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NOTE: This article is about static M252 mortars in ArmA 2. For its U.S. military counterpart in ArmA 3's CSLA Iron Curtain Creator DLC, see M252 Mortar (CSLA).

« The M252 81mm Mortar is a medium-weight smooth-bore high-angle-firing weapon. It is usually operated by a 4-man crew and can be fired at ranges from 80 to 5500m.
The weight of the M252 is 41,3 kg and usually it is used for long-range indirect supporting fire.
Armoury Description

Faction Icon-side-blufor.png USMC
Icon-side-blufor.png U.S. Army
Type Mortar
Calibre 81 mm
Variants None
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The M252 is an 81 mm static mortar used by both the U.S. Marines and U.S. Army forces in ArmA 2.


The M252 is a man-portable 81 mm static mortar.

With no firing solution selected, the M252 can launch one shell every 3 seconds (averaging 20 rounds per minute). Each mortar always contains a stockpile of 8 high-explosive (HE) shells, and only takes 5 seconds to fully rearm once all of its shells are been depleted.

Relatively lightweight to carry, the M252 allows any American fireteam or weapons squad to quickly set up a temporary fire base at any point on the battlefield.

With an effective firing range of between approximately ~ 4,000 to ~ 6,000 metres, the M252 can shell anything ranging from groups of infantry to stationary light/medium-armoured vehicles.

It can be unpacked into a man-portable backpack form for ease of transport. Once broken down, the M252 will be split into two components; the launcher assembly itself and its bipod. Both parts are required to "rebuild" the M252 at another position.


The M252 only supports being loaded with one type of shell:

Damage type Base damage value Launch velocity (m/s)
High-Explosive 160 243

M821A1 HE shells have a blast radius of 20 metres. They are always fired with an initial launch velocity of 243 m/s, and can potentially attain a terminal velocity of up to 800 m/s upon reaching their impact zone.


It has three range modes available for firing:

  • Close range: 76 to 438 metres
  • Medium range: 376 to 2,167 metres
  • Far range: 1,025 to 6,041 metres

If a firing solution is selected, the M252 can fire all eight of its shells in under 32 seconds. Without a firing solution, the M252 is slightly faster and can unload all of its shells in under 24 seconds instead (though the user will not be able to utilise the artillery computer for this "mode" of firing).


  • Like all pre-Operation Arrowhead static turrets, USMC-operated M252s cannot be disassembled into a man-portable backpack form while their Army counterparts are able to do so.
    • This is because static weapon unpacking/assembly was only added to ArmA 2 after the expansion pack was released. Pre-expansion static weapons were not updated with this capability even after the expansion was released, as no vanilla ArmA 2 units are able to carry backpacks in the first place.
  • Alongside its Russian-made counterpart, the M252 is one of first two static mortars in the series.


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