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« Brass check your weapon. Maintain dispersion and if you hear a loud crack, bury your head in the dirt. It's the sound of someone trying to kill you.
Kael Mavros

Kael Mavros was the main protagonist of ArmA 3's Beyond Hope mini-campaign.


Mavros was a member of the Altian Loyalists, a political and military opposition group consisting of both disgruntled civilians and pro-civilian government AAF servicemen who fought to overthrow the self-proclaimed regime of Georgious Akhanteros.

Prior to his defection, Mavros served with the AAF and was a part of a special forces unit that answered directly to Akhanteros. After joining the Loyalists, he was assigned as squad leader of callsign Chimera, a Loyalist reconnaissance unit.

Beyond Hope (2026)

Early May 2026. Rogue officers under the command of Colonel Akhanteros launch a violent coup d'etat in the old capital of Kavala and round up the civilian leaders of the island nation.

He proceeds to declare himself as the official representative of the country. But his coup is received with mixed reception, and alienates many members of the military, leading many of them to defect and join the opposition; government Loyalists who sought to restore the civilian leadership.

Not long after the coup, protests began to break out all across the island but are violently shut down by Akhanteros' troops. The crackdowns proved to be the last straw for Mavros, who was serving with the AAF's special forces at this time, and opted to join these "defectors" instead. He quickly found himself placed as squad leader of Chimera.

Battle for Orino
A six day ceasefire is declared a few days after the civil war began though secretly, both sides were making moves in violation of the ceasefire agreement. For the Loyalists, they aimed to push forward by seizing the town of Orino. Alongside fellow squad leaders Loukas Thanos (Centaur) and Rouvin Carras (Hoplite), Mavros would be responsible for scouting the AAF outposts near Orino in preparation for their upcoming assault.

However, his first task was to locate a missing patrol, callsign Spartan, which had failed to check in earlier. Reports of gunfire were also heard coming from their direction. Sneaking past several AAF patrols, they managed to locate a survivor from Spartan, though he was heavily wounded and needed immediate medical attention.

After patching his wounds, the survivor told Mavros about the AAF opening fire on them first. Mavros brought him to a nearby hunter's lodge and reported back to UKSF operative Sergeant James, who then sent men to extract the wounded fighter.

Mavros' Chimera unit clears the way for the main assault force at Orino.

With no need to maintain their side of the ceasefire, Mavros proceeded to attack the nearby AAF outposts. The main Loyalist force also began to mobilise but came under attack from AAF mortars. Mavros quickly moved his men to hunt down the mortar battery.

Sgt. James then chimed in to tell Mavros of some good news; several members of Spartan were still alive, but were being held prisoner by the AAF at a nearby warehouse. Mavros rushed to their aid and proceeded to eliminate the guards.

« Spartan: Mav.
Mavros: ...what?
Spartan: For a former rebel, you're "alright".
Mavros: Sure... Come on, let's go.
The members of Spartan thank Mavros for freeing them

The members of Spartan then joined up with Chimera, and Loyalist command gave the green light for the attack on Orino to commence. The town was quickly cleared, but a force of mechanised AAF troops were inbound to retake it. Mavros moved the rest of Chimera into a defensive position overlooking the town's northern flank and braced for the reinforcements.

With the support of both Centaur and Hoplite, Mavros is able to repel the AAF counterattack and succeeds in claiming Orino for the Loyalists.

Battle of Galati
However, their fight wasn't quite over just yet. The mountain village of Abdera held a base of pro-Loyalist civilian supporters that needed urgent humanitarian aid. An NGO convoy was dispatched to deliver supplies but were being deliberately withheld by the AAF, who had set up a blockade along the roads leading into the mountain village. As noon approached, the Loyalists made plans to break the AAF blockade to free up a path for the NGOs.

« Anastas: Mavros, switch off. That's an order. You haven't slept for days.
Mavros: Fuck you. I'll sleep when I'm dead.
Mavros refuses to stand down

However, the Loyalist commander was concerned about Mavros' health and ordered him to stand down from the mission as he hadn't rested for days. Mavros shrugged off the concern and remained adamant that he would assist in the assault. Since he hadn't been assigned to any of the units attacking the blockade, the commander told him to ask one of the squad leaders to allow him to join instead.

Mavros was given the option of choosing to link up with Sgt. James' sniper team, Carras' infantry squads, or Thanos' mechanised platoon. He made his choice and joined the attack on the village. His first task was to clear the blockade on the main road. Once that was cleared, they utilised its mortars to bombard AAF positions inside the village.

After almost an hour of fierce fighting, the Loyalists were able to finally seize Galati from its AAF defenders. The NGO convoy was subsequently able to ship its aid to the people of Abdera.


Although victorious, the successes at Orino and Galati did not spell the end of the civil war. Four more years would come to pass with the Loyalists gradually losing ground to the hardline AAF. By late 2030, the Loyalists as a whole had become merely a shadow of its former self, with many of its members either dead or imprisoned at the hands of Akhanteros' troops.

It is ultimately left unclear as to what becomes of Mavros after the signing of the Jerusalem Cease Fire agreement in 2030.

Personality and Appearance

Mavros was a light-skinned Altian male who had a thick beard and an unkempt, black head of hair. He always wore an olive green commando sweater with khaki pants, along with an AAF Digital-camouflaged plate carrier and booniehat.

« James: Oi. Hold up, you're ex-army, right?
Mavros: ...That some kinda problem?
James: No, not for us it isn't. I'm told you were, uh, part of some special unit.
Mavros: You're well-informed, Sergeant.
James: Yeah, well... we're stepping-off at fifteen hundred. Come with us if you want. Could use your particular skillset.
Sgt. James briefly brings up the past to Mavros' chagrin

A seasoned warfighter, both UKSF Sgt. James and the Loyalist leadership greatly respected his abilities, viewing Mavros as a valuable asset to their cause. However, his recent defection and former ties to the AAF's special forces have caused some to question his loyalties; forcing Mavros to constantly deny all such accusations with a hint of bitterness.


  • Mavros is the only playable Loyalist protagonist in ArmA 3.
    • While he isn't the first guerilla character to become playable in ArmA 3 (a position taken by FIA guerilla Alexis Kouris) he is chronologically the first in ArmA 3 as Beyond Hope's events take place nine years prior to Alexis joining the FIA.


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