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The MRD is a reflex sight for handguns used by both NATO forces and the Livonian Defense Force in ArmA 3.


The MRD is a simple reflex sight with a red-tinted dot reticle.

It is designed specifically for use on the 4-five handgun and has a fixed zeroing of 50 m.[CfgWp 1][CfgWp 2] It has no magnification capability whatsoever and also cannot be mounted onto any other sidearm.

Note that attaching the MRD onto a weapon will not increase its inertia penalty.[CfgWp 4]


  • Black: Matte black finish. Exclusive to the LDF.
  • Sand (1): Desert sand paint finish. Used by NATO forces.

Reaction Forces Creator DLC only

NOTE: The following camouflage schemes will only be available if the third party-developed Reaction Forces Creator DLC is activated.

  • Khaki: Tropical green colour scheme.
  • Sand (2): Alternate Sand camouflage scheme.


  • The MRD appears to be modelled after EOTech's "Mini Red Dot Sight".
  • It was not originally featured as an attachment at ArmA 3's release and was only added after Game Update 1.04 (alongside the 4-five handgun).[1]
  • After the Marksmen DLC's release, the MRD was upgraded to make use of the then-new collimator tunnelling effect[2] for its reticle (as part of Game Update 1.42).[3]
  • The Black variant of the MRD would not be included until the release of the Contact expansion pack.[4]


Config/script references[]


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