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The MRCO is a low-powered riflescope used by the AAF, Altian government Loyalists and their FIA guerilla successors in ArmA 3.


The MRCO has a base magnification strength of 2x. As with its NATO and CSAT counterparts, the main (or in the MRCO's case, only) scope is thermally transparent ('hot' targets will be visible when viewed with thermal optics).

It utilises a crosshair reticle with an illuminated chevron which is invisible when using thermal vision. The MRCO is optimised for use on 5.56 mm-chambered firearms, though it is also partially compatible with certain 6.5 mm/7.62 mm platforms as well. This includes:

Instead of a backup sight, the MRCO features the ability to toggle between two magnification "modes" that provide either a wide field-of-view for use in close quarters, or a narrow but zoomed in field-of-view that is better suited for medium-range engagements.


  • The MRCO is based on the real-life "QR-TS PITBULL 2" sold in the United States by Valdada Optics, a subsidiary of its Romania-based parent company I.O.R.
  • Originally, whenever depth of field was enabled in the game's graphic settings, the reticle markings would become blurred and difficult to read under specific lighting conditions. This was addressed in a hotfix after the release of Game Update 2.02, which altered the MRCO's model to use radial blurring instead of DoF.[1]
  • The Contact expansion pack's First Contact campaign features a unique Defunct variant that has illuminated parts of the reticle disabled due to storyline events (Classname: optic_MRCO_broken).[2]
    • However, this variant cannot actually be equipped outside of the campaign even with scripting commands. This is because it is not possible to spawn the sight without the Contact module of the expansion active.



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