« The light infantry machine gun 85 is an iteration of a special purpose weapon. Combining a high fire-rate and relatively easy maintenance, it was adopted by several armies around the world. It features standard accessory rails and 200-round box 5.56x45 mm magazines. It weighs 7.1 kilograms, which is less than its predecessors.
Field Manual

LIM-85 5.56 mm
Faction - Syndikat
- Loyalists
Type Light Machine Gun / SAW
Caliber 5.56×45 mm NATO
Variants None

The LIM-85 is a 5.56 mm light machine gun used by both Syndikat rebels and Altian government loyalists in ArmA 3. It was added with the release of the Apex DLC.


The LIM-85 is a belt fed, gas operated, selective-fire light machine gun that is chambered to fire the 5.56×45 mm NATO round.

It feeds from 200-round linked belts stored in plastic boxes, and has a variable rate of fire that ranges from 400 up to 800 rounds per minute (depending on fire mode) with a muzzle velocity of 915 m/s. The LIM-85 is capable of having accessories fitted to its top and side rails, and can also mount attachments onto its muzzle. It does not accept underbarrel accessories due to using an integrated grip pod.

Compared to the AAF's Mk200, the LIM-85's recoil is slightly more difficult to manage but retains higher accuracy that is on par with modern assault rifles such as the MX.


Firing the LIM-85. Note the attached laser pointer and ARCO riflescope.

In addition, despite not being chambered to fire caseless ammunition like the Mk200, the LIM-85's 200-round boxes are surprisingly much lighter to carry in comparison. This makes the LIM-85 a viable alternative for users who require the firepower of an LMG but don't want the stamina burden of the AAF's Mk200 or CSAT's Zafir.

Consequently, this does mean that the LIM-85's effective range to limited to under roughly ~ 580 metres and less. Beyond that distance, the 5.56 mm ammunition that it fires loses energy rapidly and suffers greatly from damage drop-off.

Needless to say, this drawback also extends to penetration as well. Against heavier NATO plate carriers or the armoured fatigues donned by CSAT soldiers, the LIM-85's penetration is subpar, and will require many more rounds to put down a single armoured target.


  • The LIM-85 appears to be based on the "Mk 46 Mod 1", a variant of the "M249 SAW" that was previously the standard-issue LMG of the U.S. military (the latter is currently in the process of being phased out from service).
  • It is the only SAW in ArmA 3 that grants the operator the ability to adjust its fire rate of while remaining fully automatic. Other machine guns either do not have the ability to toggle fire modes, or can only switch between semi-auto/burst fire instead.
  • Prior to the release of the Tac-Ops DLC, the LIM-85 was exclusively a Syndikat-only weapon. It was later changed with the release of the DLC's first scenario, Beyond Hope, which showed the weapon in use by government loyalists as well (the predecessors of the modern-day FIA).
  • One of the two armed variants of the MB 4WD are fitted with a pintle-mounted LIM-85, though the fire rate on these LIM-85s is slightly slower compared to their man-portable counterpart despite being the same weapon.


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