« That's partly why I asked for the interview. I want to gain a...a human perspective.
Katherine Bishop

Katherine Bishop is a supporting character in ArmA 3's Remnants of War campaign.


A specialist correspondent and digital photographer working for AAN World News, Katherine joined the news organisation in 2032.

Based in Washington DC, she previously worked with the Morning Tribune and in 2030, was given the Joe Harris Award for Human Interest Writing over her coverage of the "Altian Diaspora".

Remnants of War (2035)

Through online voice chat, she interviewed veteran IDAP field consultant Nathan MacDade as part of her investigation into the aftermath of the fighting between NATO forces and the AAF.

Her report went into extensive detail with regards to the mountain village of Oreokastro specifically, following the chain of events in the twelve months prior to its destruction at the hands of government forces.

After MacDade recalls all of his memories, she offers to let him review her article for mistakes and clarification on specific details. Satisfied that everything was in order, she bids him a final farewell and weeks later, officially publishes her article on the AAN's website.

First Contact (2039)

Nearly four years later, Katherine continues to work for AAN World News and was among the first to cover the NATO's bi-annual "Electron" joint military exercises held in Livonia.

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SPIN-OFF: The following information stems from a spin-off expansion or third party Creator DLC and is considered to be non-canon in the main Armaverse timeline.

On June 19th, 2039, a friendly fire incident involving a U.S. drone sparked outrage regarding the exact cause of the fatal bombing, which claimed the lives of seven Livonian soldiers and one American. Katherine continued to report on the aftermath, publishing another article on July 2nd following the initial round of investigations.

She also covered the highly publicised diplomatic dispute between the United States and Livonian government over responsibility for the incident. Failure by both sides to come to an agreement resulted in an immediate cancellation of the exercises, and all foreign NATO troops being denied access to and from Livonia's airspace.

Personality and Appearance

« Oh, absolutely, that's why it's so important to gain your perspective. You've seen things from both sides - I mean, now as an NGO, too.
Katherine interviewing Nathan MacDade

Katherine possesses an inquisitive personality and always tries to delve deeper into the matters at hand. She isn't someone who lacks empathy in her quest for information however, and is always careful to avoid coming across as insensitive to her interviewees.


  • Katherine is the only named female character in ArmA 3, though she does not make an actual physical appearance in-game outside of her online chat portrait.

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