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« Katiba is a bullpup assault rifle of an Eastern origin and was developed in cooperation with China. It fires 6.5 mm caseless ammunition. Thanks to its construction, the rifle is really reliable and has a low recoil. Katiba is a standard issue weapon for OPFOR armies. Three versions of Katiba exist: standard, a shorter carbine and a GL version equipped with an underslung grenade launcher.
Field Manual

Katiba 6.5 mm
Faction Icon-side-redfor.png CSAT
Icon-side-redfor.png Gendarmerie (OM)
Type Bullpup Assault Rifle
Calibre 6.5×39 mm
Dispersion 0.00116 rad
Mass 100
Variants Katiba GL, Katiba Carbine
The Katiba 6.5 mm bullpup assault rifle.

The Katiba is a 6.5 mm bullpup assault rifle used by both Mediterranean CSAT forces and in limited numbers with the Tanoan Gendarmerie in ArmA 3.


The Katiba is a gas operated bullpup assault rifle chambered to fire the caseless 6.5×39 mm round.

It loads from 30-round box magazines, and can attain a rate of fire of up to 800 rounds per minute with a muzzle velocity of 900 m/s. The Katiba accepts accessories on its top and side rails and can also be fitted with muzzle attachments, though it is unable to support bipods.

The Katiba's mediocre accuracy is compensated in CQB by its high fire rate.

Compared to its NATO counterpart, it has less recoil and a greater fire rate (800 RPM versus the MX's 625). It also has a slightly shorter barrel length, which makes it compact to carry and less of a hindrance in close quarters. However, it should be noted that like its Pacific CSAT counterpart, the Katiba has noticeably higher dispersion at distances beyond 400-500 metres.

Because of its bullpup layout, it also requires one whole additional second to rearm compared to the MX. Lastly, it lacks access to extended capacity magazines and is always restricted to 30-rounders; a limitation which its American and Chinese-made counterparts do not share.

In spite of these downsides, the baseline Katiba nonetheless remains easier to handle compared to the MX. Firing rapidly on semi or full auto - whether in close quarters or against targets 300 metres away, is entirely feasible due to its (relatively) controllable recoil.


Katiba GL

Katiba GL 6.5 mm
Faction Icon-side-redfor.png CSAT
Type Bullpup Assault Rifle / UGL
Calibre 6.5×39 mm / 40 mm
30 / 1
Dispersion 0.00116 rad
Mass 120
Variants Katiba, Katiba Carbine
The Katiba GL 6.5 mm bullpup assault rifle.

The Katiba GL is simply a modified version of the baseline Katiba fitted with an underbarrel grenade launcher.

It is chambered to fire the same caseless 6.5×39 mm round while the grenade launcher is designed to load 40 mm grenades, ranging from high-explosive (HE) grenades, to less-than-lethal (LTL) flares and non-lethal smoke shells.

Exclusively wielded by Mediterranean CSAT grenadiers and other specialist infantry classes, it loads from the same 30-round box magazines and is statistically identical to the baseline Katiba.

The underbarrel EGLM grenade launcher uses a red dot quadrant sight which can be zeroed to launch grenades at ranges of up to 400 m.

Aside from the underbarrel GL which slightly increases the weapon's inertia and weight, the Katiba GL's recoil and accuracy remains unchanged.

Katiba Carbine

Katiba Carbine 6.5 mm
Katiba carbine.png
Faction Icon-side-redfor.png CSAT
Icon-side-redfor.png Gendarmerie (OM)
Type Bullpup Carbine
Calibre 6.5×39 mm
Dispersion 0.00145 rad
Mass 80
Variants Katiba, Katiba GL
The Katiba Carbine 6.5 mm bullpup carbine.

The Katiba Carbine is a compact variant of the baseline rifle. Performance-wise, it has the same rate of fire (800 RPM) and still loads from 30-round box magazines. The sole difference is that it uses a shorter barrel which reduces its muzzle velocity to 820 m/s.

This decreases its total weight and makes it more compact to carry - ideal for vehicle crewmen, mounted police officers and close quarters.

However, this comes at the cost of some accuracy and range; the latter limiting the Katiba Carbine's effective range to just under 350 metres and less.


Base damage value Aerodynamic friction Initial velocity (m/s) Penetration depth (mm)
10 -0.0009 800 12

For grenade rounds usable with the EGLM, refer to its dedicated article here.

All variants of the Katiba support being loaded with two types of magazines. Both weigh exactly the same with a "mass" of 10 units.

6.5 mm 30Rnd Caseless Mag


Standard caseless 6.5 mm ammunition. The last four rounds of the magazine always consist of visible green tracers.

6.5 mm 30Rnd Tracer (Green) Caseless Mag


30 rounds worth of visible green tracers.


  • All variants of the Katiba are based on the real-world "KH-2002 Khaybar" bullpup assault rifle designed by the Defense Industries Organization (DIO), a conglomerate of arms manufacturers based in Iran. The real KH-2002 has seen limited use within the Iranian Armed Forces and by certain non-state actor groups supported by Iran.
    • On the other hand, the Katiba GL variant's underbarrel launcher appears to be based on the "ML40 mk2" grenade launcher designed by Madritsch Weapon Technology, an Austrian arms company.
  • Despite being clearly modelled with non-double stacked STANAG magazines that would only be able to fit twenty rounds, all variants of the Katiba are strangely capable of firing up to thirty rounds per magazine.
  • For ArmA 3's pre-Alpha phase of development, early media releases did not show either the Katiba or its sub-variants being used as the service weapon of Mediterranean CSAT forces. The TRG-21 was (presumably) used as a temporary placeholder instead until the Katiba was eventually added into the game.
  • Following the release of the Apex expansion pack's Old Man mini-campaign/scenario, Tanoan Gendarmerie officers can also be seen wielding the baseline rifle and carbine (though excluding the UGL-equipped variant).


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