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« Did anyone mention our local contact to you? Let me introduce Sophia. Ah, is that surprise I see on your face?
John Preston

John Preston is a main character in ArmA: Mobile Ops' storyline campaign.


« John is a young army officer and an old pal of yours. You two met at the Military Academy and became infamous for your ridiculous pranks. There is always an air of friendship around him and you learned to trust his judgment. Back in the day, John saved your life during one incredibly failed VIP protection mission where you were assigned to command a group of private military contractors.
Official background description

A close friend of the Task Force's Commander, Preston served as one of his field commanders.

In the years prior to joining the multi-national unit, Preston and the Commander served alongside each other as bodyguards working for a private military company.

Since then, the duo have remained close and in spite of the differences between their new positions, act more along the lines of equals rather than as leader and subordinate.

Liberator of Lignos

The invasion of Atida commences in full swing, with a full-scale ground and air assault commanded by Preston striking against one of the guerilla bases on the island's western coast. After its destruction, the Task Force quickly establishes a forward camp to reinforce their forces continuing their slow push east. Preston's troops lead the way, with his ground units razing several guerilla supply depots and warehouses.

Preston eventually comes into contact with a local journalist called Sophia Angelis, and introduces the woman to his friend. She provides the location of several more guerilla bases further inland to the Task Force, which Preston proceeds to hit under the orders of the Commander.

Not long after however, the guerillas detain Sophia under the suspicion of being a spy amongst their ranks.

« OK, we're here, boss. This is off the record, right? If you think we should search for her here we'll be right on it. You're not such a cold fish, after all. No offense, mate. I know you like her. Let's go!

Desperate to save her, Preston agrees to go on an off-the-record mission alongside the Commander to find her but are ultimately unsuccessful, discovering only "empty" bases with Sophia nowhere to be seen. Worse yet, Preston's unit is suddenly ambushed by the guerillas while en-route back to the Task Force's base and gets captured. He is brought to an undisclosed base somewhere on the island's eastern side.

Thanks to the diligent efforts of Colonel Martin and the Commander however, Preston's location is eventually found by the Task Force and he is freed after the base's defences are razed to the ground. Preston immediately returned to the front lines to support their push east and more importantly, finding Sophia before it would be too late.

« This is the place. They either keep her here or she might have been moved to the other location I told you about. It's worth trying here first. Good luck!

Her location is soon discovered and is rescued by Preston's men, with the Commander himself personally supervising the mission to save her. Fortunately for Preston and the rest of the Task Force, Sophia managed to gather more information on the guerilla's supply lines, relaying coordinates of more of their hidden bases in the more rugged regions of the island.

With almost all of the guerilla bases destroyed, all that was left now was the main harbour and the insurgent leader's mountain base itself. Preston's forces moved to cut off the only escape route that the guerillas could use by seizing the harbour, and then regrouped with the Commander's assembled forces for the final attack.

Despite having everything thrown at them, the Task Force succeeds in destroying the last of the guerilla fortifications and demolishing the base. The guerilla leader is quickly apprehended and taken away by Task Force troops, while Preston, Sophia and Martin all congratulate the Commander on their success.

Personality and Appearance

Preston is a white male in his (presumably) mid-twenties. He wears camouflaged fatigues and a customised vehicle crewman helmet along with a sage green-coloured body armour vest. He always dons a set of squared shades as well.

A happy-go-lucky individual, Preston always tries to look at even the grimmest of situations with a positive outlook. As a close friend of the Commander, Preston provided both tactical advice and moral support to him throughout the operation on Atida.

Naturally, he was able to spot the Commander's fancy for Sophia and jokingly teased the latter over his growing interest with the journalist. After her capture at the hands of the insurgents, Preston continued to remain positive and reassured the Commander that she wasn't in danger of dying.

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