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« The MM-1 revolver grenade launcher is manufactured in USA and is primarily in use by U.S. special forces, as well as with several South American and African countries. The MM-1's design traces its origins back to the Manville machine projector, a revolver-type 20-shot tear gas gun developed in USA for police use before the Second World War.

While relatively heavy and quite bulky, the MM-1 can provide devastating firepower, with a practical rate of fire as much as 30 rounds per minute. It may be very useful in ambushes and other fast-paced close combat scenarios.
Weapon Description

Faction Icon-side-blufor.png United States
Type Grenade Launcher
Calibre 40 mm
Variants None
The MM-1 grenade launcher.

The MM-1 is a 40 mm grenade launcher used exclusively by U.S. military forces in ArmA: Cold War Assault.


The MM-1 is a revolver-type grenade launcher with a double-action operation. It is designed to fire 40 mm grenade rounds.

It loads from 12-round cylinders and is limited to a fire rate of up to 120 rounds per minute only. The MM-1 has an effective firing range of between 150 and up to a maximum of 350 metres.

U.S. heavy grenadier firing the MM-1.

The MM-1 was the primary multiple-shot grenade launcher utilised by U.S. forces during the Cold War.

With good aim, it can be used to suppress and annihilate entire platoons of enemy infantry at distances of up to 350 metres. Even light vehicles are not safe, and can find themselves damaged (if not outright destroyed) from a quick barrage by an MM-1 operator.

Compared to its Soviet counterpart, the MM-1's "magazine" capacity has exactly double the amount of total grenades. This means that the operator doesn't have to reload and can continuously fire without interruption. The only caveat however, is that they cannot "reload" after depleting all twelve grenades due to each cylinder occupying eight inventory slots apiece; preventing the user from being able to carry any spare "magazines".

While it has enormous destructive potential, the MM-1 is also severely hampered by its poor (or rather lack of) aiming sights. Unlike the Soviet 6G30, the MM-1 does not have a flip-up ladder sight and relies solely on the user's ability to estimate the range of their targets and adjust their "aim" accordingly.


Damage type Base damage value
High-Explosive 20

The MM-1 is restricted to loading one type of "magazine" only; a 12-round grenade cylinder. These "magazines" require a total of eight free slots to carry:

MM-1 Mag.

12-round cylinder loaded with twelve high-explosive (HE) grenades.

Grenades are always fired with a muzzle velocity of 60 m/s. They have a blast radius of 7 metres.


  • The MM-1 was not initially available in Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis (the original name for Cold War Assault) and was only added with the release of Patch 1.30.
  • To date, the MM-1 remains as the only standalone (non-static) grenade launcher weapon in the entire series that has an ammunition capacity exceeding six grenades.


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