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Kostey was a minor antagonist in ArmA 2's Operation Harvest Red campaign.


Known only by his alias of "Kostey", he was a senior official of the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star (ChDKZ) group and was a subordinate to both Mikola Bardak and Gregori Lopotev.

A key figure in the paramilitary wing of the ChDKZ, Kostey was a small time criminal and poacher who served a manslaughter sentence for shooting and killing a gamekeeper in the late 1990s.

During his time in prison, Kostey came into contact with Bardak and upon release, became a member of the then-burgeoning ChDKZ movement.

Quickly establishing himself as a quick and unscrupulous fighter within the organisation, Kostey was fundamental to its expansion.

At some point, he also joined up with CDF and worked as a sleeper agent for the ChDKZ, where he was eventually promoted to an officer's billet.

Operation Harvest Red (2009)

Alongside Nikola Nikitin; another CDF double agent also working as a spy for the Chedaki, the duo save Lopotev and Bardak after they're captured by members of USMC Force Recon Razor Team during the Battle of Chernogorsk.

Kostey ties up the members of Razor Team while Lopotev and Bardak make preparations to flee. The Marines' team leader is soon executed by Lopotev, and Bardak tells Kostey to finish off the rest of them as well.


« OK gentlemen. I'm sorry we don't have more time to get to know each other. You fucked up so much for us, all our careful planning of the putsch, I wanted to return the favor. Now don't worry, I'll be gentle...
Kostey taunting Razor Team moments before his death

Just before he could begin his "work" however, another Force Recon fireteam callsigned Sabre Team, breached the warehouse and gunned down Kostey along with the other Chedaki that remained behind, though Lopotev and Bardak were nowhere to be seen.

Personality and Appearance

A middle-aged Slavic male, Kostey has a heavily bearded face and a short, mostly grey head of hair. Kostey wore the standard attire of a ChDKZ officer with Rastr-camouflaged fatigues, an olive green-coloured shemagh, chest rig, and a Flora-camouflaged field cap.

More than just a simple thug, Kostey is widely acknowledged to be an intelligent and able leader - demonstrated by how skilfully he was able infiltrate the upper echelons of the CDF.

This is not to say that the self-styled "General" is a mentally stable person, however. Far from it, Kostey is an extremely unpredictable individual who, despite being fiercely fanatic to his ChDKZ masters, is an extremely sadistic person who enjoys brutally torturing his prisoners before killing them.


  • Kostey is one of the few named antagonists in the entire series that is both introduced and killed shortly afterwards in the same mission.

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