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« There wasn't much he couldn't fix. Never asked for a receipt, though, if you know what I mean.
IDAP field consultant Nathan MacDade recalling memories of Markos Kouris

Markos Kouris was a main character in ArmA 3's Remnants of War campaign.


« Katherine: The mechanic you've been telling me about - he and his brother - they'd always lived there?
MacDade: In the town, you mean? Yeah, far as I know. The family business - the garage - it kinda kept them rooted.
MacDade recalling Markos Kouris' background to AAN journalist Katherine Bishop

A civilian mechanic, Markos was the younger brother of Alexis Kouris. The two ran a car repair workshop in the mountain village of Oreokastro, which also served as the family home.

As a government loyalist, their father had been killed during the civil war. His death affected the psyche of both brothers, with Alexis, who was in the military at this time, opting to defect to a new guerilla organisation calling itself the FIA.

Markos was less enthusiastic about his decision to defect, and attempted to convince his brother to reconsider. He was unsuccessful however, and Markos simply "made his peace" with his brother's decision. In the months that followed, he continued to run the family business in lieu of his brother's absence.

Remnants of War (2034)

Oreokastro had originally been under the strict supervision of the government, but was soon taken over by the FIA after a coordinated uprising. The IDAP camp in the centre of the village had been left untouched, with the aid workers continuing to remain behind in spite of the armed guerilla force.

By now, his brother Alexis was a fully fledged member of the FIA. Markos meanwhile, remained uninvolved and continued his work regardless of the guerillas. On occasion, he helped the aid workers (especially the old van driven by Nathan MacDade) repairing their vehicles whenever they broke down.

However this status quo was not to last. The government had made plans to retake the village by any means necessary. Both the civilians and guerilla fighters (his brother included) of Oreokastro were offered assurances of safety by the government; provided that the latter lay down their arms and surrender. The guerillas did not accept the offer however, and continued to defy the order to stand down.

This act of defiance eventually led to the village being cut off by government forces, and a desperate last stand by the guerillas would soon begin. Despite being uninvolved, Markos and the rest of the unaligned villagers were reluctantly caught in the crossfire.

Two weeks later, the government's siege was faltering and had failed to curb the defiant guerillas completely. They launched a desperate breakthrough by dropping a cluster bomb directly onto the village, catching both the civilians and guerilla fighters by surprise (and terror). Markos, who had been waiting in the family home for his brother, was knocked out cold by the blast.

« Poor guy. Always seemed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time... He'd made it through the airstrike, but, only to get caught up in the assault that followed right after...
MacDade remarking on Markos being caught up in aftermath of the siege

Regaining consciousness after the airstrike, Markos realised that his leg was cut up by shrapnel. Even so, Markos limped his way out of the now-destroyed family home and attempted to seek shelter. With the village's defences broken wide open, the government was now conducting a full-scale assault on the town. They sweeped their through the burning ruins to eliminate the last of the defenders.

Markos knew he was protected by his rights as a non-combatant by the Geneva Convention, but this made little difference as the chaos that followed in the aftermath of the airstrike made both the guerilla survivors and attacking government troopers overly trigger-happy. Markos nonetheless dragged himself to the church where IDAP's camp and the doctors were still intact, hoping to also find his brother there. He finally reached the camp in one piece, but his brother was nowhere to be seen.

Following Oreokastro's reclamation by government forces hours later, Markos was discovered to be the sole surviving civilian remaining in the village.


Ten months after he had been evacuated by government forces, Markos was determined to return to the mountain village to discover the fate of his brother.

He made his way through the rubble and eventually arrived at the church, searching through the numerous corpses of fallen FIA guerillas. Unfortunately for Markos, he inadvertently stumbled onto and tripped an anti-personnel land mine that had been planted by retreating AAF troopers barely a week prior, instantly killing the mechanic on activation.

« Goddamn it, Markos. Kate, hi. Just got a positive ID on our guy at the church... It's Markos. No doubt about it.
MacDade confirms the identity of the corpse at the church

Reports of Markos' passing would eventually lead to the IDAP returning once more to the village days later. His mangled corpse would finally be discovered by Nathan MacDade during the demining operation.

Personality and Appearance

Markos had a beardless face and a short, black head of hair. His usual attire consisted of a yellow shirt and worn-out blue jeans. On occasion, Markos also donned a pale red cap for headwear.

« Hollywood might call it 'serendipity' but, I dunno, he just saved our ass one time. And then another, and, so the story goes. There wasn't much special about his setup but, um, the guy knew the difference between a crank-shaft and a tire-iron.
MacDade remembers Markos' skills in repairing vehicles

Markos was noted by MacDade to have been a friendly and easily approachable person. He was more cautious-minded and wasn't as reckless as his brother. His shrewd business-oriented personality and mechanical skills in particular, left a lasting impression with MacDade which also made him a notable individual amongst the villagers.


  • In The Survivor, Markos can opt to pick up a rifle from any of the nearby corpses and choose to attack government troops.
    • MacDade's dialogue will change to reflect this, as will the wording in Katherine's final report on the incident.
  • Markos is the first playable, non-aid worker civilian character in ArmA 3.


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