Kurt Spender was a minor character in ArmA 3's First Contact campaign.


Spender was the senior officer in charge of the NATO contact team at Point Hopi.

Prior to humanity's first encounter with "The Visitors", he was involved in the joint military exercises taking place in Nadbór, Livonia.

First Contact (2039)

On August 7th, 2039, a massive ship-like Alien Flying Object (AFO) suddenly appeared over the skies of Livonia and hovered over the abandoned SIŁA Factory.

A smaller alien entity was detected being launched from the ship some time later, and came to rest in a wooded area south of Point Hopi. As a bio-safety precaution, Point Hopi was ordered to suit up to MOPP Level 4 by Major Don Homewood.

Specialist Aiden Rudwell, who had already been on the way to Point Hopi to retrieve a drone terminal, was ordered to assist Point Hopi in communicating with the alien entity.

Spender had Rudwell equip a respirator, and followed Astra scientist Ian Kesson's instructions to attempt communication visually via lights. Spender also suggested playing music to attempt auditory communication.

Rudwell had successfully managed to communicate with or otherwise trigger new behaviour from the alien entity using a tool equipped with an experimental antenna that was kept in one of Point Hopi's Faraday cages.

Upon approaching the alien entity, Rudwell was rendered unconscious. Assuming that the entity was hostile, Spender's men and Livonian soldiers panickedly returned fire in retaliation.


Spender managed to order his subordinates to stand down, but the Livonians continued to attack the alien despite his pleas to them over the radio.

« The Specialist is down! No! Cease fire! CEASE FUCKING FIRE! Alchemist, one of our guys engaged! Relay to all Livonian Defense Force callsigns, cease fire! Oh, no... No! Major! The Alpha Echo's firing back, it's -
Moments before being killed, Spender desperately tries to get the Livonians to stand down

In response, the alien launched several gravity matter balls at both the Livonians and Spender's men. He was subsequently killed in the ensuing blast alongside his entire team.

Personality and Appearance

Spender was a Caucasian male with short, reddish-brown coloured hair. He wore a woodland-camouflaged NBC oversuit with the accompanying CUR system and APR mask, along with a combat helmet and plate carrier vest.


  • Spender's first name is only revealed in the credits of First Contact.
  • Kurt shares the same surname as Jared Spender from Stepping Stone, though it's not known if they actually are related to one another.

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