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Faction Icon-side-blufor.png British Army
Type Medium-Lift Transport / Utility Helicopter
Seats 18 seats:
  • 1× Pilot
  • 1× Co-Pilot
  • 16× Passengers
Item capacity Max:
  • 18× Weapons
  • 180× Magazines
  • 10× Backpacks
Top speed ~ 308 km/h
Service ceiling 3,000 m
Fuel capacity 1000 fuel units
Primary armament None
Secondary armament Defensive:
  • 360× Countermeasures (Chaff/Flare)
Variants None
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The Merlin HC3 is a medium-lift transport helicopter used exclusively by the British Army in ArmA 2. It was added with the release of the British Armed Forces DLC.


  • Role:
    • Troop transport
« The Merlin HC3 is a British designation for a AW101 medium-lift transport helicopter.
The Merlin HC3 has a maximal speed of 309 km/h and the operational range of 1380 km.
Armoury Description


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This is a premium asset that requires ownership of the British Armed Forces DLC.

The Merlin HC3 is a five-bladed, twin-engined medium-lift utility helicopter.

Designed to replace the ageing Sea King helicopter in British service, the Merlin HC3's principle role lies in ferrying troops into battle, though it can also carry out anti-submarine warfare duties when outfitted to do so.

For a helicopter of its size, the Merlin is surprisingly quite fast and handling-wise, is superior to the heavier Chinook while being able to maintain most of its speed on hard turns.

However, a compromise of its design is that it's unable to ferry as many troops as the Chinook and is completely unarmed.

It also lacks the agility of the smaller Wildcat, which makes it more vulnerable to being targeted by anti-aircraft missiles and won't be able to outmanoeuvre them mid-flight.

Crew Capacity
The Merlin can carry up to sixteen passengers at a time. It has a crew that consists of the pilot and a co-pilot, who is considered as the seventeenth passenger.


The Merlin has a base armour value of 60.


The hull can withstand 60 points of damage. At least 50% of incoming damage will be shared with the helicopter's main "health" pool.


The engine can only survive 30 points of damage before failing. Damaging the engine will cripple its power output and cause difficulty when attempting to gain lift.

At least 50% of damage upon the engine will be shared with the Merlin's "health" pool.


The cockpit's flight instruments can only take 9 points of damage. At least 20% of incoming damage will be shared with the helicopter's main "health" pool.

Main rotor

The main rotor can only withstand 18 points of damage. Disabling the main rotor will prevent the pilot from being able to maintain lift. At least 10% of damage is always shared with the Merlin's "health" pool.

Tail rotor

The tail rotor is limited to taking just 12 points of damage. Disabling the tail rotor will prevent the pilot from being able to control the main rotor's torque. At least 10% of damage will be shared with the Merlin's "health" pool.



The Merlin has an integrated Missile Approach Warning System, and will warn the pilot of incoming missiles that are already in mid-flight.


The Merlin has a Radar Warning Receiver, and will alert the pilot of being locked-onto by radar-based targeting systems.


The Merlin possesses an Infrared Warning Receiver, and will warn the pilot of being targeted by infrared-based weapon systems.


  • Although configured to be able to do so, the Merlin's side doors and rear ramp cannot be opened manually by the player outside of scripted sequences.
  • Oddly enough, the Merlin is the only helicopter in ArmA 2 that has twice as many countermeasures as every other rotary- and fixed-wing aircraft in-game.


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