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« Instead of giving the job to them, she gave it to us mercenaries. Let me spell it out for you guys in case you still don't get it... this mission will be a pain in the ass.
Kurt Lambowski

Kurt Lambowski is the main protagonist of ArmA: Armed Assault's Royal Flush campaign.


Formerly second-in-command and the current leader of Black Element's (disavowed) Royal Flush security team, Lambowski was a long-time employee of the private military company.

Prior to his field promotion by John Wicks to the position of leader, he had served as the team's grenadier.

Royal Flush (2007)

Hired by the newly-crowned Queen of the Kingdom of Sahrani, Isabella Ximénez, Royal Flush are brought in by her government to deal with the threat of a growing insurgency in the nation's northern provinces.

Lambowski expressed some doubts about the true nature of their mission, seeing as how the entire situation behind the Northern rebellion was mired in complete secrecy. No one else in Royal Flush shared his opinion, however.

« Give it a rest, Kurt! You are analyzing this way too much. The blonde just thought she could handle it all by herself and now she is barely squeaking by.
Lambowski is chided for being paranoid

On arrival, they were properly briefed by Kingdom officials on their mission and were assigned the task of freeing one of their intelligence agents.

The man had been captured by the insurgents, and held vital information on the location of where the insurgents had (supposedly) stashed away biological weapons.

Airlifted via Kingdom's military transports, Lambowski and the others soon arrive near a quarry in the country's north where the agent was last reported to be located at. They took fire from the insurgents and were forced to retaliate soon after landing.

Arriving at the quarry, Lambowski's team immediately gets attacked by Northern insurgents.

After clearing the quarry of its defenders, they rushed to intercept a vehicle that was racing out of the area with the agent inside. Lambowski quickly disabled the vehicle and freed the agent, who then told them the location of the insurgent camp with the biological weapons.

Later that night, Lambowski and the rest of Royal Flush infiltrated the camp under the cover of darkness. Lambowski was charged with leading the assault and exploited their technological advantage to clear the camp of insurgents. However, some of the insurgents had managed to get away in the chaos. Lambowski and the others had not destroyed the escapees as the risk of the biological weapons being damaged was too high.

The next day, they returned to meet with their contractor; the Kingdom's military Chancellor. Wicks reported in that weapon specialists could be safely brought in to scour the camp for the biological weapons, but that some of the insurgents had escaped.

The Chancellor vehemently insisted to Wicks that their mission was to eliminate all of the insurgents, not the retrieval of the biological weapons. Wicks' doubts about the situation remained, and "agreed" with the Chancellors orders to immediately hunt down the fleeing insurgents. However, he told Lambowski to intercept the convoy but to leave the insurgents alive until things could be properly sorted out.

Lambowski and the others rushed to the position of the fleeing insurgents and disabled their vehicle with a shot to the engine. He held the passengers at gunpoint until Wicks and the Chancellor arrived.

The so-called insurgent leader was revealed to be none other than Crown Prince Orlando himself; having apparently survived the crash that had claimed his father's life. The Prince insisted he and his men be allowed safe passage through as he represented the legitimate government of Sahrani; not his sister, the Queen.

However the Chancellor immediately made a move to silence the "insurgent leader" before he could utter another word, and ordered his subordinates to open fire on the Prince. Feeling deceived, Wicks refuses to execute the Prince turns on the Chancellor, causing both sides to return fire on each. While Lambowski and the others were not injured and the Chancellor's men were all killed, Wicks was fatally shot and lay on the ground bleeding heavily from his wounds.

« Kurt... it seems... that now everything will be up to you.
Wicks' final words to Lambowski

With his dying breath, Wicks promotes Lambowski to the position of team leader, entrusting him with the responsibility of seeing their new mission through.

Team Leader
Prince Orlando offers his sympathies to Lambowski but insists to the new team leader to continue helping him overthrow his sister. Lambowski agreed to change the scope of their contract to back the Prince, and returned with him to another insurgent camp.

The next day, Lambowski and the rest of Royal Flush led the way in liberating one of the government's hidden concentration camps at Matamoros. The prisoners being held there were mostly "disloyal" soldiers and citizens who went against the Queen. Freeing them would bolster the insurgency's morale and further enhance the Prince's claim to the throne. After eliminating all of the camp's guards, the remaining prisoners were freed and brought back to safety.

Lambowski's team rush to liberate the prisoners before they can be "liquidated".

However, the insurgency had learned of the existence of yet another camp, this time deep within a mountain valley near the city of Eponia.

For this camp, time was of the essence; the camp's commander had received orders straight from the Queen to execute all of the prisoners if they were discovered. Lambowski's team raced to the camp and fought through several patrols on trucks. Following a brief but fierce exchange between the two sides, Royal Flush came out ahead and liberated the prisoners.

It turned out that the majority of prisoners at this camp were political figures (much to Lambowski's distaste), one of whom was Raoul Gonzales, the Prince's close adviser and former press secretary for the Queen. Reunited with the Prince, Gonzales came up with a plan to announce the Prince's survival to the nation. Doing so would force his sister out into the open and further bolster his legitimacy.

A day later, Lambowski's team were flown to a meeting point with the Prince close to the island's largest TV studio. Lambowski's team then commenced the attack on the studio and cleared it of government soldiers after a few minutes of fighting. Once everything was clear, he gave the all-clear signal to the Prince's entourage and were subsequently brought in to begin to his broadcast.

« You accomplished the mission, Kurt. Thanks to you and your people we have an opportunity to make a serious break-through.

The Queen's troops weren't about to give up just yet. They attempted to counterattack the studio and dispatched several squads worth of Royal Guards to retake it, but were repelled by Lambowski's team. Thanks to his efforts, the Prince was able to complete his recording and relayed his message to the entire nation.

The success at the studio began to spark uprisings throughout the country and as Gonzales had predicted, caused the Queen's government to fall into complete chaos. Her supporters barricaded themselves up in the royal palace and refused to surrender their authority, while the Queen herself had reportedly gone "missing".

For Lambowski, this heralded the beginning of the end for their mission on Sahrani. With the Prince's rightful rule essentially reclaimed, their contract was fulfilled and there was nothing left for him and his men to fight for. Lambowski proceeded to arrange for a direct flight out of the country at noon the next day.

However before they could leave for their hotel, Gonzales rushed to Lambowski and pleaded for help. His personal sources had confirmed that the Prince's sister had agreed to meet with Orlando to negotiate a deal for her amnesty, but was in actuality planning to assassinate her brother.

Gonzales urges Lambowski to find the Prince.

Gonzales stated that even if he was going against the Prince's orders, the situation was too serious for him to not intervene, and repeated his plea for Lambowski to rescue the Prince.

Tom interjected that the Prince did not ask for their help and that if they showed up, they could very well be jeopardising the peace deal. Lambowski agreed with Tom's point and subsequently decided to reject Gonzales' plan.

« Gonzales: Permission from management, psh! You don't have a mind of your own? It never would have ocurred to me that you are such a chicken shit, Lambowski!
Lambowski: Watch your mouth, Gonzales. You have no right to judge me!
Gonzales chides Lambowski for his selfish thinking

Gonzales chided Lambowski for not thinking this through properly, but Lambowski remained adamant and refused to back his plan regardless. He and the rest of Royal Flush subsequently returned to their hotel, happily thinking of their forthcoming and well-deserved rest.

Later that evening, Gonzales showed up at their hotel room and angrily criticised Lambowski's lack of prudence, informing him that the Prince had been killed by his sister, having labelled her brother as an "imposter" and imposing curfew. Likewise, Lambowski and his men were now wanted fugitives and were disavowed by Black Element - sooner rather than later, the Queen would be sending assassins their way to tie up her loose ends.

Shocked by the revelations, Lambowski knew they had to get out of the country as soon as possible. Lambowski convinced Gonzales to join them in escaping, seeing as how he'd be of much better use to his nation alive rather than dead and have the truth buried alongside with him. He agrees to help find them a way off Sahrani, and tells them to meet with him the next day on the outskirts of Paraiso's airport.


Lambowski and the rest of Royal Flush made their way to the rendezvous point. Gonzales then led the way by taking them through a shortcut to the airport. Gonzales told Lambowski that he would wait for them by the terminal while they searched for a plane. He would rejoin them once they gave the all-clear signal.

After a few minutes of fruitless searching, Lambowski eventually finds a fuelled plane and orders the rest of the team to board. He calls for Gonzales over the radio but he fails to respond. With time running out and security forces now closing in, Lambowski was left with no choice but to take off.

On the flight out, Lambowski could do little but reflect bitterly on their failure, noting that the Prince's death was quickly covered up by the Queen and that no one would ever discover the truth behind their mission.

« So in the end this is how it all plays out. This is the saddest thing about it. New contracts! Business ties! Luxury hotels! Everyone is going to accept that the alleged prince wasn't the real prince, but an impostor, trying to play a prince. The impostor is dead, long live the queen!

They will quietly forget about our engagement. They will forget about the prince. In the end, he died in some stupid crash... it's been almost a year already... it's nobody's fault... there're no doubts... case closed...
Lambowski's reflection

It's not known as to what becomes of Lambowski nor the rest of the team as they face an uncertain future...

Personality and Appearance

Lambowski is a Caucasian male with a beardless face and has a black head of hair. His standard attire consists of a black body armour vest and olive green fatigues. For headgear, he opts to wear a customised M1 helmet with an olive green-coloured Kevlar cover and pack of cigarettes strapped to its side, along with a medium blue cap underneath it.

Lambowski has a dry sense of humour and despite being well-versed in politics, is also shown to be quite critical and derisive of politicians in general. He shows constant disdain for political figureheads like the Queen and even (to a lesser extent) the Prince's personal adviser Gonzales.

« Everyone here has the right to his own opinion. At the same time, I'm the commanding officer with an obligation to operate under the policies of our organization. We uphold officially recognized governments. We're sticking to the officially recognized contract.
Lambowski assets his authority; even if for the wrong reasons

Nonetheless, Lambowski is also quite naive and stubborn, refusing to listen to Gonzales' pleas for help in spite of the Prince himself being in obvious danger; "justifying" that he had no reason to go against the Prince's wishes, nor was it a part of their mission contract.

Though he did act with conviction - in the sense that he prioritised the safety of his fellow team members over everything else, his rigid thinking and lack of open-mindedness clouded his judgement. Unfortunately, this meant that he didn't see or understand the grander scheme of things when it was most important and when he did grasp it, was already too late.


  • Lambowski is shown to be alive even in the canonical (bad) ending of Royal Flush. However, he and the rest of his subordinates' fates are ultimately left in question due to being both wanted fugitives and officially disavowed members of the PMC.


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