« Solid copy, sir - gonna get me some payback!
Louis Barklem

Louis Barklem is the main protagonist of the Steel Pegasus mini-campaign in ArmA 3.


Barklem is an AMV-7 Marshall crewman assigned to Sierra, a mechanised unit from the U.S. Army's 21st Brigade Combat Team.

Going by the callsign of Sierra One-Four, his unit was attached to the NATO task force sent to the Republic of Altis and Stratis in response to the AAF attack against the peacekeepers of Task Force Aegis.

Steel Pegasus (2035)

He was a part of the diversionary force that was sent to attack the city of Chalkeia in the east of the island as part of Operation Steel Pegasus.

Due to an unforeseen series of events however, Sierra was one of the many units that were shot down before the offensive could formally commence. The entire force is almost completely wiped out in the process, with Barklem remaining as the sole survivor of Sierra.

Barklem eventually manages to link up and rally the remaining survivors of other units who also crashed landed, and brings the fight back to the AAF after salvaging another Marshall IFV.

He assists in the capture of the city following a fierce battle, and manages to survive the ordeal even against the odds that were thrown at him.

Post-Steel Pegasus

Following the success of Operation Steel Pegasus, Barklem was later transferred to the 1st Mechanized Battalion as part of Charlie Company. He was present during the final push against the AAF, and personally witnessed the surrender of Colonel Akhanteros' remaining forces at Molos.

Personality and Appearance

Barklem is an African-American male in his (presumably) mid-twenties with a bald head and a faintly shaved moustache. His usual attire comprises of standard issue gear worn by NATO crewmen, which consists of MTP-camouflaged fatigues, a ranger green-coloured bandolier and combat belt, and a sage green crewman helmet.

« Sturrock: Corporal Barkley. Congratulations, you just got voluntold, reckon you can do a pass?
Barklem: I gonna get shot at?
Sturrock: Depends. You gonna be a smart ass?
Barklem's dry response to Sgt. Sturrock's "suggestion" to reach the broken down IFV

Barklem possesses a somewhat blunt and sardonic personality, and will not hesitate to voice disapproval about orders from his superiors if he finds them questionable (or alternately, sees them as outright suicidal). Regardless, he will still follow through with his orders in spite of any misgivings he might have about them, and even shows some signs of having leadership skills that would make him a good officer.

He is also shown to enjoy rock/metal music, as he can be seen listening to his personal music player during the flight into Chalkeia, and is reprimanded for doing so by his unit's commander.


  • A running joke throughout the campaign is Barklem's name being continuously mispronounced by multiple characters. Jeremy Collins, John Sturrock, and even Guardian call him either Barker, Barkley or Barlem instead.
    • By the events of Final Strike, Barklem gives up trying to correct anyone altogether, and simply goes along with his surname being called incorrectly every time.
  • Barklem's actions will directly affect the fate of multiple characters and whether they survive the events of Steel Pegasus.


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