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Josef Sova was a minor character in ArmA 2's Operation Harvest Red campaign.


Based in the small farming village of Pusta in the South Zagoria region of Chernarus, Sova was a well-known figure who had been serving as the family doctor for its inhabitants for many years.

Operation Harvest Red (2009)

When civil war finally broke out between CDF government forces and the ChDKZ insurgents, Pusta was one of the many villages that were captured in the Chedaki's relentless advance westward.

Sova nonetheless remained unaffiliated to both the insurgents and government forces. He helped wounded civilians, insurgents and soldiers alike regardless of the side they were fighting for.

In spite of this however, he was specifically singled out by the ChDKZ who not only executed every single one of his patients, but also tied up and proceeded to torture the doctor for his supposed transgressions.

« He's a dead man now doctor! What did it earn you? Oh don't worry, you're about to see him again. Perhaps you can ask for a better reward in the next life eh? Fucking pig!
Sova's captors insult him for his generosity, moments before his rescue by Razor Team

Luckily for Sova, USMC Force Recon callsign Razor Team manage save him from his captors. They were deployed to the village on a mission to destroy the ChDKZ communications outpost hidden inside it.

Alongside Valentina Galkina, another female villager and acquaintance of the doctor, Razor Team leads them to the safety of a hideout before they demolish the outpost. Sova also directs the Marines to the site of a mass grave filled with more victims from Pusta.

Though extremely shocked by the events, Sova moves on with his life and tries to forget the trauma. A week after the invasion, he is now based at a clinic in the northern mountain village of Krasnostav instead. He has Valentina help him with ferrying medical supplies and patients as his assistant.

He was in the process of treating a ChDKZ sympathiser who had injured herself when he comes across Matthew Cooper and his team while they were passing through the village.


« It gets worse Razor, there's been violence all over, they even killed the Doctor in Krasnostav. A Dr. Sova, I believe you'd met him in Pusta, so I'm sorry.
Shaftoe informs Razor Team on the doctor's passing

Unfortunately for the doctor, his generosity would also prove to become the main cause of his demise.

Whether it was by anti- or pro-ChDKZ supporters, Sova was later found executed in a series of organised uprisings all across northern South Zagoria. Along with several other villagers, the doctor's mangled corpse was found hanging from a tree just outside his clinic.

Personality and Appearance

A middle-aged Slavic man rapidly approaching his elder years, Sova had heavily greyed and unkempt hair. He typically wore a white overcoat with a grey jumper, white shirt, and a pale grey tie underneath.

Sova possessed a bright personality and quickly befriended others due to his good-hearted nature. As the family doctor for many of the villagers, he was offered some degree of sympathy even from his captors, though obviously this did not spare him from being tortured for helping wounded CDF soldiers.

« Lyonka! Jesus, that's enough isn't it? He was... Jesus Christ I mean he's been my family doctor for as long as I can remember...
One of his captors who turned out to be a Chedaki turncoat from the village

He held true to the Hippocratic Oath of all physicians, which was to help anyone in need regardless of their affiliation. Tragically for the doctor however, this steadfast insistence on helping everyone would also eventually cost him his life.


  • Saving Dr. Sova from his ChDKZ captors is not mandatory, but his rescue is required in order to collect evidence of Chedaki war crimes, which is required to obtain one of the good endings.
    • Regardless of his rescue however, Sova will always die by the end of Manhattan.

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