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« I don't see a war, not really. I see acts of madness. Meaningless dead, young martyrs; black with blood and white with lime, rolled on boot heels into early graves. Our enemy have a cause, while we have only orders.
Kyros Kalogeros

Kyros Kalogeros is the main protagonist of ArmA 3's Altis Requiem campaign.


Born in the old capital of Kavala at the turn of the millennium, Kyros enlisted with the Altis Armed Forces at the age of 18.

He was assigned to the 1st Mechanized Regiment and over time, quickly adapted to learning how to work with various vehicle platforms. Before the age of 30, he was promoted to the rank of Captain.

As the commander of his vehicle crew (designated Ares), he went by the radio callsign of Ares Actual.

Altis Requiem (2035)

« Corrupt politicians divided our nation, creating an enemy within. An age of austerity turned to one of anger, and protests descended into violence.
Kyros reflects on the civil war

For almost four years, the AAF have been actively waging a counterinsurgency campaign against an organisation that identified itself as the "FIA". Kyros' unit, the 1st Mechanized Regiment, have been at the forefront of the fighting, based at FOB Typhon right in the heart of insurgent-controlled territory.

Nonetheless, the years had taken their toll on the AAF. Six months after the politically disastrous siege of Oreokastro, the insurgents were greatly emboldened by the village's destruction and their ranks swelled with a constant stream of recruits.

On the other hand, morale throughout the AAF was at an all-time low, desertions had essentially become a daily "routine", and insider attacks were increasingly commonplace. These concerns were not Kyros' to worry about, however. For him, an increase in insurgent activity simply meant more work and responsibility being piled onto his overburdened unit instead.

« Looking back now, during the peace, I never believed my skills would be needed.

On April 1st, 2035, Kyros was due to go on a logistical supply run to ferry spare engine parts to OP Omega, a remote outpost set up in the north-east.

Before he could depart however, the local base commander (callsign Pantheon) contacted the Captain and ordered him to divert to a nearby checkpoint - designated Sigma - after reports came in of supposed insurgent activity in the pine forests of Frini. Annoyed but compliant nonetheless, Kyros ordered his driver Corporal Gekas to divert straight to Sigma.

Ill Omens
On arrival, Kyros checked in with Sigma's commander and was less-than-pleased to see an injured man being held at gunpoint by the checkpoint's troopers. The Sergeant-in-command informed Kyros that the man had been detained after a rifle was discovered in the back of his truck.

The man claimed he used it to hunt rabbits with his uncle, but the troopers didn't believe his "story" due to the high amount of insurgent activity in the region. Kyros volunteered to check the surrounding forests for signs of insurgents and quickly returned to his vehicle.

« Gekas: You think they're desperate or just gettin' more audacious?
Kyros: After Oreokastro? Hell - I wouldn't be surprised if it were both.

Driving through the hazardous terrain, Kyros eventually stumbled onto a lone cabin deep inside the forest. He disembarked and breached the structure, discovering an old man inside who promptly surrendered to the Captain.

Kyros reported back his discovery to Pantheon, and was ordered to stand by until another squad could properly search the man's home. Kyros then resumed his supply run to OP Omega.

However on arrival, Kyros finds the outpost eerily deserted. Dismounting from his tank, Kyros searched Omega and soon discovered the cold corpse of Omega's commander with his subordinates nowhere to be seen. Kyros relayed his findings to Pantheon, with the latter assuming that the men were being held prisoner by the FIA.

Kyros' AFV provides fire support during the attack on Ifestiona.

Kyros' instincts told him otherwise; he (correctly) guessed that the troopers had instead carried out a mutiny against their Sergeant and had willingly defected. As if on cue, his assumption was proven to be right when Pantheon receives reports from the village of Ifestiona.

A dozen armed men were "holding" the village and had sent demands to the military for supplies. Pantheon ordered Kyros to divert to the village - to deal with the traitors by any means necessary.

Kyros moved into position overlooking Ifestiona and once all the defectors had been identified, commenced the attack by selectively opening fire on their positions. Pantheon notified Kyros that two other friendly units were nearby to support him as needed as well. After a brief struggle, the traitors were eliminated and the village was secured.

Against The Tide

« Distrusting the Americans, we aligned ourselves with the Canton Strategic Alliance Treaty. They gave us technology, weapons. Economic and political support - and in return, we allowed them to use our island. I mean, we didn't know it then, but, we were caught in a whirlwind; a series of events we could scarcely comprehend.

Five months later on August 8th, the country would soon find itself caught right in the middle of a full-scale invasion by NATO. The American-led invaders quickly took over the entire western regions of Altis and though they struggled briefly during their push into the east, eventually overran the main airport itself.

To make matters worse, NATO had begun landing amphibious forces along the country's eastern shorelines and managed to seize the town of Dorida with the help of the FIA. The situation was now critical; the safety of the capital Pyrgos, would be threatened if the Americans managed to maintain control of a second front.

Kyros' T-140 delivers a smashing victory for the AAF at Dorida.

Kyros was placed with the responsibility of retaking Dorida from the invaders. Given access to CSAT's latest tank - the mighty T-140 Angara, 1st MechRgt. would lead a daring counterattack in an armoured blitz against the Americans before they could firmly establish their defences.

With no enemy vehicles capable of challenging them, Kyros swiftly cut a path through the surprised invaders, destroying numerous IFVs and even tank destroyers with impunity. He avoided civilian casualties as best he could, and eventually finished off the Americans by destroying their forward outpost on the beaches east of Dorida. Thanks to his efforts, Pyrgos' defences would continue to least for time being.


Kyros' last stand.

« I'm still alive. Tomorrow's close.

CSAT need us to buy them time. And as we are an army of none, a marionette and not a nation, we must dance to their tune. If our strings are cut, we collapse. Every minute's a victory. Every second, a moment won. Hour hands are a stay of execution; a reprieve. I don't know which - and that's a thing of fear. Now we fight, not for the Republic but for the terms of our surrender.

Fate smiles, but I can make no sense of her.
I'm told our chances are one in three. Either I will make it home or, these words will find you. Just know: nothing's been left unsaid.
Kyros' last diary entry

Defeat at this point was inevitable however; Kyros knew it and so did his men and everyone else in the AAF - or rather, those that were still alive. With more than a third of the entire force deceased and many more mortally wounded (or otherwise), all they could do was buy time for CSAT officials to evacuate their personnel out of the country from the airfield at Selakano.

Two days later, what was left of the 1st MechRgt. assembled at a rally point west of Panagia. The AAF's armoured units were non-existent at this point, and their supply lines had also been cut in two following the loss of Pyrgos. Colonel Akhanteros had ordered all remaining forces to fight as hard as they could before a formal surrender would be declared.

For their "last stand", the AAF's southern forces were to maintain two defensive lines west of the city. Kyros' crew had also been granted access to the T-140K Angara, an even more advanced version of the T-140 tank, and was assigned with supporting the defenders at both fronts.

« Few imagined it would end this way - fewer still, imagined we'd make a difference.

Before rendezvousing with the defenders, Kyros investigated the last known position of a fellow tank crew (callsign Hera) who had failed to check in minutes before. Kyros moved to their position and discovered their heavily damaged and immobile tank. The crew had all been killed and there was no way to recover the tank. Pantheon then commanded Kyros to destroy it to prevent it from falling into enemy hands.

At that exact moment, American tanks had begun their assault on the first defensive line. Kyros raced to support its defenders and after almost thirty minutes of fierce fighting, had managed to hold off two waves of attackers. Kyros' tank was low on munitions but was otherwise intact. It was for all intents and purposes a "victory", but the other defenders were not so lucky and had been completely decimated.

Out of ammo, Kyros' crew can do little to halt NATO's inevitable victory.

Worse yet, the defensive lines north of Panagia were being overrun by the Americans. Kyros once again rushed to their aid and fought off many more NATO tanks, even managing to bring down one of their helicopters in the process. But there was no time to "celebrate"; more Americans were spotted inbound and Kyros' tank was out of shells.

Pantheon relayed back to the Captain that Akhanteros had formally issued the AAF's surrender to the Americans. With their fight now officially over (not that Kyros could continue to fight in any case), Pantheon issued one last order for Kyros to stand down and if possible, to destroy his tank before surrendering his crew.

« Pantheon: You did everything you could, close down your station.
Kyros: Acknowledged. Closing down. See you at the roundup - Ares, out.
Kyros' last exchange with his commander

Kyros complied, and began planting charges onto the tank's engine. Once the vehicle was in flames, Kyros and his crew lay down their weapons and placed their hands on their head - just as the Americans surrounded his position.


Kyros is imprisoned by joint NATO-FIA forces following the AAF's surrender.

« Somehow, I survived that final battle... Now - as a prisoner - I await my fate.

The battle had ended in a stalemate but the war was lost. Having accepted the AAF's unconditional surrender, Kyros was among the remaining survivors who were rounded up into post-war internment camps.

All around him, members of the AAF who had committed war crimes were quickly identified by FIA guerillas, and subsequently faced execution by firing squad. As for Kyros, all he could do was wait for the guerillas to deliver their final verdict...

Kyros returns home.

No matter how stacked the odds were against him, Kyros refrained from resorting to wanton violence in order to carry out his tasks.

« They had no interest in me, a simple tank commander. I quit the army and came home, leaving all I could of the war behind me.
Despite the difficulties and struggles of war, Kyros' hands were never once stained by innocent blood. As such, the FIA's leaders left him alone and after two months passed without incident, he was released alongside those who hadn't committed any war crimes throughout the invasion.

He was discharged from the military and returned to his hometown. At long last, Kyros would be free to live out the rest of his days in peace.

Survivors recognise Kyros' face, exposing his record to the FIA.

Kyros was identified by multiple civilians who were caught in the crossfire of his previous operations.

His most heinous of crimes, as testified by the survivors, was the deliberate slaughter of unarmed villagers at Ifestiona and the decision to call in artillery strikes at Dorida - the latter leaving the town uninhabitable and most of its residents dead.

Kyros is "rewarded" for his actions.

Kyros rejected the accusations but the damning nature of the evidence was simply irrefutable. The outcome of his verdict was plainly clear: the FIA sentenced him to execution by firing squad, alongside several other troopers and military officers who had committed the same crimes as he did.
« They singled me out, claiming I had murdered civilians... Summoning all my courage before the rattle of keys, the blindfold, a last command.
Kyros' final soliloquy
Even as he faced towards the wall and his executioners readied their weapons, Kyros would stubbornly maintain that he was "innocent" to the bitter end.

But in reality, he was simply in denial and wanted to justify his bloodlust. Just as Kyros lived as a coward who gleefully slaughtered civilians, he would now die a coward's death...a fitting end to his life's tale.

Personality and Appearance

Kyros appears as a thirty year-old Altian male with a medium stubble beard and untrimmed dark hair. As one of the AAF's few elite tankers, Kyros was issued a pair of dedicated coveralls for comfort on extended missions. For head protection however, he was almost always seen wearing the standard crew helmet instead.

As the commander of his armoured platoon, Kyros is a loyal officer who remained committed to his responsibilities - both as a leader and as a soldier even after Akhanteros' illegal coup.

However unlike most of his compatriots, Kyros is not blindly devout and even displays a certain amount of cynicism towards higher command. Nonetheless, he remains dedicated and will do whatever it takes to win a battle; even when he knows that the odds are stacked against him.

Kyros is quite sharp, and is quick to notice small details that would otherwise go ignored or be disregarded by others. One such example is when he assumed (correctly) that the troopers at an AAF outpost had not been captured by the FIA, but had instead mutinied against their officer and defected to the guerillas.


  • Kyros' fate will vary depending on the player's actions in Altis Requiem.
    • Should the player avoid civilian casualties in both Lost Horizons and Salient Force, focusing exclusively on military targets, then he will be processed by NATO/FIA personnel running the AAF internment camps after the war and be released two months later to return safely to his home.
      • However if the player chose to use indiscriminate methods in wiping out enemies for both missions (which results in large numbers of civilian deaths), then Kyros will be identified as a war criminal by the FIA and will be executed by firing squad in the epilogue.
    • While unconfirmed, it can be assumed that Kyros remains canonically alive after the war.
  • Similar to Matthew Cooper from ArmA 2's Operation Harvest Red campaign, Kyros can be depicted with a different personality depending on the player's decisions throughout the story. He will become arrogant and refuses to accept his wrongdoings - even when they are directly a result of his poor decision making.
    • This is exemplified in the alternate ending where Kyros is executed. His monologue shows he is completely unrepentant of his crimes, and outright refuses to accept the FIA's sentencing. Despite hard evidence of his direct contributions to ordering the massacre of civilians, he delusionally believes that he was truly "innocent" up until the moment he is shot in the back.
  • Kyros is the first protagonist in ArmA 3 who isn't a BLUFOR or civilian character with an entire campaign dedicated exclusively to being controlled by the player.


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