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NOTE: This article is about the M320 LRR sniper rifle used by NATO forces in ArmA 3. For the British Army's LRR sniper rifle in ArmA 2: BAF, see LRR.

« M320 Long Range Rifle is a .408 caliber sniper rifle developed in the United States. The M320 LRR is a bolt-action rifle valued for its accuracy up to 2000 m.
Field Manual
The M320 LRR .408 sniper rifle.

The M320 LRR (full name: Long Range Rifle[1][2]) is a .408 sniper rifle used exclusively by NATO forces in ArmA 3.


The M320 LRR is a bolt-action sniper rifle that is chambered to fire the .408 Cheetah round.

It can only load 7-round box magazines. It can attain a fire rate of up to 50 rounds per minute[CfgWp 6][Formula 1] and has a muzzle velocity of 910 m/s.[CfgWp 7] The M320's top rail allows for a wide variety optical sights to be fitted.[CfgWp 8] It cannot be suppressed, and since it does not possess a side rail, it is unable to mount flashlights/laser pointers. However, it does possess an integrated bipod located just to the front of the barrel where the shroud is located.[CfgWp 9]

In terms of performance, the M320 completely outmatches every other sniper rifle and machine gun when it comes to both range and precision. When paired with long range optics such as the LRPS, it is entirely possible to engage targets at distances of up to 2,000 metres away with pinpoint accuracy; a feat that can be matched by very few vehicle-mounted heavy weapons and even fewer handheld firearms.

Compared to the 12.7 mm round fired by its CSAT counterpart, the M320's .408 Cheetah has better ballistics that can travel faster and further. However, the M320 lacks access to dedicated magazines loaded with armour-piercing ammunition (unlike the GM6), and its .408 Cheetah ammunition has less stopping power/penetration when compared to the GM6's 12.7 mm Russian.[CfgAm 1][CfgAm 2] Additionally, because the M320 uses a bolt-action operation, it is somewhat difficult to re-engage targets quickly and causes it to have a low base rate of fire[CfgWp 6] (unlike the semi-auto GM6).



The M320 LRR's ironsights can be zeroed starting at a minimum of 100 metres up to a maximum of 600 metres (100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600).[CfgWp 10] It uses a default zeroing of 200 metres.[CfgWp 11] Its rear sight is not illuminated, though the front sight post does have an illuminated lime green dot that glows both in daytime and low-light conditions.

If an optical sight with a zeroing limit greater than 600 metres is fitted onto the top rail (e.g. LRPS), the M320 will allow for an absolute maximum zeroing of 2,400 metres.[CfgWp 12]


  • Black: Matte black paint scheme. Used by NATO snipers based in the Eastern European theatre.
  • Camo: Spraypaint scheme designed to mimic NATO's MTP uniform camouflage. Used by Mediterranean NATO snipers.
  • Tropic: Tropical jungle camouflage. Used by Pacific NATO snipers.


Ammo parameter .408 Cheetah (Ball)
Base damage value 24[CfgAm 3]
Aerodynamic friction -0.00048[CfgAm 4]
Muzzle velocity (m/s) 910[CfgMa 2]
Expected velocity (m/s) 910[CfgAm 5][note 1]
Penetration depth (mm) 32.76[CfgAm 6][Formula 2]
Deflection angle (degrees) 15°[CfgAm 7]

The M320 only accepts one type of magazine.[CfgWp 13][CfgWp 14] It has a weight of 14[CfgMa 3] "mass" units:

.408 7Rnd LRR Mag[]

Box magazine loaded with seven .408 Cheetah rounds.[CfgMa 4]

None of the rounds fired will emit visible tracers.


  • The M320 is based on the real-world "Intervention" series of sniper rifles designed by CheyTac LLC, an arms manufacturer based in South Carolina, U.S.A (more specifically, it is based on the "M200" variant[3]).
    • Likewise, the characteristics of the .408 Cheetah's ballistics model is based on the real ".408 CheyTac" round used exclusively by the Intervention series. The real .408 CheyTac is notable for its very high accuracy at extreme ranges.
  • The M320 was not originally available as part of the Alpha's assets at launch and was only added into the game after Game Update 0.60 (alongside the introduction of snipers for both NATO and CSAT).[4]
  • Despite being a bolt-action weapon, there is no animation for cycling the M320's bolt.
    • However, an unused animation (Animation name: GestureFireLRR[5]) complete with an accompanying set of bolt sounds[6][7][8] does exist in the game files. Because there is no native engine-level method for simulating bolt action animations, these cannot be seen in-game without the use of scripts or a custom addon.
  • Initially, the M320 was only available in the default all-black paint finish. The Bootcamp Update would eventually include an alternate variant featuring the MTP camouflage scheme.[9] The Tropic variant would be the last to be added and was only included after the release of the Apex expansion pack.[10]
  • Prior to Game Update 1.38, the M320 had a weight value of only 120 "mass". This was significantly increased to its current 420 "mass" after the patch's release (a 250% increase in "mass").[11]
  • Before Game Update 1.52's release, there was no unique animation for the bolt handle upon firing the last round of the magazine.[12]
The information below details unused, pre-release or removed content.
  • Arma3-m320-07

    Suppressed M320 LRR, using a .338 suppressor as a placeholder.

    Oddly enough, the M320's model has an unused proxy point that would allow the model to mount a muzzle attachment.
    • However, because the M320 isn't configured to accept muzzle attachments, nor are there dedicated .408 suppressor models, the M320 cannot be suppressed without the use of a custom addon.
    • Additionally, the M320 doesn't have a dedicated soundset for firing with a suppressor and will therefore be completely quiet when fired (only the weapon's default sound shader tails will play).



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  1. Damage will be reduced if the projectile's velocity drops below this value.


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