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« Kahlia is a new CSAT designated marksman scope with illuminated iron sights, chosen to enhance the marksman rifles.
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The Kahlia is a high-powered, variable-magnification sniper scope used by both CSAT forces and in limited numbers with the FIA. It was added with the release of the Marksmen DLC.


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It has a magnification strength range of 5x-11x. It has a minimum zeroing range of 300 m to a maximum of 2,000 m.

Unlike its NATO counterpart, the Kahlia eschews a top mount red dot sight and features a fibre-optic tube with tritium-illuminated backup iron sights instead. Likewise, the backup iron sight has a fixed zeroing range of only 200 m.

The Kahlia uses a tactical milling reticle with milliradian markings on both axes. It is designed to be compatible with all marksmen and sniper rifles, which includes:

  • ASP-1 Kir special purpose weapon (12.7 mm)
  • CMR-76 bullpup marksman rifle (6.5 mm)
  • Cyrus marksman rifle (9.3 mm)
  • GM6 Lynx bullpup sniper rifle (12.7 mm)
  • M320 LRR sniper rifle (.408)
  • MAR-10 marksman rifle (.338)
  • Mk-I EMR marksman rifle (7.62 mm)
  • Mk14 battle rifle (7.62 mm)
  • Mk18 ABR battle rifle (7.62 mm)
  • MXM marksman rifle (6.5 mm)
  • Rahim bullpup marksman rifle (7.62 mm)
  • SPAR-17 marksman rifle (7.62 mm)

There is also a unique variant of the Kahlia used by FIA sharpshooters that is an older and more worn-out variant. This model cannot switch between the primary scope and iron sights (as it lacks one) but is identical reticle-wise to its baseline counterpart.


  • Hex: Arid Hexacam camouflage pattern. Used by Mediterranean CSAT marksmen.
  • Black: Black paint finish.
  • Tan: Tan paint finish.
  • Black (Worn): Heavily scratched and worn-out black colour scheme. Only applied onto older Kahlias used by the FIA and civilian hunters.


  • The Kahlia appears to be modelled loosely after the KAHLES "Helia" riflescope (specifically the "Helia 5").



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