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ArmA 3's Marksmen DLC adds seven firearms, two new optical scopes, new ghillie suits for each faction, remote designators, a playable showcase and new firing drills. It was released on April 8th, 2015.


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« Hone your shooting skills and engage in long-distance combat. The Arma 3 Marksmen DLC includes new weapons, playable content, Steam Achievements, and more.
Official DLC Description

For premium content, the DLC adds five marksman rifles for each of the main factions (aside from the AAF) that have vastly different handling profiles. In addition, two medium machine guns in the form of the SPMG and Navid have been added to the NATO and CSAT factions.

Two deployable and remotely-operated Remote Designator turrets are also added to both factions, and can be assembled at any location to remotely designate targets or observe locations from a safe distance.

As part of the free platform update, the Marksman DLC includes significant improvements to infantry combat through the incorporation of weapon resting and functionality for both attachable/integral weapon bipods. General improvements to the AI have also made with the addition of a suppression mechanic, as well as better reaction to incoming fire.

Alongside the premium content, personal protection equipment (PPE) has also been expanded with the addition of heavy plate carriers for specialist NATO and AAF infantry classes. These additions are completely free for both DLC and non-DLC owners.


(*) Denotes premium content that is only available to DLC owners.
(**) Denotes free content included as part of the platform update.
(***) Denotes additional content included as part of the DLC but requires a separate premium DLC to use.



  • NATO
    • MAR-10 .338 Lapua Magnum designated marksman rifle*
    • Mk-I EMR 7.62×51mm designated marksman rifle*
    • SPMG .338 Norma Magnum medium machine gun*
  • CSAT
    • ASP-1 Kir 12.7×54mm designated marksman rifle*
    • Cyrus 9.3×64mm designated marksman rifle*
    • Navid 9.3×64mm medium machine gun*
  • FIA
    • Mk14 7.62×51mm battle rifle*



Singleplayer scenarios

Multiplayer scenarios




  • During the DLC's development, plans for adding windage and proper chambering mechanics to the platform update were initially considered by the developers. However, they were ultimately scrapped due to time constraints and technical limitations with ArmA 3's engine.

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