Kyros Kalogeros is the main protagonist in the Altis Requiem campaign for ArmA 3.


Born in the old capital of Kavala at the turn of the millennium, Kyros first signed up for service with the armed forces at the tender age of 18.

Assigned to the 1st Mechanized Regiment, he quickly adapted to learning how to work with various vehicle platforms, and was eventually promoted to the rank of Captain before reaching the age of 30.

During the events of Altis Requiem, his proficiency with a wide range of tracked vehicles can be seen as he takes command of Nyx light tanks to the highly advanced T-140K main battle tank.

Personality and Appearance

Kyros appears as a typical 30 year-old Altian male with a medium stubble beard and untrimmed dark hair.

As the commander of his armoured platoon, Kyros is a loyal officer who remained committed to his responsibilities both as a leader and as a soldier even after Akhanteros' coup in 2026.

However unlike most of his compatriots, Kyros is not blindly devout and even displays a certain amount of cynicism towards the AAF's command. Nonetheless, he remains committed to his duties as a soldier, and will do whatever it takes to win a battle; even when he knows that the odds are stacked against him.

Kyros is quite sharp, and is quick to notice small details that would otherwise go ignored or be disregarded by others, such as when he assumed (correctly) that the troopers at an AAF outpost had not been captured by the FIA, but had instead mutinied against their officer and defected to the guerillas.


  • Kyros is the first non-civilian/BLUFOR protagonist in ArmA 3 that has an entire campaign dedicated exclusively to being controlled by the player.
  • Kyros' fate can vary depending on the player's actions in Altis Requiem.
    • Should the player avoid civilian casualties in both Lost Horizons and Salient Force and focus exclusively on military targets, then he will be processed by NATO/FIA personnel running the AAF internment camps after the war and be released two months later to return safely to his home.
      • However, if the player chose to use indiscriminate methods in wiping out the enemies for both missions (which results in large numbers of civilian deaths), then Kyros will be identified as a war criminal by the FIA and be executed by firing squad at the end of the campaign.
    • While unconfirmed, it can be assumed that Kyros remains canonically alive after the war.

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