Little John (real name: Valery Michalkov) is a supporting character in ArmA 2's Operation Harvest Red campaign.


A high-ranking guerilla fighter from the Chernarussian National Party (NAPA), Little John served as one of the organisation's most skilled field commanders.

Operation Harvest Red (2009)

After full-scale civil war finally broke out between government forces and the Chedaki insurgent group, Little John led regular raids against the latter and helped to defend various villages throughout the South Zagoria region of Chernarus.

During this time however, the rebel group itself was facing an internal struggle between the hardline extremists led by the current and shadowy leader, Prizrak, and the moderates who sought an alliance with the government.

Little John remained at the forefront of neither group, but leaned towards to the moderates as he too thought that Prizrak's radical views were becoming more and more unfavourable for the organisation as a whole.

Fortunately for both sides, Prizrak is secretly assassinated at the hands of USMC Force Recon callsign Razor Team not long after. Little John quickly takes charge of the leaderless rebel group and immediately agrees to an official alliance with the CDF.

He was present alongside General Begunov and Major Stavovich as NAPA's representative when allied forces commenced their region-wide offensive to retake South Zagoria from the Chedaki.

Post-Operation Harvest Red

« Little John: I'm going into politics Razor! NAPA are going to challenge for government!
Cooper: Oh my god... Well, hey, you're on your own this time Little John... uh... Say, what's your name?
Little John: Michalkov. Valery Michalkov. The next president of Chernarus!
Little John tells Matthew Cooper of his intention to run for government

Following the end of the civil war and the total collapse of the ChDKZ, Little John disarmed the armed wing of the rebel organisation and transitioned it into a legitimate, non-violent political party, peacefully challenging the existing Chernarussian government for control over the nation.

Personality and Appearance

Little John always donned the attire of a NAPA commander which consisted of Flecktarn-camouflaged hoodie (with a lowered hood), TTsKO field cap, an olive green chest rig, and black pants. Like most of the guerilla fighters in NAPA, he always wore some sort of facial concealment to mask his identity; in Little John's case it was a patterned scarf that hid most of his lower face.

A cheery and upbeat individual, Little John was the exact opposite of Prizrak in every way. He commanded just as effectively and was equally respected by his peers, but didn't resort to brutal methods in the war against the Chedaki. Due to being the most accomplished moderate in the rebel group, Little John was easily nominated to take over the organisation following his predecessor's demise.

« You've proven you're a skilled warrior, Sergeant. Would you like to assume command of my troops?
Little John offers battlefield command over NAPA to Cooper

Like his CDF counterpart, Little John places much faith in Force Recon operative Matthew Cooper and is even willing to hand over control of NAPA's field operations to him.


  • Little John essentially serves as NAPA's counterpart to Begunov if the player chooses to side with NAPA instead of CDF.
    • He will still however, appear alongside the other two CDF commanders regardless of the player's choice provided that an alliance with NAPA is secured in Badlands first.

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