MXC 6.5 mm
Faction - NATO
Type Carbine
Caliber 6.5×39 mm NATO
Variants MX, MX 3GL, MXM, MX SW

The MXC is a 6.5 mm carbine used by NATO forces and in limited numbers with CTRG operators in ArmA 3.


The MXC is a carbine variant of the baseline MX model. Like its parent weapon, it is also chambered to fire the caseless 6.5×39 mm NATO round.

It loads from the same 30 round double-stack STANAG magazines and has an identical maximum fire rate of 625 rounds per minute. It can still be fitted with accessories onto its top and side rails, while also being able to mount attachments onto its muzzle, but cannot attach underbarrel accessories.

As a carbine, the MXC is suited for vehicle and aircraft crews to utilise as it is more compact to carry and does not have the same inertial drawbacks associated with its longer-barrelled counterparts like the MXM or MX SW.

However, this also serves as one of the major flaws in the MXC's design as well. Because it uses a shorter barrel it subsequently has a much lower muzzle velocity of 720 m/s. Though it is still more accurate than its Mediterranean CSAT counterpart, this significantly affects its accuracy at every range and also means that the MXC is limited to short distance engagements of 300 metres or less.