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The MOS (full name: Marksman Optical Sights) is a medium powered, variable-magnification sniper scope primarily used by both NATO forces and the Livonian Defense Force, as well as in limited numbers with the AAF in ArmA 3.


It has a magnification strength range of 2.5x-5x, and has a minimum zeroing range of 300 m to a maximum of 1,600 m. The MOS also has a backup iron sight that uses a fixed zeroing range of 200 m.

The MOS uses a Y reticle with milliradian markings in all axes. It is largely compatible with most* marksmen and sniper rifles alike, which includes:

  • CMR-76 bullpup marksman rifle (6.5 mm)
  • Cyrus marksman rifle (9.3 mm)
  • GM6 Lynx bullpup sniper rifle (12.7 mm)
  • M320 LRR sniper rifle (.408)
  • MAR-10 marksman rifle (.338)
  • Mk-I EMR marksman rifle (7.62 mm)
  • Mk14 battle rifle (7.62 mm)
  • Mk18 ABR battle rifle (7.62 mm)
  • MXM marksman rifle (6.5 mm)
  • Promet MR bullpup marksman rifle (6.5 mm)
  • Rahim bullpup marksman rifle (7.62 mm)
  • SPAR-17 marksman rifle (7.62 mm)

(*) The MOS is not intended for use on the ASP-1 Kir as the latter is not considered to be a "true" marksman rifle.


  • Black: Standard matte black finish. Used by the LDF, Mediterranean NATO forces, and with the AAF.
  • Khaki: Forest green paint finish. Exclusive to Pacific NATO forces.


  • The MOS does not appear to be directly based on any real-world sniper scope but draws similarities to various designs made by Schmidt & Bender and Leupold Optics.
  • Prior to the release of the Marksman DLC, the MOS was called the SOS (Sniper Optical Sights) and used the same reticle as the LRPS.[1]
  • The MOS is specifically labelled as a product of Clearskeye, an Armaverse company that specialises in magnified optics.[2]
The information below details unused, pre-release or removed content.
  • In the pre-Alpha phase of ArmA 3's development, the MOS (when it was still known under its previous name as the SOS) used a completely different reticle. In addition to having a different reticle, the MOS also possessed an integrated laser rangefinder.[3]




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