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Faction Icon-side-blufor.png ACR
Type Light Attack Jet
Seats 1 seat:
  • 1× Pilot
Item capacity Max:
  • 3× Weapons
  • 20× Magazines
Top speed ~ 889 km/h
Service ceiling ~ 10,000 m
Fuel capacity 1000 fuel units
Primary armament Main:
  • 1× ZPL-20 20 mm
  • 4× AGM-65 Maverick AGM
  • 2× AIM-9L Sidewinder AA
Secondary armament Defensive:
  • 120× Countermeasures (Chaff/Flare)
Variants None
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The L-159 ALCA (full name: Advanced Light Combat Aircraft) is a light attack jet used exclusively by Czech military forces in ArmA 2. It was added with the release of the Army of the Czech Republic DLC.


  • Roles:
    • Combat air patrol
    • Air-to-ground fire support
« Aero L 159 ALCA (Advanced Light Combat Aircraft) is a Czech-built single-seat light multi-role combat aircraft designed for a variety of air-to-air, air-to-ground and reconnaissance missions. The aircraft is equipped with a radar for all-weather, day and night operations.
This version is armed with a 20mm gun pod, 4 air-to-surface and 2 air-to-air guided missiles.
Armoury Description


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This is a premium asset that requires ownership of the Army of the Czech Republic DLC.

The ALCA is a single-engined, light multi-role combat aircraft that uses a low-wing, double-taper planform.

Its design essentially combines the aerodynamic configuration of the L-39 Albatross with that of the L-59 family of basic and advanced jet trainers, while incorporating a newer high-performance turbofan engine as well as advanced avionics and sensors.

By default, the ALCA is armed with a 20 mm cannon that is loaded with 210 rounds of high-explosive (HE) ammunition, and is fixed to an external gunpod located just beneath the fuselage.

It also has six wing-mounted pylons that are mounted with four air-to-ground anti-tank missiles and two short-range, infrared-guided air-to-air missiles.

Based on the proven design and aerodynamic performance of the L-39, the ALCA retains the agility of its older predecessor with the addition of better armament, as well as the inclusion of a defensive avionics suite.

Performing a flyby over the skies of Bystrica.

Like the Takistani L-39ZA or the Czech Air Force's own L-39C, the ALCA can comfortably reach airspeeds beyond 712 km/h with relative ease. And though it cannot retain its energy like the L-39ZA/L-39C is able to while making hard turns, it compensates for this by having a much higher top speed (889 versus 749) and overall better, stable handling during high speed flight.

Notable Traits
Performance aside, what makes the ALCA stand out is its versatility. Unlike the L-39 or the American AV-8B/F-35, the ALCA's combination of anti-tank AGMs and short-range AAMs makes it highly versatile against both armoured vehicles and helicopters.

While the ALCA is by no means a replacement for dedicated CAS aircraft like the A-10 (since it cannot drop guided bombs), its versatility makes it one of the better fixed-wing jets available on BLUFOR.

It should also be noted that the ALCA is just as lightly armoured as the L-39ZA. But unlike its Takistani counterpart, its survivability is much better since it can launch countermeasures and has defensive avionics to alert the pilot of being locked onto by AA systems (though the systems do not actually warn the pilot of an incoming missile).

The ALCA also does not have to perform low-altitude strafing runs either, and can engage ground targets at standoff ranges instead.

Crew Capacity
The ALCA has a maximum seating capacity of just one. It is unable to transport any passengers or additional crew.


The ALCA has a base armour value of 60.


The ALCA's hull can only withstand 60 points of damage. Depletion of the hull's integrity will instantly result in a total loss.


The pilot controls all weapon systems on the ALCA:


Base damage value Aerodynamic friction Initial velocity (m/s)
40 -0.00077 1,020

Twin 20 mm autocannons. Fires HE/AP-type shells useful for direct air-to-ground fire support or Within Visual Range (WVR) dogfights.

It can toggle between two rates of fire:

  • LOW: 1,008 rounds per minute
  • HIGH: 11,066 rounds per minute

The ZPL-20 has a muzzle velocity of 1,020 m/s. It has an effective firing range of approximately 1,250 metres and accuracy-wise, has a dispersion of 0.0005 rad. The shells have a blast radius of 2 metres.

AGM-65 Maverick

Damage type Base damage value Maximum speed (m/s)
High-Explosive Anti-Tank 850 300

Air-to-ground infrared-guided anti-tank missile. Has a maximum lock-on range of 18,000 metres.

There is a forced delay of 1 second in-between launches. The missile is soft launched and requires 2 seconds for its motor to attain a top speed of 300 m/s. The warhead itself has a blast radius of 2 metres.

AIM-9L Sidewinder

Damage type Base damage value Maximum speed (m/s)
High-Explosive 200 828

Infrared-guided air-to-air missile. Has a maximum lock-on range of 9,000 metres.

There is a delay of 0.1 seconds in-between missile launches. 30 seconds will be required to reload a fresh batch of missiles at a logistical vehicle (assuming the ALCA has run out). It takes a total of 5 seconds for the missile's motor to reach a top speed of 828 m/s in mid-flight.

The seeker has a 20% chance to lose lock against flare countermeasures. Its warhead has a blast radius of 10 metres.



The ALCA does not have a Missile Approach Warning System and will not warn the pilot of incoming missiles already in mid-flight.


The ALCA has a Radar Warning Receiver, and will alert the pilot of being locked-onto by radar-based targeting systems.


The ALCA lacks an Infrared Warning Receiver, and will not warn the pilot of being targeted by infrared-based weapon systems.


  • The ALCA was originally referred to by its original name as the L-159 in ArmA 3 during its pre-Alpha phase of development. It was later renamed to the "A-143 Buzzard" following the Beta's release and in the final version of the game.


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