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« Welcome to Maddox Airways, today's in-flight movie is the Oscar-winning 'The back of my head'.
John Maddox

John Maddox is a minor character in ArmA 2's Operation Harvest Red campaign.


Given the callsign of Star Force 21, Warrant Officer Maddox is a naval aviator in the USMC's 27th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU). He specialised in flying the UH-1Y light utility helicopter.

He was a part of the task force that was deployed to the war-torn Green Sea region nation of Chernarus, after the USMC's intervention was approved by the Chernarussian government-in-exile.

Prior to the main invasion, Maddox transported USMC Force Reconnaissance fireteams into the country on covert missions to sabotage key ChDKZ-controlled facilities. He especially worked closely with callsign Razor Team, and was a close acquaintance of Matthew Cooper.

Operation Harvest Red (2009)

« You fellas too fat to walk this one huh?
Maddox's usual reply to Razor Team's calls for transport

As Operation Harvest Red dragged on, Cooper was promoted as the leader of Razor Team, and was eventually granted permission to use Maddox's helicopter as the team's personal transport while they continued their province-wide manhunt for the elusive ChDKZ leaders.

When the search widened to the northern regions, Maddox and his co-pilot were relocated to FOB Manhattan and continued to provide airlift support for Razor Team.

Maddox eventually left the country after the USMC's mandate to operate in Chernarus was rescinded and along with the entire MEU, is forced to hastily evacuate from the country.

Personality and Appearance

Maddox is a Caucasian male with medium-length, dark brown hair and a lightly shaved moustache. He wears the standard attire of a U.S. Marine pilot which consists of olive overalls, an SPH-5 pilot helmet, and an olive drab-coloured aviator survival vest. Maddox also prefers to wear a pair of aviator sunglasses at all times.

« Robo! You eat a baby or something? You get any bigger dude I 'ain't gonna let you on my bird!
Maddox teasing Chad Rodriguez

A comedian at heart, Maddox is a friendly individual who easily gets along with almost everyone that he meets. Constantly cracking jokes or making light of a tense situation is second nature to Maddox.

He was an acquaintance with all five members of Razor Team, and seemed to have known Cooper for quite some time prior to the events of Harvest Red, as the latter enquired about his newly-built home back in the United States.


  • He serves as the player's flight instructor for all of the training missions and showcases.
  • Maddox will always be killed in Bitter Chill if Cooper refuses the offer from the NAPA guerillas to provide them with ground transportation. The team's helicopter will be shot down by surface-to-air missiles fired by Russian forces.
    • However, Maddox survives the events of Operation Harvest Red as Cooper canonically agrees to getting support from the guerillas.
  • Even if the player does not deliberately cause any harm to Maddox's helicopter, the unpredictability of AI behaviour will often mean that Maddox will crash or critically damage his UH-1Y while trying ferry the team in either Razor Two or Manhattan.
    • Should his UH-1Y be destroyed in this way, Captain Shaftoe will (amusingly) inform the team over the radio of Maddox's "survival"; despite the player being able to find the crash site with his charred corpse inside it.
  • A similar character named "Howard Maddox" appears in Take On Helicopters, a flight simulator title released by Bohemia Interactive.
    • Both have a similar voice actor, appearance, roles, history and personality. Both were U.S. military pilots; Howard Maddox in particular, became a civilian flight instructor after being discharged from the military.
    • However, their internal names in the game's configuration files confirm that they are indeed two separate characters in spite of their shared backgrounds.


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