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The Macrotech Corporation is a technology company.


The Macrotech Corporation manufactures a variety of military drones used by the U.S. military:

Similarly, the company manufactures modules for Kalberg-Kise's Mk30 heavy machine gun. Dubbed as the Automated Weapon System (AWS), it can retrofit Mk30 HMGs into AI-controlled sentry turrets.

Its commercial portfolio also consists of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal-oriented Demining Drone and its water-gel compound based (Crovex) charges. In addition, they manufacture the IM-5 Monitor, a UAV originally intended for military use but has since been converted into a surveillance drone for law enforcement agencies.


As of 2039, the position of CEO is chaired by Mark Harris.


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SPIN-OFF: The following information stems from a spin-off expansion or third party Creator DLC and is considered to be non-canon in the main Armaverse timeline.

The company became the focus of intense media scrutiny after one of Macrotech's Greyhawk drones were involved in a friendly fire incident. The incident occurred on June 19th, 2039, during NATO's biennial "Electron" military exercises between U.S./British forces and their Livonian counterparts.

The drone dropped a GPS-guided bomb which overshot its target impact zone and struck friendly positions instead. The accident claimed the lives of seven Livonian soldiers and one American.

« We have worked closely with those investigating this tragic event and have found no reason to believe there was any kind of systems failure. The mission logs are in perfect accordance with the target data.
CEO Mark Harris' official statement

The investigation has yet to conclude, though Macrotech's CEO has continued to deny any allegations that the drone's onboard systems suffered a technical malfunction. He has insisted that other factors were at play, and is refusing to accept any liability for the incident - much to the frustration of the Livonian government.



  • The Macrotech Corporation was first introduced into the Armaverse following the release of the Laws of War DLC.
  • Macrotech's involvement in the creation of the Greyhawk UCAV was only revealed in the Contact expansion pack's First Contact campaign.
    • The Art of War exhibition in the Art of War DLC would further reveal that Macrotech designs both the Falcon and Utility drones.
  • Macrotech's "IM-5 Monitor" drone is not actually featured as a usable asset in ArmA 3, though its design appears to be based on one of the concepts for the Demining Drone.

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