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« As NATO's invasion of Altis falters, a high-risk plan is put into action.
Mission Description

LZ Nowhere is the first mission of ArmA 3's Steel Pegasus mini-campaign.


The player controls U.S. Army combat vehicle crewman Corporal Louis Barklem. The invasion of Altis has begun and NATO forces are advancing east through the Altian mainland but have been forced to a grinding halt at the main airport.

As part of Operation Steel Pegasus, a second front will be opened on the south-eastern coast near the city of Chalkeia, in the hopes of luring CSAT/AAF defenders away from the airport.

Barklem's role/class:

  • Armour / Crewman

Default loadout:

  • Primary weapon: None
  • Secondary weapon: P07 (3× magazines)
    • No attachments fitted
  • Equipment: None
  • Backpack: None

There are no alternate pieces of equipment to choose from.



  • (1) Regroup
  • (2) Defend Regroup Point


  • (3) Retrieve Mortar
  • (4) Return Mortar
  • (5) Help Pilot
  • (6) Help Medic
  • (7) Help Recon Group


  • Barklem must survive
  • Avoid collateral damage/friendly fire
  • The ERV must not be overrun


Primary 1: Regroup

Quickly sprint east towards the beach at grid coordinates 215-094. Don't waste time searching your crew's corpses; they don't have anything useful on them and an AAF truck with a squad of hunters aboard will be arriving shortly to scour the VTOL's crash site.

The washed up supply crate on the beach.

Avoid the temptation to sprint for the ruined house or the hills to your west. There's nothing helpful at either location aside from the corpse of a paratrooper at the base of the wind turbine. Instead, look for a weapons crate washed up onto the shore at the grid coordinates. It contains a sniper rifle and 7.62 mm battle rifle which are far more useful.

The sniper rifle is the better choice but you can stick to the battle rifle if you prefer using that instead. Don't forget to pick up a backup optical sight before leaving (there's an RCO, ERCO and a bipod). Either way, ditch your starting peashooter (it's a waste of stamina) and move north along the beach after you're finished with your loadout.

From this point on, you have eighteen minutes to decide whether or not to complete some or all of the optional objectives as they appear (see below). You can also choose to save scattered NATO survivors but they are not a part of any primary or optional objective. In general however, watch out for AAF patrols along the way and try to avoid combat wherever possible:

Red: AAF patrols/sentries
Pink: Enemy patrol routes
Green: NATO survivors (optional)
Blue: Initial starting location (you)
Teal: ERV (goal)

Be aware that there is a two-man team of AAF snipers hiding inside the fourth windmill on the right at grid coordinates 206-094. The sniper is on the ground floor and his spotter on the first; the former can instantly kill you if he sees you, so be careful before engaging. If you chose not to grab the sniper rifle at the beach, then this is your opportunity to grab his 12.7 mm rifle instead.

The second call to rally at the Emergency Rendezvous Point (ERV) will be made by Third Lieutenant Jeremy Collins (callsign November) at the fifteen minute mark. This is your last warning to wrap up any optional objectives before they are cancelled. If you do not finish them in time, the attack upon the ERV will automatically begin regardless (also see below), so plan your route accordingly before the timer expires.

Regardless of whether you attempt any of the optional objectives, this objective will be marked complete once you are within 200 metres or less to the ERV.

Primary 2: Defend Regroup Point


  • If you did not support Pariah or failed to defend Point Erie properly (see Optional objective below), you will be facing an additional AAF squad that will attack the ERV from the west.
  • These extra enemies comprise of either a full squad or will be the remnants of whatever units that Pariah failed to kill.

The ERV will come under attack by the AAF soon after you arrive and/or you chose to assist callsign Pariah (see Optional objectives below). You will be reassigned to Bravo squad for the duration of the defence sequence. If Simpson, Grant and his teammate were rescued (also see optional objectives below), you will lose command over them as they are transferred to a different squad leader.

Red: Enemy spawn points
Violet: Potential attack routes (variable)
Green: The ERV's defensive perimeter

Two squads with fourteen men in total will assault you from the north, one approaching from the ancient ruins at Aktinarki and another from the village at Point Superior. Set up a position at the defensive line on top of the hill where the chapel is and get set to engage; you don't have much time before the enemy squads start opening fire.

If you need supplies, there are four crates behind the chapel containing magazines for both AAF and NATO weapons. The weapons crate also has an MX SW with a bipod fitted which is a decent choice if you lack a better weapon.

Once all of the attackers are dead, the defence will be declared a success and the mission over shortly.

To prevent the ERV from being overrun (and therefore failing the mission), at least three of the defending soldiers must survive the battle. It does not matter if over half of them are killed - you only need to keep three alive. Should this drop down to two or less you will be forced to surrender and the mission will fail.

Optional 3: Retrieve Mortar


A portable mortar has been left behind at grid coordinates 213-102. As Lt. Collins suggests, it'll be invaluable for the upcoming assault so it's highly advisable that you bring it along with you. The only threat you face are three AAF troopers who patrol in a line to its south.

Note that a supply crate with marksman rifles and several .408/7.62 mm magazines are located right next to the mortar. Take this opportunity to rearm yourself (and your fellow survivors if they were rescued) as needed.

Don't bother grabbing the backpack or the explosives from the smaller crate though - you have no uses for either of them.

Optional 4: Return Mortar

Activates automatically once you complete the (above) Retrieve Mortar objective. You will fail this objective if the mortar's backpack is destroyed for whatever reason.

Although the description states that you only have to bring it to the ERV, you actually have to keep the mortar's backpack on Barklem until the mission ends. So bear this in mind if you were holding onto a different backpack prior to retrieving it as you won't be able to carry any rucks until the next mission.

Optional 5: Help Pilot

NOTE: If you have not rescued the medic (see Optional objective below), you can grab the Medikit inside the crate next to the rock just west of the wreckage.

The pilot of one of the crashed gunships, callsign Firebrand, has requested for immediate assistance at his location. His last known position is at grid coordinates 209-098.

Once you're close to the crash site the pilot, Terry Simpson, will ask if you can stabilise his co-pilot. Before doing that however, be on alert for a two-man sentry team of AAF troopers; they will be arriving shortly from the hills to the north-west. Unfortunately, you're fighting from a downhill position so you're at a significant disadvantage. Fortunately, you can take cover behind the helicopter's wreckage.

The troopers don't wear any body armour or helmets so a quick burst of rounds from any weapon will suffice. As soon as both bite the dust, return to stabilising the co-pilot. After a brief conversation between the two, Simpson will join you as a subordinate.

If Simpson is killed during the firefight or you were too late in getting to the crash site which forces him to fight the two troopers alone (and dies in the process), you will fail this objective.

Beware of the large patrol that might approach from the east. It may be easier for you to get to the medic first as the pilot is not going to be of much help in combat and you are less likely to meet with this patrol head on.

Optional 6: Help Medic

NOTE: If you have not rescued the pilot (see Optional objective above), you can bring him to the pilot's crash site for some extra dialogue.

Due north of your initial crash site at grid coordinates 212-099, a medic (Adam Grant) is fruitlessly attempting to revive his fellow teammate. A squad of AAF troopers are also nearby and are prepared to execute him if anyone tries to rescue both.

Fortunately, you don't have to worry about this happening unless you're actually standing right next to the medic. If you have a sniper rifle, the troopers can be easily sniped one by one from the beach. Three of them are next to the medic while two are standing near the truck to their west.

Once you've eliminated his would-be executioners, approach the medic and he'll ask if you have a medical kit on you. You can grab one from the corpse of an AAF combat life saver (inside his backpack) next to the truck or from the supply crate just below the hill to the north. There are also some bodies here you can scavenge for a better vest and weapons. Bring it back and the medic will successfully revive his teammate. After some dialogue, both of them will proceed to join you as a subordinate.

Optional 7: Help Recon Group


  • This objective will be skipped entirely if you arrive early at the ERV before Pariah sends his support request to November. Be sure to avoid getting within 100 metres of the ERV and head towards Point Erie instead if you want this objective to trigger.
  • Failing to support Pariah will result in the attack wave being sent towards the ERV instead. This will make holding the ERV's defensive line significantly more difficult and raise the likelihood of failing the defence sequence.

When you are a short distance away from the ERV or have arrived at the ERV and are waiting for further instructions, a recon unit led by Sergeant John Sturrock will request for reinforcements at Point Erie. Since Lt. Collins can't spare any help, you can volunteer to assist Sturrock instead.

Simply head straight for Point Erie and support him against the impending attack wave. Your opposition will comprise of two squads worth of AAF troopers (fifteen in total). They will attack from the north but rest assured you don't actually have to fight that many, as Sturrock's squad will have killed off several of them before you get within proximity.

Take cover behind the hut and peek around the corner to shoot. Don't leave yourself exposed out in the open and aim carefully (don't worry about Sturrock's men). Once all the troopers are mopped up, this objective will be completed and you can rush back to the ERV as Lt. Collins calls you to fall back.

You may wish to leave the pilot and medic back at the ERV (assuming you rescued them) as they'll be a hindrance rather than help for this sequence.

Supply crates

Crate locations (marked according to numbers)

There are numerous supply crates scattered throughout the AO. Excluding those at the ERV and those next to the sites of optional objectives, these crates contain a mixture of weapons, ammunition, backpacks and equipment. Since they're relatively inconspicuous, they can be difficult to spot unless you happen to be walking along the way:

Grid coordinates:

Located just east of your initial crash site, this crate is easy to reach since it's not that far away. It has an M320 LRR sniper rifle and a Mk14 battle rifle stashed inside alongside some optical scopes (RCO/ERCO).

Grid coordinates:

Located north of the crash site, this crate is also quick to reach as it's not that far away from where you start the mission. However, all it contains are a bunch of explosives, a GPS, some Mine Detectors and backpacks - none of which will help you for the rest of the mission. Disregard this unless you have an unhealthy obsession with blowing things up.

Grid coordinates:

South-west of the gunship's crash site. It doesn't have any weapons stocked inside but has magazines for NATO firearms and launchers, including an elusive 3-round high-explosive (HE) grenade magazine for the MX 3GL. Not really needed but useful if you already carry any of those weapons.

Grid coordinates:

Far north of your VTOL's crash site. Contains a unique Mk200 LMG fitted with a laser pointer and bipod but no optics. Six belt pouches worth of ammunition are stocked inside. Useful if you prefer using machine guns over sniper rifles.

Grid coordinates:

South-east of where the medic is and washed up on the beach. It also contains a Mk200 LMG fitted with accessories and six belt pouches but has nothing else stored. Once again, it's a decent cache if you prefer LMGs over other weapons on hand.

Grid coordinates:

South-west of the ERV/mortar crate. It has an M320 LRR fitted with an LRPS and a Mk14 battle rifle. It also contains an RCO but the most useful scope would be the Nightstalker. You have to go slightly out of your way towards the ERV to retrieve it but the Nightstalker alone makes it well worth the extra effort (particularly for use in the upcoming defence sequence).

Grid coordinates:

North of the medic's location. It has no weapons or ammunition, only First Aid Kits and Medikits. Don't even bother going after this one (especially since the crate to its west has useful things to salvage).

Grid coordinates:

Due east of Point Erie. This Cargo Net crate is easy to miss but it has a massive stockpile of weapons and ammunition. There's a stack of explosives, landmines and optics (most notably an MOS/DMS riflescope and NVS) along with sniper rifles, Mk18 battle rifles, PCML launchers, Vermin SMGs and 4-five pistols. Immensely useful to go for if you're attempting to support Pariah, and a good place to stock up on resources before heading off for the defence sequence back at the ERV.

In addition to the above smaller crates, two additional Cargo Net caches can be found at grid coordinates 213-097 and 209-100. The former contains SPAR-16 assault rifles and SPAR-17 battle rifles along with some grenades and 5.56 mm/7.62 mm magazines. The latter has a large cache of Titan anti-tank/anti-air missiles along with PCML launchers and four Bergens.


  • The corpse of a Heavy Gunner lies beneath the bridge in the far west of your initial crash site (at grid coordinates 202-096). He has an SPMG medium machine gun on his body which is immensely helpful for defending the ERV with, though keep an eye on your stamina since it's an extremely heavy weapon with limited ammunition.
    • Watch out for the motorised rifle squad that might still be around though. They patrol through the sector before stopping at the medic's position but depending on AI movement, they could still be hanging around at the time of your arrival.
  • Grabbing the mortar is highly recommended as even though it has no use for this or the following mission, it will help significantly in the final mission by softening targets at two of the primary objectives.
    • You will pass by the supply crate heading to the ERV anyway so you're not forced to go out of your way to collect it.


  • Arma3-achievement-savior.png
    • You need to rescue both Simpson and Grant simultanously in the same playthrough. The achievement will be unlocked once Barklem rescues both of them (their optional objectives have to be marked as complete).


  • If you manage to get close enough to the snipers at the destroyed windmill, you can hear their chatter as they call out the locations of their targets before proceeding to hunt them down (two NATO pilots). You can save their victims if you manage to quickly eliminate the sniper before he starts engaging.
  • For unexplained reasons, Simpson strangely uses a British English radio protocol even though he is American and his dialogue is spoken in American English.
  • The body count for the number of NATO and AAF casualties shown in the epilogue of Steel Pegasus begins counting the moment the mission begins. This counter begins at thirty NATO deaths and twenty AAF deaths, increasing based on the number of kills scored by both sides.
    • The counter increases even if the deaths occurred in battles well outside the player's proximity.
  • The intro music on Barklem's music player is a brief excerpt of "Insertion", a theme used for the opening sequence of the second mission of ArmA 2's Operation Harvest Red campaign. Appropriately, it also plays when the player's fireteam is inserted into their AO via helicopter.

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