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« Are you out of your fucking mind? There's no time, PERIOD!
John Sturrock

John Sturrock is a supporting character in ArmA 3's Stepping Stone and Steel Pegasus mini-campaigns.


Going by the callsign of Pariah, Sturrock was a U.S. Army Recon operator attached to the 21st Brigade Combat Team.

He was one of the many soldiers sent to the Republic of Altis and Stratis as part of the NATO task force in response to the unprovoked attack against the peacekeepers of Task Force Aegis.

Stepping Stone (2035)

Before the invasion of Altis could commence, the strategic island of Malden had to be secured first in order to ensure NATO air superiority over the Straits of Gibraltar.

Sturrock's fireteam assisted the main U.S.-led ground force that landed in Le Port. His team first struck two CSAT mortar firebases in Saint Marie under the cover of darkness, and then proceeded to destroy a supply depot.

He later led a pincer attack on Houdan, and ambushed CSAT reinforcements dispatched to repel the main NATO assault force south of the city.

Steel Pegasus (2035)

Along with the other elements assigned to LZ Mustang as part of Operation Steel Pegasus, Sturrock's fireteam was dispatched first to Point Erie south of the city of Chalkeia. His team scouted ahead for the soon-to-arrive ground force, but was also caught up in the chaos that followed after the failed landing.

While the surviving elements attempt to regroup, Sturrock maintains his position at Erie until they encounter heavier-than-expected resistance from the AAF. Sturrock requests for reinforcements but is denied by Jeremy Collins, the only remaining officer amongst the units alive from LZ Mustang.

« Collins: Negative Pariah - fall back to the ERV. That's grid 213-2-
Sturrock: I know where the ERV is, Lieutenant! The question is, do you know where WE are?
Sturrock begins to question Collins' leadership skills

Throughout the entire operation, Sturrock and Collins bicker with each other over the correct course of action. Annoyed by his indecisiveness and failure to understand the scope of the situation, Sturrock takes things into his own hands and ignores Collins for the remainder of the mission.

During the final push to take Chalkeia, Sturrock's team helped to relieve two pinned down squads before assisting in clearing out the remaining defenders.

Post-Steel Pegasus

With Chalkeia finally secured, Sturrock and the remainder the 21st proceeded to sweep through the city for any stragglers prior to the ceasefire being declared later that day.

Sturrock was recognised for his valiant efforts during the operation and was awarded the Bronze Star.

Personality and Appearance

A white Caucasian male, Sturrock has a short and black head of hair with an untrimmed beard. He wears the standard attire of a Recon scout, consisting of MTP-camouflaged fatigues with rolled up sleeves, an olive chest rig, and a worn-out booniehat.

« Trust me, our 90 day wonder here's not gonna be calling the shots for long...
Sturrock attempts to convince Louis Barklem to disregard Collins' plans

Easily irritable, Sturrock displays a casual disregard for protocol and is generally quite dismissive of those that he deems as being inexperienced or foolhardy; Lt. Collins being a prime example (due to the latter's inexperience in leading combat troops).

Though he still adheres to those with higher authority, he only does so begrudgingly. Often, he will choose to outright ignore or go against orders that he considers to be tactically unsound. That's not to say that he's incompetent or arrogant, however. Far from it, Sturrock's experience as a Recon operator means that he often has a better view of the overall situation than his superiors in most cases.


  • Sturrock calling Collins a "90 day wonder" is a derogatory term used to describe newly-graduated and inexperienced officers in the U.S. military.
  • He is the only character that makes an appearance in two mini-campaigns for the Tac-Ops DLC.
  • While Sturrock canonically survives the events of Steel Pegasus, he and his unit can be wiped out in Final Strike if they are overwhelmed by CSAT/AAF troops. The epilogue will change to reflect this, with Sturrock being posthumously awarded instead of receiving his accolades alive.


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