« Sierra, uh, evaluate and - and make a decision. Only you know what you can and can't achieve.
Jeremy Collins

Jeremy Collins is a supporting character in ArmA 3's Steel Pegasus mini-campaign.


Collins was a U.S. Army soldier attached to the 21st Brigade Combat Team. As the squad leader of November, he went by the radio callsign of November Actual.

Like the rest of the mechanised units from the 21st, Collins was a part of the troops sent to the Republic of Altis and Stratis as part of the NATO task force in response to the AAF attack against the peacekeepers of Task Force Aegis.

Steel Pegasus (2035)

One of the few squad leaders amongst the units dispatched to LZ Mustang as part of Operation Steel Pegasus, Collins led a mechanised unit of AMV-7 Marshall IFVs designated to attack the city of Chalkeia along the south-eastern coast of Altis.

Before they could commence the offensive however, the 21st's VTOL transports are shot down by anti-aircraft fire; Collins' VTOL crashing south-east of the primary LZ.

With heavy casualties and NATO troops scattered, Collins was forced to take command of the remaining ground forces as he was the sole officer left alive amongst the ragtag squads.

Together, they manage to hold off several squads of AAF troopers sent to eliminate the survivors. Collins' ragtag unit even manages to retake some of the initiative by pushing closer towards the other half of the assault force at LZ Blazer.

During the majority of the operation however, Collins' indecisiveness began to cause a break down in the unit's cohesion. Each of the leaders under his command bickered with each other over the correct course of action, with Collins being unable to re-establish order amongst them.

« Oscar: I am not going to stand for any more of this shit, Sergeant!
Sturrock: Nope. Neither am I. Lieutenant - are you gonna give the order or am I...?
Collins: I - we, we need to reassess...
Collins' failure to assert leadership causes infighting amongst his troops

One leader in particular, Sergeant John Sturrock, quickly overrode his authority and usurped command while Collins could do nothing but stammer. Nonetheless, despite their inability to work together under his (or rather, lack of) "command", the survivors of LZ Mustang eventually managed to link up with the rest of the attack force at Blazer thanks to the efforts of Louis Barklem.

In the final attack on Chalkeia however, Collins would finally demonstrate his maturity as a leader, and took charge of the bulk of the force assaulting the city. It was only then that he finally earned the respect of his subordinates who, up until that point, had disregarded him completely.

Post-Steel Pegasus

Following the success of Operation Steel Pegasus (in spite of the disaster early on), Collins was promoted to the rank of First Lieutenant in recognition of his leadership during the attack on the city.

Personality and Appearance

Collins appears as an African-American male with a clean shaven face and a neatly cut, black head of hair. His standard attire comprises of MTP-camouflaged fatigues, a ranger green-coloured plate carrier, and a customised Enhanced Combat Helmet (ECH). He also prefers to wear a set of combat goggles for eyewear.

A young and inexperienced junior officer, Collins initially lacked the leadership skills to properly take charge of a combat unit. Inflexible and rigid, he followed protocol too strictly and disregarded the advice of his more experienced subordinates like Sturrock, who often had a better awareness of their situation.

This fact is quickly realised by Sturrock, who on several occasions disobeyed Collins' orders and even unofficially took charge in lieu of Collins; the latter being too flustered to even attempt to protest against the insubordination.

Over time however, Collins gradually becomes more accepting of Sturrock's advice, and defers the majority of tactical decisions to his seniors (in terms of experience). By the end of the attack on Chalkeia, he grew enough confidence to distinguish himself as a true leader, and was recognised for his efforts as such following the end of the conflict.


  • Collins is oddly referred to by Guardian with being ranked as a "Third Lieutenant".
    • While the U.S. Army in real-life did have such a rank early in its existence, the billet was deprecated in 1821 and has not been used since. Some branches of the U.S. military on the other hand, continued to retain the rank until 1915.
    • Along with the reintroduction of conscription into the 2035 U.S. military, this would suggest that the Armaverse's U.S. Army has reinstated the rank for its officer corps.
  • Collins can die during the events of Final Strike if his squad is wiped out by CSAT/AAF troops, and will be noted in the epilogue as having been killed in action. Canonically however, Collins always survives the events of Steel Pegasus.


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