MXM 6.5 mm
Faction NATO
Type Designated Marksman Rifle
Caliber 6.5×39 mm NATO
Variants MX, MX 3GL, MXC, MX SW

The MXM is a 6.5 mm designated marksman rifle used by NATO forces in ArmA 3.


The MXM is a modified variant of the baseline MX rifle that is designed specifically with a DMR configuration. Just like its parent model, it is also chambered to fire the same caseless 6.5×39 mm NATO round.

As with its baseline counterpart, it loads from the same 30 round double-stack STANAG magazines. It accepts attachments on all three rails and can be fitted with muzzle attachments.

Statistics-wise, the MXM is almost identical to the baseline MX. There is no difference from the base model in terms of accuracy, but it can engage targets at greater distances of up to 800 metres largely due to using an extended length barrel which gives it a much higher muzzle velocity of 920 m/s.

While the MXM is not nearly as efficient as dedicated 7.62 mm DMRs like the Mk-I EMR or the Mk18 ABR when it comes to defeating armoured targets, it is still an overall decent general-purpose rifle that can be used in both medium and close range engagements. And unlike 7.62 mm DMRs, it is lighter to carry and can share ammunition with other members of the squad; provided that they are also using MX variants.