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Mechanic Clothes
Faction Icon-side-greenfor.png Smugglers
Icon-side-greenfor.png Looters
Icon-side-neutral.png Civilians
Armour rating None
Mass 30
Storage capacity 30
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Mechanic Clothes are uniforms worn by automotive workers and criminals in ArmA 3. They were added with the release of the Laws of War DLC.


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This is a premium asset that requires ownership of the Laws of War DLC.

Worn by automobile mechanics, criminal gang members and arms smugglers, this outfit consists of a short-sleeved shirt and faded blue jeans, both heavily worn out and stained with grease.

It weighs a total of 30 "mass" to wear and provides space for up to 30 units of ammunition/items. Mechanic Clothes provide no protection from either gunfire or explosives.


  • Prior to the Contact expansion pack's release, Mechanic Clothes were exclusively worn by Oreokastro resident, Markos Kouris. No other in-game units at the time (garage mechanics included) wore the outfit.
    • This was eventually changed in the expansion with various criminal gangs and civilians in the Old Man mini-campaign/scenario being depicted wearing the outfit as well.


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