« The Katiba is a 6.5mm assault rifle of an Eastern origin. Developed in cooperation with China, it features a (lightweight) bullpup design, reliability and low recoil. The Katiba is a standard issue weapon for OPFOR armies. Three version of the Katiba exist: standard, a shorter carbine and a GL version equipped with an under-slung grenade launcher.
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The Katiba series refer to a group of bullpup service rifles used by Mediterranean CSAT forces in ArmA 3.



  • All variants of the Katiba are based on the real-world "KH-2002 Khaybar" bullpup assault rifle designed by the Defense Industries Organization (DIO), a conglomerate of arms manufacturers based in Iran. The real KH-2002 has seen limited use within the Iranian Armed Forces and by certain non-state actor groups supported by Iran.
  • On the other hand, the Katiba GL variant's underbarrel launcher appears to be based on the "ML40 mk2" grenade launcher designed by Madritsch Weapon Technology, an arms company based in Austria.
  • Despite being clearly modelled with non-double stacked STANAG magazines that would only be able to fit 20 rounds, all variants of the Katiba are strangely capable of firing up to 30 rounds per magazine.
    • In addition, although stated to be chambered to fire caseless 6.5 mm ammunition all variants have an ejection port located just above the magwell in the stock.
  • During ArmA 3's pre-Alpha development phase, early media releases did not show either the Katiba or its sub-variants being used as the service weapon of Mediterranean CSAT forces. The TRG-21 was (presumably) used as a temporary placeholder instead until the Katiba was eventually added into the game.


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