Kolgujev (alternately Kolguyev) is a playable terrain in ArmA: Cold War Assault.



A territory of the Soviet Union, Kolgujev is the smallest landmass amongst the Malden group of islands. Essentially a mountain peak protruding from the sea, Kolgujev is mostly deserted and is littered with destroyed villages and dead trees, lending it a somewhat dark and dreary atmosphere.


Kolgujev is covered in spruce/pine forests, bushy outgrowths and rocky hills. A mountain peak lies in the centre of the island along with some low-lying marshlands surrounding it.


With the exception of deserted villages, Kolgujev is devoid of civilian settlements and is exclusively home to the Red Army's 3rd Army garrison.

The 3rd Army's bases are predominately clustered around the southern and eastern corners. Several security camps and fortified outposts are scattered throughout other parts of the island.

Points of interest

This luxurious manor is home to the 3rd Army's commander, General Aleksei Guba along with his personal staff and advisors.



  • Kolgujev is based on an unnamed island in the Barents Sea but its topography appears to be inspired by the real-world island of Tenerife, one of the largest landmasses in the Canary Islands.

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