Liz was a minor character in ArmA: Cold War Assault's Resistance campaign.


Liz was the wife of Victor Troska's close (and deceased) friend Adam, who had fought alongside him in the 1974 Nogovan revolution.

His death inflicted much emotional hardship on Liz, who became depressed over the years that followed. During this time, Troska helped to comfort the grieving widow, but was mostly rebuffed in his attempts to get closer to her.

Resistance (1982)

Hours prior to the Soviet invasion of Nogova, Troska passed by Liz's home out in the countryside while making his way towards Petrovice.

The two momentarily spoke before he continued on his way, with Troska himself still feeling regret for having "caused" Adam's untimely death (even though he wasn't responsible for it). Later at the office, Troska called up Liz over the phone and discussed plans to meet up with her the day after tomorrow.

When Soviet troops led by Colonel Aleksei Guba occupied the island and dissolved its government, Troska was separated in the process due to the curfew, and was unable to remain in contact with Liz.


As weeks passed by, Troska would soon become the leader of a partisan group determined to drive out the Soviets. The guerillas were growing in strength and under Troska's expert leadership, were winning.

In a desperate attempt to draw him out, Guba used Liz and several other innocents from Dolina as hostages, knowing full well that the rebel leader had an emotional connection to her.

During the handover, Troska attempts to save Liz but she's inevitably caught up in the crossfire when the partisans conduct their own counterambush against the Soviets. A stray burst of rounds hit her before she can reach for cover, and instantly kills her in the process.

« I said it would end like this. I said innocent people were going to die... This has got to stop!
Troska laments over Liz's death

In the aftermath of the battle, Troska begins to look for Liz but only finds her motionless body lying nearby. Instead of breaking him however as Guba had hoped her death would cause, Troska vowed vengeance and resolved to fight even harder.

Personality and Appearance

Liz was a pale-skinned Nogovan female who had black hair styled in a Cleopatra cut. She always wore a mud brown unbuttoned coat, a grey shirt, and a medium aquamarine-coloured skirt.

Melancholic, Liz had a somewhat glum disposition following the death of her husband. Thanks to Troska, she was able to come to terms over his loss over the years, but was still depressed and indifferent.


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