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Faction Icon-side-redfor.png Takistani Army
Type Light Attack Jet
Seats 1 seat:
  • 1× Pilot
Item capacity Max:
  • 3× Weapons
  • 20× Magazines
Top speed ~ 749 km/h
Service ceiling ~ 9,756 m
Fuel capacity 1000 fuel units
Primary armament Main:
  • 1× GSh-23L 23 mm
  • 2× S-5 Rocket Pods
Secondary armament None
Variants L-39C

The L-39ZA is a light attack jet exclusively used by the Takistani Army in ArmA 2. It was added with the release of the Operation Arrowhead expansion pack.


  • Role:
    • Close air support
« The Aero L-39 Albatros is a high-performance jet trainer aircraft. It was developed in Czechoslovakia and was widely used for pilot training all over the world.
This L-39ZA version is armed with a GS-23L 23mm twin barrel automated cannon and S-5 unguided missiles.
Armoury Description


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This is a premium asset that requires ownership of the Operation Arrowhead expansion pack.

The L-39ZA is a single engine, low-wing jet-powered light attack aircraft with trapezoidal wings. It is mainly designed for training purposes, but is capable of ground attack duties as well.

By default, the L-39ZA is armed with a 23 mm cannon that is loaded with 150 rounds of high-explosive (HE) ammunition. It is also fitted with a 57 mm rocket pod under each wing which have 64 rockets loaded in total (32 per pod).

Intended for use as a jet trainer, the L-39ZA was adopted by the Takistani Army for use as a light attack jet instead, complementing the heavier but slower Su-25 in the close air support role. It is designed with simplicity in mind and lacks the need for extended maintenance like other advanced aircraft.

Aerodynamically, the L-39ZA is quite agile and is able to perform sharp mid-air turns without much loss in power. While accelerating at full speed, it can attain its upper airspeed limit of 750 km/h (under ideal circumstances) in roughly twenty seconds, and does not need to be flying in a straight line to maintain this speed like the more cumbersome Su-25.

This performance does come at a cost however, as the L-39ZA has very low armour compared to the Su-25. It also cannot carry any air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles or iron bombs, which restricts it to performing strafing runs with its cannon and rockets only.

With no defensive avionics whatsoever, the L-39ZA is also completely vulnerable to anti-air missiles. Needless to say, the L-39ZA works best alongside the Su-25; with the latter taking out heavier ground threats with its ATGMs while the former cleans up any remaining threats with rocket fire.

Crew Capacity
The L-39ZA has a maximum seating capacity of one. It cannot transport any passengers or additional crew.



Main article: L-39C


The L-39ZA has a base armour value of 60.


The L-39ZA's hull can only withstand 60 points of damage. Depletion of the hull's integrity will instantly result in a total loss.


The pilot solely controls all weapon systems on the jet:


Base damage value Aerodynamic friction Initial velocity (m/s)
45 -0.000824 830

23 mm autocannon. Fires hybrid HE/AP-type shells that are useful for unarmoured/lightly-armoured ground vehicles and low-flying helicopters.

Shells are always fired in bursts of 2. It can attain a fire rate of up to ~ 1,500 rounds per minute and has a muzzle velocity of 830 m/s. At distances of approximately 1,250 metres, the GSh-23L has a dispersion spread of 0.0006 rad.


Damage type Base damage value Maximum speed (m/s)
High-Explosive 150 580

Unguided air-to-ground rockets. Strong against groups of infantry and unarmoured ground vehicles.

Rockets are always fired in pairs. The pods have a firing delay of 0.08 seconds in-between volleys (750 RPM) and are launched with an initial velocity of 44 m/s. They take a further 1.1 seconds to reach a top speed of 580 m/s in mid-flight.

The warheads are high-explosive (HE) based and have a blast radius of 12 metres.



The L-39ZA does not have a Missile Approach Warning System and will not warn the pilot of incoming missiles already in mid-flight.


The L-39ZA does not possess a Radar Warning Receiver and cannot alert the pilot of being locked-onto by radar-based targeting systems.


The L-39ZA lacks an Infrared Warning Receiver, and will not warn the pilot of being targeted by infrared-based weapon systems.


  • Oddly enough, the L-39ZA's cockpit uses a tandem seating arrangement like its real-world counterpart but cannot actually carry a co-pilot in-game.
    • Given that the canopy for both positions will open and close whenever the aircraft is entered/exited, it's not known whether this was intended by design or is simply an oversight.


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