« Latest reports indicate that American special forces have commenced operations in deep within Takistani borders... This is Joe Harris, AAN, speaking from Takmyr, capital of Takistan.
Joe Harris reporting for AAN during the initial invasion of Takistan

Joe Harris was a minor character in ArmA 2's Operation Arrowhead campaign.


Employed as a journalist for the AAN News network, Harris was an experienced veteran of the organisation and was closely reporting on the on-going situation in Takistan following the UN-mandated intervention into the country.

Operation Arrowhead (2012)

He was present at the capital Takmyr when U.S. Army forces from Task Force Knight invaded via the coast during the early hours of the morning.

Following the success of the invasion, Harris continued to report on the movements of coalition forces as they proceeded to advance west and northward towards the Takistani Army and militia-held regions of the country.


The Loy Manara airbase in central Takistan was eventually captured by U.S. forces, and Harris; along with several other Non-Government Organisation aid workers, were ferried in via cargo plane to the newly secured outpost.

While on its final landing approach however, the plane is struck by surface-to-air missiles fired by unknown enemies and is brought crashing down into the militia-held valleys north of the airbase.

U.S. forces raced to reach the crash site in hope of finding survivors, but are informed by anti-militia/government rebels who had arrived first at the site that Harris and the others were already captured and taken away to another location by Takistani Army troops.

After a frantic search by coalition forces, they receive actionable intelligence that Harris and the others were taken away to an old coltan mine near the small city of Feruz Abad. The task force quickly assemble and assault the mine and surrounding area.

« Fuck... Citizen, Gambler, bad news, over. One KIA, identified as Joe Harris. No other hostages.
Harris is found by a 1st SFOD-D team led by Terry Graves

Unforunately, Harris' corpse is later discovered by a Delta Force fireteam led by Terry Graves while they were searching the mine, with the other hostages nowhere in sight.

Post-Operation Arrowhead

Harris is mentioned by Colonel Kane in the press conference following the success of Operation Arrowhead, and in subsequent AAN News reports over his passing. A journalism award for "Human Interest Writing" is also named in his legacy.

Personality and Appearance

He had a short, dark head of hair, and wore a t-shirt with the "Free Tibet" slogan emblazoned on it. The rest of his apparel consisted of a simple brown leather Press vest and faded blue jeans.


  • It's unclear whether he died from the wounds suffered from the crash, or was tortured to death by the Takistani Army for information.
  • Harris is the only hostage out of the four survivors that does not retain a speaking role outside of the initial cutscene for the campaign. This is due to him already being dead by the time his would-be rescuers got to him.


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