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« Yeah? Well they can respectfully go fuck themselves, sir. We didn't butcher half our own population and I sure as hell didn't ask to be on their pissant island.

Lacey was a supporting character in ArmA 3's The East Wind campaign.


An infantryman from the U.S. Army's 7th Infantry Division, Lacey was one of the many soldiers attached to the multi-national Task Force Aegis peacekeeping force deployed to the Republic of Altis and Stratis.

The East Wind (2035)

Lacey was amongst the small group of non-combat personnel who remained behind in the country to decommission the NATO facilities left on the island of Stratis.

After linking up with Staff Sergeant Thomas Adams and Corporal Ben Kerry, the trio continue on their flight towards Camp Rogain whereupon arrival, are ordered to assist with scrap duty at the Kamino Firing Range.

Driving a set of trucks to the range, the trio split up with Adams and Kerry taking the main route while Lacey took another. Moments later, Lacey comes under fire from the AAF and is forced to abandon the truck, barely escaping and taking refuge in the forests south of Air Station Mike-26.

Along the way, he runs into a few other ragtag survivors at Point Zulu. They set up a temporary hideout just south of Mike-26, and manage to contact Adams and Kerry over the radio who had also survived the initial attack. They agree to link up at the hideout, but Adams is inexplicably killed by a landmine seconds later.

Having heard the explosion, Lacey immediately tries to raise Adams but to no avail. A shocked Kerry responds instead, and Lacey tells him to quickly link up with them before the AAF arrive to scour the minefield.

« Miller: This is Captain Scott Miller, Royal Navy. Come in, over.
Lacey: Uh... Receiving you, sir. Sergeant Lacey. Over.
Miller: Next time, avoid broadcasting over the whole net, soldier. We're consolidating the remnants of our forces at Camp Maxwell. You're welcome to join us, if you want.
Lacey is hailed over the radio by Miller

At that same moment, Lacey suddenly receives another response over the radio, this time from a supposed British special forces operative called Captain Scott Miller. Miller advises Lacey to link up with them at the long-since decommissioned Camp Maxwell, and arranges for them to be picked up by his subordinates.

Fighting their way through the forests, Lacey and his disorganised squad manage to reach the agreed rendezvous point intact and meet up with Lieutenant James, who leads them to the rally point at Maxwell.

« Lacey: How many other guys have you helped this way?
James: You're the only ones so far.
Lacey: Damn...
Lacey questions James over how many more soldiers were able to be contacted

Reaching Maxwell, Lacey finds out that Miller intends on waging guerilla-style raids against the AAF in retaliation for the attack. He is assigned as the squad leader of Bravo, and is immediately dispatched to scout the area north-west of the camp.

Unfortunately, Lacey's squad is ambushed and gets pinned down by the AAF near the village of Girna. Thanks to the efforts of Conway's Alpha squad, Bravo are relieved and manage to escape before the AAF can bombard the village.

After regrouping back at Maxwell, Lacey leads the charge against Mike-26 alongside other squads in the hopes of reclaiming control over the bases' communication facilities. Though successful in retaking the base, James claims that the facilities are too badly damaged to be useful, with Miller immediately ordering its destruction to prevent the base from falling into enemy hands.

« Lacey: Wait, what?! You can't just blow it up! What the fuck was all this for then?!
Miller: Stand down, Bravo! That's an order. If we cant hold it, we raze it.
Lacey angrily disputes the destruction of Mike-26

Lacey vehemently protests against the decision but is overruled by Miller. Soon after, Bravo, along with Alpha and Delta squads, pull back to Maxwell.


Though most of their raids were successful thus far, the AAF soon zeroed in onto NATO forces and bombard the camp with artillery. Fortunately for Lacey, he manages to survive the attack uninjured yet again.

In spite of this setback, Miller receives word that NATO forces were preparing a full-scale counterattack against the AAF. Alongside what was left of the task force, Lacey is placed in charge of one of the elements assaulting the town of Agia Marina.

Once Conway's team linked up with his squad, the combined force launched their attack on the town. Their blitz easily overruns the confused and overstretched AAF defenders, and force the enemy into a full retreat. Thinking they were successful, Lacey and the rest of the survivors are shocked to find that instead of NATO forces arriving to help, CSAT helicopters fly in and begin to open fire on them instead.

Running through mortars, paratroopers and heavy gunfire, the survivors manage to link up with Miller north of the town after he notifies them of an escape route via boats. They manage to reach the boats in time before being overrun, but don't get very far when AAF jets suddenly fly past the would-be escapees.

The jets soon open fire on both vessels, capsizing them and blasting Lacey overboard. Knocked out cold by the explosion, the unconscious soldier eventually drowns at sea.

Personality and Appearance

A Caucasian male with a short, black head of hair, Lacey wore a green undershirt with MTP-camouflaged combat pants and a ranger green plate carrier. He always preferred to don a set of square sunglasses, and wore an olive green baseball cap fitted with headphones/headset for hearing protection/communications.

« Adams: Sergeant Lacey, be advised, Greenbacks are really waving their dicks around today. Be on your best behavior at the checkpoint, soldier, you got that?
Lacey: Yes, Staff Sergeant! I'll put on my best smile, sir.
Adams informs Lacey about the AAF troopers at the checkpoint

Ever so the cynical optimist, Lacey was a good-natured individual who befriended many in the task force, ranging from Kerry to even Adams. But just like the rest of the task force, Lacey was similarly critical of the AAF and its leader, disliking their demeanour and viewing them as nothing more than uncivilised savages.


  • Unlike Sgt. Conway, Lacey cannot be killed in any of the missions except in scripted circumstances (Death Valley specifically).
  • Curiously enough, many of the subtitles for the Prologue are suffixed with Lacey's name internally. This would suggest that he was intended to have been the protagonist of the campaign instead of Conway.


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