John Kinglsy is a character in ArmA 3's First Contact campaign.


Lieutenant Kingsly is a prominent leader during NATO's Exercise Electron. Officially, Kinglsy is Rudwell's superior but due to their separation the Lieutenant is mostly unseen as he is leading Sapphire, an investigation team.


Honourable and Pragmatic, John Kingsly is loyal to his men. His casual approach to leadership has developed a relaxed and friendly atmosphere under his command. Kingsly is informal, frequently chatting with his subordinates and leading from the front as seen with his personal command of sapphire. Kingsly is at odds with Major Homewood due to his aggressive leadership style, whom he mocks to his men. Despite this, when Corporal Stype Murders the Major he is bitter towards Stype, at times threatening him and only working together out of necessity.


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