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NOTE: This article is about the leader of the FIA rebel group in ArmA 3. For the commander of the Attidan Guerrillas faction in ArmA: Mobile Ops, see General Kostas.

« This is both a great risk and a great opportunity. Let us not waste it.
Kostas Stavrou

Kostas Stavou was a main character in ArmA 3's The East Wind campaign.


The former, de-facto leader of the Freedom and Independence Army rebel group, otherwise simply known as the FIA. Stavrou served as the commander of Group North, one of the many cells of the FIA that were scattered throughout Altis.

Known by his callsign Slingshot, he coordinated all of the guerilla organisation's movements and operations at a hidden base in the north-west of the island, and also acted as the groups' liaison for foreign forces assisting the group.

Prior to joining the organisation, Stavrou was also a trooper in the Altis Armed Forces, though it's not known what status or rank he held during his tenure in the military.

Prologue (2034)

Sometime in 2030-2031, Stavrou was fundamental in helping to establish the resistance movement in light of Georgious Akhanteros becoming recognised as the legitimate ruler of the country following the end of the civil war.

For more than four years, Stavrou slowly rose through the ranks of the FIA and built up its strength, which was formed from the ashes of its government loyalist predecessors. While the FIA weren't as powerful as the loyalists were, the rebels held the popular support of the Altian people.

« Y'see... the guerrillas there, they'd found themselves a new leader. Charismatic. Ex-military.
Nathan MacDade comments on Stavrou's first appearance

Eventually, Stavrou rose high enough to become the leader of the group, and used this opportunity to stage mass anti-government protests throughout the country. Many towns, villages, and even the larger cities such as the old capital of Kavala were prodded into open rebellion.

At this point, the FIA had become a powerful threat that could no longer be ignored by the government. Though they never quite managed to challenge the AAF directly, the constant skirmishes and uprisings caused by Stavrou put an immense drain on the government's resources.

Remnants of War (2034)

« For him, this was no 'time to surrender' - far from it. In fact, he used that time to rally his people - encouraged them to resist, build defenses.
MacDade on the cause of Oreokastro's uprising

Stavrou's most notable accomplishment at this time however, was causing the uprising at the mountain village of Oreokastro. After convincing its residents to overthrow the local AAF garrison, he turned the village into a fortress that resulted in a two-week long siege by government forces.

Although Oreokastro was ultimately destroyed by the AAF, Stavrou's brazen act of defiance spurred even more popular support from the citizens of Altis.

Defections by government forces to the rebel group were a common occurrence under his leadership. Through subterfuge, he was even able to turn the city of Kavala into a major FIA-influenced outpost after several uprisings (though many of the attempts were crushed by government forces).

The East Wind (2035)

Even so, pressure was beginning to mount on Stavrou and the FIA, as CSAT slowly stepped up its efforts in aiding the government's counterinsurgency efforts against the rebel group. Coordinating with his supposedly British government-endorsed foreign "advisers" led by a special forces operative called Captain Scott Miller, Stavrou gradually retook the initiative from government forces.

Months after the uprising at Oreokastro, Stavrou encounters U.S. Army Corporal Ben Kerry, a survivor from the ill-fated Task Force Aegis. Though the two initially held mixed and mistrustful views of each other, the latter eventually proves to be a highly resourceful asset for the FIA.

« Kerry: Remind me again why I'm the one driving?
Stavrou: You are the one they will shoot first.
Kerry: Oh. Great. I'm "honored".
Stavrou and Kerry while en-route to the FIA base camp

Leading one successful operation after another, Stavrou becomes impressed with the American's feats and grants him command over his own special unit of guerillas.


« This is where the tides turn, brothers. We are stronger than ever before.
Stavrou rallies the guerillas

After receiving intel that NATO was preparing an invasion of Altis to overthrow the AAF, Stavrou rallies the guerillas for one major offensive against the government in the hopes of assisting the invasion. Stavrou personally lead the attack on the AAC airfield and town of Therisa to the south-west of Neochori.

Though they encountered heavy resistance from the garrisoned AAF troops, they managed to easily seize both locations; buying time for Kerry and the rest of Omega to attack the CSAT artillery battery at Poliakko. Moments later, NATO helicopters are spotted flying overhead towards the AAC airfield. Surprised and thinking that Miller had managed to call for support, Stavrou allows them to pass through while continuing to mop up the last of the AAF.

« Omega, we are being engaged by NATO at the airfield! I repeat, NATO are-
Stavrou's last transmission moments before his apparent death

But to his shock, the gunships open fire on the guerillas instead. Stavrou relays one final radio message to a bewildered Kerry but is cut off halfway, and is presumed to have perished in the attack.

Post-The East Wind

Weeks later, Stavrou is later mentioned in passing by AAN News reporter Mark Cole during an interview with Kerry, though no further mention of his background and possible ties to the British government are elaborated on.

Personality and Appearance

A middle-aged Altian male, Stavrou had a moderately bearded face and a short, black head of hair that was tied into a knot. Both of his arms were heavily tattooed as well. His standard attire always consisted of a worn-out pale/mud brown undershirt with black pants. When deployed into battle, Stavrou also wore a unique woodland-camouflaged tactical vest for protection.

Stavrou was a charismatic person who resorted to words as much as he did weapons to fight against his enemies. He made heavy use of propaganda and other non-violent means to achieve ends. His extensive contact list ranged from arms smugglers throughout the Mediterranean, local citizens, and even corrupt civilian and military officials inside Akhanteros' government.

Unlike his loyalist predecessor who was more military-minded, Stavrou focused on utilising soft power to foster good relations with the people of Altis.

« Listen to me: I am certain. The American is familiar with this mission - Falcon has vouched for his ability. There is no room for further discussion, understood?
Stavrou's flat response to questions over Kerry being selected as leader of Omega

That being said, Stavrou was by no means a lenient leader. He was fairly strict with his subordinates and always acted with conviction. This didn't mean that he wasn't open to suggestions if there were valid concerns but at the same time, he didn't allow for any questions to be posed over his decisions once he regarded them as being final.

Though he held an intense mistrust of Americans initially (justified by NATO's anti-rebel stance prior to the events of The East Wind), he places a greater emphasis on the value of skill and reliability. Over time, he overlooked Kerry's background and gradually accepted him as someone who could be confidently trusted.

He was good friends with Nikos Panagopoulos, a well-known associate and arms smuggler working for the organisation. Along with a few other of his trusted advisers, the men often formulated plans together.


  • A possible (earlier) rendition of Stavrou's model can be seen on wanted leaflets scattered throughout Altis in the main campaign. This model shows him with bushier and longer hair as opposed to his short and tied knot hairstyle in the final game.


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