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NOTE: This article is about the playable AAF character from ArmA 3's Remnants of War campaign. For the leader of the FIA guerillas in The East Wind, see Kostas Stavrou.

Kostas Dimitriou is a playable character in ArmA 3's Remnants of War campaign.


Dimitriou was the adjutant of Major Thanos Gavras. He was a member of the AAF's 3rd Support Regiment.

A constant companion of the Major ever since the beginning of hostilities between the AAF and NATO forces, Dimitriou primarily assists him with administrative tasks and later, as a personal bodyguard in the defence of his nation.

Remnants of War (2035)

The Lieutenant was present alongside Maj. Gavras during his risky attempt to act as a diversionary force during NATO's invasion of Altis.

He was part of Gavras' plan to lure NATO forces north towards the abandoned village of Oreokastro; away from the retreating AAF units in the south was largely successful.

However, Gavras' plan was more or less a one way trip: he, Dimitriou, and the rest of his men, were completely cut off from any support and stood no hope of survival against NATO air superiority.

Within a matter of hours, Oreokasto is predictably surrounded by FIA and NATO troops. Dimitriou followed the Major to the church in the centre of the village after their only evacuation helicopter is shot down and the Major's remaining men are killed. At the church, the two survivors indiscriminately planted landmine dispensers all around their position, and prepared to meet a NATO QRF unit and FIA motorised group head on in a desperate last stand.

Despite the odds, Dimitriou and Gavras miraculously hold off the attackers with no injuries. To the duo's relief, AAF command notified the Major that a second transport was inbound to pick up the two. They are able to escape with their lives intact and were immediately flown back to the capital Pyrgos later that day.

Post-Remnants of War

« Guy was a wreck, but his training had kicked in. He'd documented the minefields - well, as best he could.
Nathan MacDade

A week after the stand at Oreokastro, a shell-shocked Dimitriou assisted IDAP in helping to record the location of the landmines he and Gavras had employed at the church, providing Nathan MacDade with lifesaving information that helped hasten the demining process.

Unfortunately, his information had come far too late at that point. What Dimitriou had not realised (and never will) was that the mines they placed that day had claimed the life of an innocent victim.

Personality and Appearance

A middle-aged looking Altian male, Dimitriou had a mostly shaved, dark brown head of hair with a light brown-coloured medium beard.

His usual attire consisted of standard-issue combat fatigues and a plate carrier camouflaged in the AAF's Digital pattern, though he preferred rolling up his uniform's sleeves for comfort.


  • Dimitriou's first name is alternately listed as "Antoniou" on the official Armaverse timeline, though no in-game dialogue or materials refers to him as such.
  • He is the first playable AAF character in a campaign for ArmA 3 (albeit not as the protagonist).
  • What becomes of Dimitriou after the war is not known, though he too is presumably rounded up into a post-war NATO/FIA-run internment camp and was released two months later (similarly to Kyros Kalogeros).
  • Depending on player choice in The Major, Dimitriou can be held accountable for committing war crimes should they choose to execute any of the NATO soldiers/FIA guerillas that become incapacitated by his landmines. MacDade's dialogue in his conversations with AAN journalist Katherine Bishop will change to reflect this decision.


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