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McKay is a minor character in ArmA 3's The East Wind campaign.


One of the members of NATO's Combat Technology Research Group (CTRG), McKay is Group 14's support gunner and is directly subordinate to Lieutenant James.

Alongside the rest of Group 14, he was assigned with the task of backing the local resistance movement on the island nation of the Republic of Altis and Stratis. In reality, McKay's true mission was the retrieval of a CSAT weapon of mass destruction known only by its name of "Project Eastwind".

The East Wind (2035)

On July 7th, 2035, Group 14 broke off from the main group on Altis and boarded a flight bound for the island of Stratis. Not long after their arrival at Camp Maxwell, the Altis Armed Forces launch a "retaliatory" attack against the peacekeepers of Task Force Aegis.

The leader of Group 14, Captain Scott Miller, rallied the survivors of TF Aegis over the radio and dispatched James to collect them. Using their cover as British special forces, McKay's team assumed the callsign of Delta and backed the survivors of TF Aegis against the AAF.

During the attack on Air Station Mike-26, McKay's team tricked the survivors into thinking that the communications equipment was beyond repair. To prevent the AAF from utilising it, the facility had to be destroyed though in truth, McKay's team intended to destroy the base to prevent TF Aegis from contacting NATO MEDCOM.

Group 14 then made preparations to leave the island, having apparently completed their search on Stratis. McKay's team acquired two speedboats while waiting for TF Aegis' members to launch a last ditch attack and Agia Marina. Hopefully - as Capt. Miller hoped, the survivors would perish in the attempt.

Though much of TF Aegis were decimated by CSAT reinforcements, a small number of survivors had managed to escape and were heading in their direction. Miller waited to see if the survivors could reach their location and when they did finally arrive, the survivors boarded their boats. They immediately set for the mainland of Altis to link up with the rest of Group 14. However, AAF jets suddenly strafed McKay's boat and capsized both vessels.

Fortunately for McKay, he and most of Group 14 managed to survive the attack. Having returned to Altis, they resumed their primary mission to track down Project Eastwind's location while continuing to support the guerillas. As time went on, Group 14 eventually stumbled onto the location of the main facility where Eastwind was hidden, though it was too heavily fortified to breach.

Nonetheless, time was running out for McKay's team; an NATO invasion force was inbound and there wouldn't be much time left before the scientists would pack up and leave with Eastwind. With no options left, Group 14 launched an all-out assault to seize Eastwind. However, the assault was doomed from the start and Group 14 is almost wiped out in the process - McKay himself included.

Apex Protocol (2035)

Though the mission on Altis was a failure, McKay's team miraculously survived the failed assault and recovered within days. A week later, Group 14 were flown to the island nation of the Horizon Islands to support Capt. Miller. He and several other members of Group 15 had managed to acquire Eastwind but were under heavy attack by members of CSAT's elite Viper Team.

Arriving on helicopters, McKay and Group 14 provide suppressive fire against Viper's operatives. After a brief bout of fierce fighting, Miller is able to deactivate the device and at long last, Group 14 succeeds in securing Project Eastwind.

Personality and Appearance

McKay is a white male with dark reddish-brown hair with a thinly bearded face. For the operation on Altis, he wore camouflaged fatigues with rolled-up sleeves and a snakeskin-camouflaged plate carrier vest. For headwear, he donned a Light Combat Helmet (LCH) also with a snakeskin pattern applied, along with a set of sunglasses for eyewear. During the deployment on Tanoa, he wore ranger green-coloured vests and a thermally-masked uniform/balaclava and helmet.


  • Just like the other members of Group 14, McKay was presumed to have died in the ending of The East Wind. It was not until Apex Protocol where he makes a cameo in End Game as having survived the main campaign.


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