant Rick Hutchison (ARMOUR) and Captain Scott Miller (SPECOPS).
    • Unfortunately, this version of the storyline was eventually abandoned when ArmA 3's design direction was forced to change as a result of the 2012 development overhaul.

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