Martinez was a supporting character in ArmA 3's Prologue campaign.


A soldier from the U.S. Army's 7th Infantry Division, Martinez was one of the many peacekeepers of Task Force Aegis stationed on the island nation of the Republic of Altis and Stratis.

He specialised as an automatic rifleman, and was initially subordinate to Staff Sergeant Adams before being reassigned (temporarily) to Sgt. Conway.

Prologue (2034)

On May 10th, 2034, Martinez' squad were tasked with the duty of training a fresh batch of AAF recruits.

Not long after Conway's weapons handling and fatigue demonstration concludes, another squad of Altians send a distress call to Adams, requesting for "help" regarding a batch of suspected insurgents.

After narrowing down their position to a small home on the outskirts of Syrta, Martinez boarded their MRAP alongside Conway, Adams and McKendrick. They began driving towards the beleaguered squad's position.

« Okay... For the record, I'm blaming CSAT.

Along the way, a series of earthquake tremors strikes the region and briefly interrupts their drive. The Altian leader relayed a message of calm to all forces on the network - echoed by TF Aegis' commander, Colonel Andrew MacKinnon. The message was somewhat out of the ordinary, but Martinez suspected that it was in response to frightened AAF personnel.

They arrived at the house to a grim sight: the bodies of dead or dying civilians were scattered around the property, while the AAF troopers hung around as if to showcase their handiwork. Adams interrogated the squad leader while Conway would search the houses for evidence of insurgent activity. A small crate containing weapons was eventually discovered, but Martinez and the others were still disgusted at the disproportionate level of force that the AAF had exerted.

Seven days later, Martinez' squad is reassigned to the old capital of Kavala after the Altian government and FIA insurgents agree to talks at the Ministry of Defense. Before the talks were due to commence, Martinez' squad was suddenly tasked by Col. MacKinnon to track down a missing convoy that failed to report on schedule. They were flown to the outskirts of the convoy's last known position.

Upon landing, Adams split the squad into two elements - Martinez and McKendrick would provide overwatch from the nearby hill, while he and Conway moved through the grove below it. Just as Adams had exited the grove, FIA insurgents suddenly came out of the treeline in front of them and raised their weapons.

« Adams: HOLD FIRE! WE'RE FRIENDLIES! Please tell me you two have this.
Martinez: Copy. We're on them.
Martinez and McKendrick get set to engage

Adams called out to the fighters and told them to hold fire while quietly ordering Martinez and McKendrick to ready their weapons. The insurgents ignored Adams' calls and opened fire. Martinez suppressed the insurgents, allowing Conway and Adams to finish them off. Once the coast was clear, the duo climbed down the hill and regrouped with Adams.

Hours later, reinforcements finally arrived at their position but it was too late. The only surviving AAF trooper had died from his wounds and worse yet, there were confusing reports of fighting between both sides in the city.

« Martinez: What's CSAT doing here?
McKendrick: Just marking their territory, as per usual.
Martinez stays behind to intercept the CSAT "peacekeepers"

Shortly afterwards, a CSAT helicopter begins to unload soldiers nearby. With Adams and Conway requested back at the city, Martinez stayed behind with the reinforcing squad and moved to question the CSAT soldiers.

The East Wind (2035)

Following TF Aegis' mandate being revoked, Martinez and the remaining peacekeepers were left with the dull task of dismantling NATO facilities and equipment on the island of Stratis.

However on July 7th, 2035, the AAF would launch an unprovoked attack against the peacekeepers. Their surprise attack decimated much of the task force, killing many of Martinez' comrades and forcing the remaining survivors to flee into hiding. It didn't help that the remaining officers at the airbase had been killed, and Col. MacKinnon was nowhere to be seen.

Fortunately, a British Royal Navy officer by the name of Scott Miller had contacted Martinez and the others, urging them to regroup at Camp Maxwell. Martinez linked up with the survivors and was assigned to Alpha squad under the leadership of Sgt. Conway. Miller's squad of operatives would be designated as Delta, while the leftover personnel who weren't wounded would be assigned to Charlie. Together, they raided several AAF encampments, ambushed a high-ranking Altian officer and attempted to retrieve additional supplies from LZ Connor.


Though they had managed to inflict much damage upon the AAF, Maxwell itself would soon come under attack by AAF artillery, razing much of the camp and killing off many survivors.

Luckily, Miller had managed to contact NATO MEDCOM in the chaos, and informed Martinez and the others that reinforcements were finally inbound. Before any help could arrive however, they needed to seize the town of Agia Marina to secure a landing site. Alpha would be leading the charge while Charlie and Delta would break off to distract and intercept enemy troops (respectively).

Charlie's distraction succeeded, allowing Alpha to quickly take over the military camp on the town's outskirts and the harbour. They had no time to celebrate however; a formation of CSAT helicopters suddenly flew overhead and began dropping off paratroopers. Realising they were outnumbered, Miller ordered Alpha to fall back to his position north of the town.

Martinez' squad regrouped with Miller just as they were about to be overrun and climbed aboard Delta's boats. They didn't get far before two AAF jets strafed both vessels and launched missiles. Martinez was knocked overboard from the explosions and subsequently drowned at sea.

Personality and Appearance

Martinez appears as a young, African-American male with buzzed black head of hair, sideburns and a light stubble. His attire consists of MTP-camouflaged fatigues with an undershirt, a ranger green-coloured plate carrier and a Combat Helmet spraypainted to blend into grassy environments. He is usually seen donning a pair of black sunglasses.

Not much is known about Martinez' personality as most of the time he keeps to himself, though he is shown to be quite cynical and blunt. As with Adams and Conway, he is similarly dismissive of the AAF.


  • Although Martinez appears in The East Wind, he doesn't have any voiced dialogue and can be killed at any point during the first episode.

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