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NOTE: This article is about the British Army's LRR sniper rifle in ArmA 2: BAF. For the ArmA 3 M320 LRR sniper rifle, see M320 LRR.

« Long Range Rifle (LRR) is a British designation for a AWSM (Arctic Warfare Super Magnum) sniper rifle. It is highly prized as a dedicated long range sniper rifle that combines the easy handling with the great power and range.
Armoury Description

LRR .338
Faction Icon-side-blufor.png British Army
Type Sniper Rifle / DMR
Calibre .338 Lapua Magnum
Dispersion 0.00018 rad
Variants None
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The LRR .338 sniper rifle.

The LRR (full name: Long Range Rifle) is a .338 sniper rifle used exclusively by the British Army in ArmA 2. It was added with the release of the British Armed Forces DLC.


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This is a premium asset that requires ownership of the British Armed Forces DLC.

The LRR is a bolt-action sniper rifle that is chambered to fire the .338 Lapua Magnum round.

It loads from 5-round box magazines, and is limited to a maximum fire rate of up to 30 rounds per minute only with a muzzle velocity of 936 m/s. The LRR is always fitted with a magnified riflescope that has a magnification strength range of 3x-12x. It can be zeroed up to a maximum distance of 1,400 metres.

The LRR is essentially the British counterpart to the U.S. military's M24. Both have the same magazine capacity, range, and stopping power (though the .338 round is slightly better at longer distances).

A two-man sniper/spotter team takes aim with the LRR.

Accurate and powerful, it is arguably one of the best infantry weapons in ArmA 2 after heavier 12.7 mm sniper rifles like the AS50. Its scope has two zoom settings, making the weapon ideal for marksman and sniper roles alike.

The main drawbacks of the LRR stem from its meagre 5-round magazine capacity, which is quite small compared to the 20-round 7.62 mm magazines of the (albeit less powerful) DMR or M110 rifles.

Consequently, this makes it somewhat difficult to use as a marksman rifle due to the constant need to reload - a significant issue at medium/close ranges. Unlike the M110, it also lacks any sub-variants fitted with night-fighting optics. Lastly as a bolt-action weapon, it suffers from a mandatory two second delay between every shot.

Combined with its meagre ammunition capacity, every shot fired needs to hit its target. Fortunately, since the LRR's .338 round has such high stopping power, every round is almost always guaranteed to kill its target on the first hit, making follow-up shots generally unnecessary (except in very specific cases).


  • Tan: Standard flat desert tan paint finish. Used by the British contingent operating in Takistan.
  • Green: Woodland green painted furniture with a matte black barrel and scope.


Base damage value Aerodynamic velocity Initial velocity (m/s)
17 -0.0005 936

The LRR is limited to loading one magazine type. It only requires one inventory slot to carry:


Standard 5-round box magazine. Does not contain any visible tracers.


  • Although designated as the L115A3, there are no functional or performance differences between the regular in-game L115A2 (that uses a tan paint finish) and the woodland-painted L115A3.
  • Following the release of the latest Steam version patches (Community Configuration Project), the LRR's base damage value for its .338 LM round was significantly decreased; down from 26 to just 17.


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